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A nice, long walk, to the local hospital

Apr 09, 2012 - 0 comments





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Went on a walk with a friend, today.  I don't speak the language, and I thought I might need some help.  The first stop was the medical insurance building.

At the medical insurance building, I got my health card and signed my name.  They didn't charge me, though I was probably several months behind.  I'm sure I'll get the bill in the mail, soon.

Next stop was the hospital.  I saw the urologist.  He gave me a list of issues to bite my nails about, but he said I would be fine.  I disagree, wholeheartedly.  I'm grumpy because I'm in pain.  I wish he had given me treatment options.  Deep down inside, I'm a happy guy, though.  It shines through my grumpiness, even when I receive news like this.

After the hospital, I went to a private clinic.  I like these a little more because nobody there speaks English.  I got to hear some interesting new phrases in my target language.  Some of the words, of course, overlap with English.  That's nice to know, also--easy memory.  They burned some warts out of my hand and said, "Maybe the treatment won't hold because it's a virus."  It makes me wonder whether or not I could sit down under a speaker pouring out sound at 434,000 hz for an hour and cure all that ails me, or if I should just blame my parents, forever, because apparently it's "genetic".  XD

Back at home, now, I'm looking forward to dinner and the recommended dose of marijuana: about a quarter of a half of a hit of steam imbibed and held in for roughly thirty seconds.  Surely it isn't enough to stain my lungs, give me heart problems, or cause COPD.  It's more likely that a warm shower would cause these things, the dose is so mild.  For me, though, it's quite strong.  I learned that a daily dose, about this size, is good for depression and horrible for the brain. ^^  Whatever it is, though... it's surely much better than freegin' tobacco!

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