The Lows of TTC Journals
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TTC vent

Apr 15, 2012 - 0 comments

My cycle is sooooo unpredictable that I cant even begin to imagine how many pregnancy test I have taken over the years only to be dissapointed. Its now CD39 and no af, i refuse to take a test because I know it will only result in a BFN. Me and my husband both have had testing done and we are perfectly normal, doc said it was no reason we should not get preg. We are a military family so its hard not to think about a baby when every where you go you see one in the making or newborns. In the past few months 2 of my friends have gotten preg with their 1st child, im happy for them but I find myself a little jealous too. I do have 1 child from a previous relationship but it was not the joyful experience i kno i would feel with my husband,and i want to give him his first biological. Im thinking iui would be our next resort if that doesnt work we will have to be content with what we have!

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