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Feeling better overall

Apr 03, 2012 - 0 comments

feeling better

Although life is quite stressful these days, I feel less depressed... must be the Armour.

Certainly the lack of brain fog is the main thing that improved last week. I feel such a clarity of mind I haven't felt in QUITE a while. Felt like I was dumb or so... cause my mind was so slow and clouded... ugh!

All these years kind of faking at work that I was a perfectly functioning human being, that my brain was not melting... UGH! all because doctors are taught in a way that doesn't help them diagnose Thyroid issues and treat it properly. UGHHH! This makes me so angry I can't start to describe.

Another clear fact is that I am NOT dizzy anymore when standing up from lying for a while. WOW. I was getting dizzy for a year now... so much that I had to sit right after as not to fall. sometimes I would have to sit as not to collapse, and my legs and arms started shaking... it was so scary! All this is gone! I am not sure if it's the (Armour) thyroid medication that improved it, or if it's the Adren-All or Nystatin. I have an impression it's the Adren-All supplement. The nystatin seems to have improved my carb craving A LOT. I am no longer dying and nervous if I don't have carb, and when I want to eat it, it's a normal sensation and doesn't seem like I NEED some drug lol.

Only thing that doesn't seem perfect yet is the fatigue and energy level... not quite there yet. I have a little more energy but I don't feel I am 100%. I am seeing the doctor again in a week, and I am secretly hoping he will up my initial dose, and consequently this will improve as well.

I am not there yet, but I do feel I am slowly getting my life back and I am getting control of it.

Here's to a much brighter (and less foggy-brained) future.

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