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May 06, 2012 - 0 comments

well i have had a very hard emotionally weekend !!! i woke up friday morning to being touched  while i was sleeping ... yuck ... why does he have to do that will i ever be respected in this world ?  my body  isnt mine  anymore .... .i hate it  noone listens or understands  my pain !!!!  my childs father got arrested on fri night  i had to go bail him out   178 dollars  gone  .... im not gonna get back ... lovely ... and tommorow is a very bad day  2 years ago i got the **** beat out of me by my x and 3  years ago i got raped on a blind date ... **** may 7trh  ..... yucky ......  i wish i could just die and be reborn into a new soul  with  no hurt ..  lord  just keep giving me strenght  when im weak and my best friend sara and pam and susan  .... please  

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