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The pain of being Silent

May 05, 2012 - 1 comments













Women's Health

Hello all, I'm a 17 year old girl and I, like all other people my age am really looking forward to graduation in a few weeks. I've had a boyfriend for 2 and a half years, and life should be looking up, right? I also for the last month have been suffering from a painful series of  chronic  UTIs, one of  which got  so bad that there was visible blood  in my urine. The severe ones have caused me to miss days of school, concerts, and fun times with my friends and boyfriend.
Another horrible part of this is the dryness. Not  only is it always uncomfortable no matter what I do but it also puts a strain on my relationship. I'll get aroused but not wet and I can see that it makes my boyfriend feel inadequate. Thankfully he  is very understanding and it's never caused a conflict but he doesn't know how frequent this is because I use lubrication not only before sex but in my daily life to try to decrease the pain and itch. This dryness also keeps me from doing a  lot of activities because  it  gets too uncomfortable to hike,  climb, and ride bikes. The  best time of my life is turning into a  time of loneliness and silent pain.  
I wish I could see a doctor about this but my mother is so adamant about me not having sex, we've never had a good relationship and I don't  think that will change anytime soon. It's very hard to talk about this and I need to get past  this pain and embarrassment. This will be my journey to a new life, one that I can live comfortably and

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by victoria2, Jul 16, 2012
hello Crislamastra  

Im a Mom of a 21 yr old and i actually was the one that suggested that my daughter see a Dr when she turned 16 as much as we don't want to see out little girls grow up they do and with that they really do need to see a doctor to be put on birth control pills and to be looked at for any issues that may arouse. I would suggest telling ur mom that you are having some issues with blood in ur urine and that you want to see the Doctor Once you are at the Doctors office you can casually ask to see the Doctor alone!! He will probably have to look at you so ask ur mom to leave the room and then you can ask the Doctor what ever questions you may have.
Blood in your urine is not a good thing!!
As for the dryness i have experienced it as well not really sure what it is  becuz i use to get wet i still dont know why im not getting wet  but im thinking it has to do with medications im on???

I hope i have helped in some way take care and i hope you get to see a Doctor soon and that you can start living a pain free life <3

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