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Mar 28, 2012 - 0 comments


Today has been almost perfect. It's been gorgeous. Just an ordinary day, as in nothing special has happened, but it's been so nice, despite this.

I got up very late. But I needed that sleep. Energy levels have been low though throughout the day... Not tired, just blurry again.

I ended up donning my pink shirt, green trousers, salmon tie, and I think I looked must have looked gorgeous. Then, I walked to school, through the fields, though took a longer way out of curiosity... Wished that I hadn't, but I got there eventually.

Pretty much as soon as I got to school, I was out again in Conor's car to waitrose with Philippa and Lauren. Then after eating, just a drive around, listening to music, before going back to school. It was beautiful.

This was followed by chatting to Anna, giving her her present, and having Joshy approach me, and say 'awh' as he watched me put vaseline on my lips. I just thought it was cute.

I then headed off to go to John's, where I demanded we chatted outside due to his office being so dark.

Then, back to school.

Now, it's quarter to nine, and the day has gone dark. That's sad.

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