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today is a big day/pancreatic oncologist

Feb 04, 2008 - 0 comments

I believe it helps me to write these blogs. Especially during the week when my job is to see a new doctor or have a new test run everyday. I was blessed to find panCAN online. They recommended a pancreatic specialist. Until now I have had a lot of consultations with doctors who say I am untreatable or do not recognize the severity of the problem. I was diagnosed with a pancreatic mass in the head of the pancreas. Also my bile ducts are not working. I was really hoping for pancreatitis or billiary stones. Those diorders have been ruled out with second and third opinions. I have great faith that everything is working out for the common good. Though treatment was refused by two different gastointerologists I believe it was neccessary to get me to the doctor I will see today. His name is Dr. Keith Grey or Gray. I will let you know. He is with UT medical center in Knoxville.TN. If anyone knows of him I would love to hear your opinion. I will have an additional CT done at 11:30 today and see the doctor for the first time at 1:30. I believe he is the one who will be able to help me. Thank God for yet another miracle! kim k

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