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Bruise caused by waders?

Oct 27, 2008 - 0 comments






I work outdoors for a living, which is something I love.
On Friday, I spent the day in hip-waders sloshing through a creek and climbing up and down the streambank taking an inventory of invasive plants along the stream.
Throughout the course of the day, I noticed that since the waders were a little too big on me, the force of pressure from the water in the creek was much more reactive than it usually is in waders that fit me properly.  This caused a bit of a squeezing on my lower left leg, above the ankle.
By the end of the day this area was so swollen that I could hardly walk.  I put ice on it that night to help the swelling go down and keep away any bruises that might form.
There was no visible bruise after this incident, but for four days now I've had this pain in my leg.

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