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Formula feeding issues

Apr 16, 2012 - 7 comments

Not sure what to make of all this and thought maybe some of you ladies have gone through this and had some advice!
Chloe is now 3.5 months old. She is generally a happy baby but she occasionally fusses after feedings and seems to be in pain due to gas. Her stool has also always been on the liquidy side.
She had the rotavirus vaccine about 2.5 weeks ago and about a week after that she seemed worse with watery stool (still once a day or every 2 days). Last week I decided to try switching her formula from Enfamil A to Good Start on the advice of a friend who said it made a huge difference in terms of gas/fussiness. On Saturday afternoon I made the switch and she immediately seemed less gassy and more content. I noticed on Sunday her stool was green with same consistency and today it's still green but more pasty.  On Sunday she ate more formula per feeding than usual (close to 120 ml per feed 7x day - with only one feeding at night sleeping from 7 pm to 7 am). So, I was very happy with the change. However today she is eating way less per feed (55-90 ml) and more often every 1-2 hrs. I'm not sure what to make of this! She gets fussy during feeding and bites on the nipple and cries. Sometimes she will take a bit more after a 20 minute break but sometimes not. She is still happy but I wonder if I should be concerned. She does spit up once in a whole - maybe once or twice a day (although has only spit up once since the switch) and gets the hiccups once or twice a day. Has anyone experienced this?

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1416390 tn?1333901604
by globetrot, Apr 16, 2012
Are you shaking the formula to mix it?  I ended up buying a dr brown mixing jug to keep from getting too much air in the formula.  It seems to have helped.  
Also I have noticed inconsistency in stools to- but I think it depends on how much breast milk- the more breast milk- the yellower (is that even a word! lol)   Formula= green.  Can't believe I am talking about baby poo!!!!!!!!!!  How times change!
My babies have hiccups all of the time- did all the way through the pregnancy and still have  them alot.

1160986 tn?1486819725
by Hopefulcb, Apr 17, 2012
I know! How crazy that we are obsessed with poo!!! Hers is actually more brownish today so the green may have been the transition between the formulas. She is still doing great and much happier on the Hood Start with less tummy trouble but still not eating as much. I guess maybe she is just getting used to it? I'll just keep an eye for now and see. I do shake the formula so i don't think that was it with the Enfamil. I've heard Goodstart is just gentler for some babies. Which one are you using along with the breast milk?

1416390 tn?1333901604
by globetrot, May 05, 2012
I went with Earths Best- it is organic- not that I really care about it being 'organic' but  I do know organic foods have stricter guidelines and inspections!  Although- all baby formula is safe I am just paranoid.  I am thinking about switching bc it does not have probiotics and I am wondering if they need that!  What are you using now?

1160986 tn?1486819725
by Hopefulcb, May 09, 2012
I'm using Good Start without probiotics. I heard you should wait until 6 months to have probiotics. Chloe is refusing the powder though - picky girl so I can't have that convenience. She will only have the concentrate or ready to feed. I will keep trying her. She's eating much better now, but still has ocasional spit ups. The nurse said that they often start doing that a bit more when they are getting a bit more mobile. She has been waking me up more at night (she was only waking once to feed) because she rolls over onto her tummy and can't get back... I'm desperately trying to teach her how to do it so I can get a better night sleep!!

377493 tn?1356502149
by adgal, May 09, 2012
I used the Enfamil with no problems.  Ryder's stool seemed to change when I was breastfeeding to greenish most of the time when I was using formula - and my Pediatrician said not a big deal.  I also think pasty and softer is the most common until they start on solids.

If she is gassy and fussy though, I would be wondering about her being lactose intolerant right now? (no worries if she is, they grow out of it most of the time).  I would probably speak to her Dr. about it.  Perhaps she might want you to give a non dairy based a try?  Spitting up isn't a big issue unless it seems to bother her.  If that is the case it could be mild reflux (something else they grow out of usually).

As for consumption - Ryders was always up and down as well.  As long as she is gaining weight at the normal speed not a big deal.  They go on these growth spurts where they eat more, then slow down and I know in our case it was very noticeable amounts.  

1160986 tn?1486819725
by Hopefulcb, May 11, 2012
Thanks Adgal! She is much better now with no gas and only occasional spit up. She is also drinking more but it helps to know that it's normal to drink less from time to time. I'm still keeping track on how much she eats every day since the last pediatrician visit he said she was at the 3rd percentile. He seemed to think she was doing well though and she is happy and very alert - laughing, chatting, rolling over so I guess she is just a small little girl.  

377493 tn?1356502149
by adgal, May 17, 2012
BTW - wanted to add how happy I am to hear that Chloe got vaccinated for Roto virus.  Ryder got that when he was exactly a year old.  I had no idea how serious it is - what a sick little boy we had on our hands.  And it lasts forever!  I sure wish it had been made available to us.  It's pretty awful.

Glad she is doing better.  Sounds like the formula change was a good thing for her.  And Ryder was in 3rd percentile from birth.  Creeping up now, so you may find that # increases when she is older.

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