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My hysterectomy

Oct 21, 2008 - 0 comments

Well, I got the date for my surgery today.  I found out that it was scheduled for the day before Thanksgiving.  This news did not make me very happy so I asked if it could be scheduled for a later date.  The next date I was given was Dec. 9th.   Stupidly (I think anyway) I asked if there could be a hold put on that date just until I cleared it with my boss.  Elective surgery and all that, no rush kind of thing.  I went and told my boss the date and she told me that due to the fact that it would have me out of work for 4 to 6 weeks, and the fact that that would have it run into the Christmas holiday and end of the year work that would need to be done, it would be better if I could either schedule it for before Dec. 9th or after the 1st of the year.  Geez!  Just when you think youre doing right by the company, they mess with you anyway.  Then she tosses in, but you have to do what is right for your health.  Geez again!  So, I call back my gyn and now I'm waiting to see if they CAN get the date before Thanksgiving again.  
It kind of upsets me though.  I dont want to spend a holiday in the hospital.  Depressing.............

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