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Im about to seriously SNAP

Apr 28, 2012 - 3 comments

its been rough here the past few weeks. my anxiety and depression are the worst ever with some breathing problems now. because my land lord wants to evict us...she tells me this on the day of my baby girls 5th birthday--april 5,2012. i think my baby girl is adhd and bipolar but all the landlord sees is a hyper loud child. she laughs louder than the other kids and she gets over excited playing and bein outside. she hates when i make her come in so thats a big scene. but we live in a compolex that is mainly for families and kids. some of the other kids throw rocks and hit and are mean just because they are mean kids. im not trying to excue my girls behaviour but if they are going to pick on her over dumb crap they need to get the ones who are causing serious problems. if we get evicted i have nowhere to go. im still training for a job and i lose my benefits in may . my car is broke down so we would be majorly screwed!!!

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by specialmom, Apr 28, 2012
Oh goodness, I'm sorry hon.  First, I know what it is like to have a 'loud' child.  My own son has something called sensory integration disorder----  he really can not hear his voice volume to moderate it to what others are doing.  He also can be a bit volatile and have an emotional outburst over things that no one else seems to.  His nervous system causes impulse control issues and he also has cravings for physical activity (actually-----  your little girl may have sensory integration disorder or processing disorder from what you've written . . .  it looks a LOT like adhd. If look into it, let me know as I would have lots of ideas for you as to what to do!  My son is now 8 and we've helped him through behavior modification therapy and occupational therapy and he is doing GREAT! ).  Anyway, I feel for you because you are just doing the best that you can and can not help that your child screams or throws a fit.  Does this mean that you should be thrown out?  Probably not, to be honest.  Honestly, I'd call the housing authority in your area and check what your rights are.  You do have them.  I'm a landlord ---  we have some rental property---  and there are laws about when and how you can ask someone to leave.  Strict laws.  

Call the housing authority and see what can be done in your state.  Then you can make plans to go somewhere else when it is more convenient for you (as I'd not want to stay where you are at for too long based on insensitve landlords).  

Do you know anyone that can help you with your car???  

You hand in there.  I hope it all works out for you!  

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by skepticalpeach, Apr 28, 2012
I'm pretty sure that a landlord cannot evict you for having a loud child. They can try, but they have to get a judge to approve the eviction. It doesn't sound like they have much to go on unless you've been cited for noise violations by them and the police. But, since they are upset with you and trying to pull this on you, I would bring your daughter to a developmental pediatrician. If you can get a diagnosis for her then if they try to evict you all you need to say is "discrimination."

If they are somehow able to evict you there are places you can go. There are transition shelters throughout the US (not sure about other countries). It should be easy for you to get in one since you have a child. My sister works in one where the clients can stay up to 18 months. I would also call the state attorney and get some advice about your rights. Each state has lawyers that you can speak to for free. One more thing I would do is discourage your daughter from playing with your neighbors. When she wants to go outside take her out of the complex and drive somewhere that the kids are not mean.

My daughter is autistic and has trouble transitioning from one activity to another. She often yells and screams when it's time to go inside or leave. In order to help her we usually give her a countdown. For instance, "You have to come inside in 2 minutes," or "you can go down the slide 2 more times." That way it's not a sudden change. Even if your daughter isn't autistic you could still use this to help her! Good luck!

377493 tn?1356502149
by adgal, Apr 28, 2012
I'm not sure where you are, but here in Canada there is a mediator you can turn to if you feel you are being evicted for less then appropriate reasons.  I will tell you that the law tends to lean toward the tenant, especially if there are children involved.  It's not expensive to file a it's about $75.00.

The others have given you great info/advice on the situation with your daughter.  I'm sorry your having such a difficult go of it.  Hang in there, things do have an amazing way of working out.  I hope you have friends/family to lean on and help support you emotionally through what is clearly such a stressful time in your life.

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