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Apr 05, 2012 - 3 comments

Baby is 12 days old today.  I am nearly 10 kg lighter than my pregnant weight and looks like it's going to keep dropping.  How exciting and what an opportunity to get my weight down to target quickly and easily!  Yippee.

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1726707 tn?1362530938
by Shyladybaby27, Apr 04, 2012
congrats are you breast feeding?

518733 tn?1333017015
by angelbabies, Apr 05, 2012
i love breastfeeding, i lost so much weight with dd1 n fed her for 2 years now happily bf my 7 week olf and the weight keeps dropping :)

231441 tn?1333892766
by Super_sally888, Apr 05, 2012
Yes, am breastfeeding.  Well, working very hard at it and am determine baby will not get formula.  At the moment she is drinking very frequently - that is how she gets my milk supply up.  My Dr. also prescribed domperidone (motilium) to help increase supply..

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