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Perpetual Charlie-Horse

Sep 30, 2008 - 0 comments

The headache didn't really concern me.  It was the usual (details later).  What concerned me was the cramping in my legs.  I can't even pinpoint when it started.  I just sort of noticed it yesterday.  It feels like there's a knot in my calves, kind of like a "Charlie Horse."  I used to wake up with them all of the time when I was little and all through high school, but I hadn't had them in a long time.  I can usually work them out in under a minute by stretching or massaging, but these won't go away.  I'm a little concerned about it only because I've recently started taking yet another damn pill.  I'm on potassium supplements now, and Sunday night I forgot to take it.  Could this be a side effect, I wonder.  If this is what happens when I miss one pill, I don't even want to think about what happens when I need to up the dosage...

- Pain on the top center of the right side of my head down to my temple, then back to behind my ear.  The pain was at about a 5.
- I had some light sensitivity and my eyes hurt even when they were shut.
- Applying pressure to my head and face was good for a short fix.
- I took Mucinex D @ 12 noon for some sinus congestion and some inner ear pain.  Then I took 1 Naproxen (550mg) tablen at 1:00 PM for the headache.  The headache was gone in an hour.

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