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Slept well-but too long

Mar 27, 2012 - 0 comments

good sleep


but too long

I had a fairly good night of sleep, but I still slept in till 1:30 PM.  I seem to get into this very deep and peaceful/satisfying sleep where I am almost in a coma, and can't get up, towards the morning hours.  Like 8AM forward.  I have noticed this as a pattern.  It is hard for me to wake up around 10 or so b/c I get into this deep sleep where it is so hard to get up.  
Last night I actually tried to go to bed around 12:45, after reading in bed, no computer!  My puppy still wanted to play and kept me up, but eventually an hour or so later, he went to bed with me.  
I felt pretty good mentally today,even though I had a stressful event, locking my keys in my car.  
I am not sure if the sleeping pills, which is the "Nature Made" all natural pills, are making me sleep in later and putting me in that deep sleep.  I don't think so though, because I haven't taken these often and consecutively and I still sleep like that.  

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