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AFP Tumor Marker

Apr 11, 2012 - 2 comments

AFP Tumor Marker




Tumor Marker

- Post treatment AFP tumor marker test result was 2

- My lab report indicates the normal range for this test is 0-15 (lower is better)

- Pre-treatment AFP tumor marker was 3.5

- Post treatment ultrasound is scheduled for 4/23

- With such a low AFP tumor marker, I would be surprised if the ultrasound indicated evidence of tumors

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by HectorSF, Apr 11, 2012
Only patients with hepatitis C combined with cirrhosis have a greater chance of liver cancer than the general population. Which is extremely rare except for patients infected with hepatitis B. Patients with hepatitis B do not have to have cirrhosis to develop HCC. So surveillance for HCC (liver cancer) is only done on a periodic basis (every 6 months) on cirrhotics (except for patients with Hep B).

AFP is never used alone in the diagnosis of liver cancer. Only 60% of patients with HCC/liver cancer will have it indicated by AFP. So many patients with liver cancer will have "normal" AFP numbers. Only in combination with imagining is liver cancer diagnosed.

Many patients with chronic hepatitis C have higher than normal levels of AFP. It usually correlates with the level of ALT. This is not an indication of liver cancer, it is a by product of hepatitis C.

AFP indicates liver cancer when the AFP level continues to escalate over time usually in the 100s. AFP levels over 500 are consistent with liver cancer. AFP over  1000 is a sign of poor outcome and survival after liver transplant. If AFP is over 1000 recurrence of liver cancer in the new organ is likely.


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by mollybaby, Apr 13, 2012
so if AFP level is 1000 then referral for tranplant would do any good???

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