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Pregnancy Hormones + Teenage Attitude =

Oct 27, 2008 - 2 comments








One annoyed pregnant woman.

I needed to run out to the store and grab a gallon of milk.  Hubby asked that I pick up a 2L of soda and to get myself a couple Vitamin Waters.  He also requested that his son go with me.

After hanging up with hubby, my step-son came out from the office.  I told him I'd like him to come with me to the store at the request of his father.  He whined a bit, saying he was going to take a nap, but I explained to him that his father feels better knowing that he's coming with me.

As I got up to get my coat and shoes, my step-son went into the office and dropped to his mattress, which my hubby had brought in from his room on Saturday for me to rest on 'cause I was sick.  Well, instead of moving it back to his room yesterday, hubby gave him the night to sleep on it in the office ...saying that I had gotten my turn to sleep in the office, and to let him have a turn.  Technically, I didn't sleep in the office overnight ...but I was fine with it.

I asked my step-son to move his mattress back into his bedroom and he started whining that he liked it in the office ...blah blah blah.  I explained to him that his dad said he could stay in here last night, but after that the mattress would go back in his room.  He got a bit of an attitude about it and said he wanted to talk to his dad.  Again, I told him his dad had given him one night.  I also tried to explain to him that it was in the way (it pretty much takes up the whole floor in the office) ...and it's hard for me to get around it.  Also, I worry about walking over it and losing my already precarious balance and falling.  But he still had an attitude.

So I walked away, grabbed my purse and coat, and left.  I was so upset about the whole thing.  I know I'm not his mother, but I hate that he doesn't listen and respect me sometimes.  When I got home, the mattress was out of the office at least he begrudgingly did what he was told ...but now I'm also worried that I put my husband in a precarious position ...siding with me or his son.  I don't want his son to hate me if hubby sides with me ...but I don't want hubby to feel like he's going to alienate me if he sides with his son.

Ugh ...all this on top of nearly getting my electricity shut off ...and I thought the day had been going so well.  *sigh*

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by ashiepooh, Oct 27, 2008
Awwww Avanaar!  :-)  You can leave home and come stay with me and our pregnancy hormones and go the distance LMAO  

I would maybe ask your man, to have a talk with the son about having some respect for you and not whinning about everything.  I mean I know your not his mom, but he doesn't need to be mean to your or disrespect you!  I guess atleast it's a boy and not a teenage girl with a pms attitude LMAO!

But I mean, it's not like your trying to ground him or soemthing lol...

Awww....maybe some pringles will help!  ;-)

456991 tn?1239307232
by LittleMissBeatz, Oct 28, 2008
Awwwwwwwww I definitely feel your pain!!  My step child is 6 so you can only imagine!  Just take a few breaths eat some pringles like ashiepooh said and grab a tub of icecream, that's usually what I do or even just go lay down somewhere and block everything out.  Your husband has probably seen this before so he is more than likely aware of how the son treats you, and he should definitely have a talk with him about respect especially being that you all live together and it could cause bigger problems than necessary! Good Luck!

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