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May 11, 2012 - 2 comments

It's been a while since I've updated where I'm here's a quick run-through and I'm pleased to say there's a happy ending to this story!!

So, I go back to Mr Endo (who's a bit of an idiot and incredibly condescending). He had one last chance to prove himself to me or I'd not go back. It's fair to say, he didn't prove himself worthy of another appointment. Seeing him wasn't worth my time. He's over an hour from home and I'm there for 5 minutes. Whole trip easily tips 3 hours and for a 5 minute doctor appointment? No thanks!!

So I go home defeated and deflated and at a loss, not knowing what to do to get someone to listen. So I just take a step back and have some "me time".

Fast-forward a few weeks, I wake one morning with a sore throat. Now, I have tonsillitis easily 10 times a year (no one will remove my tonsils but that's another story) I call my GP knowing if I wait, it'll just get worse. My regular GP was fully booked for the day, but I could see another doctor. I agree to see the new guy purely because my throat hurt and I was unhappy.

I go see new GP that same morning. He looks at my throat, yep, sure enough, here's a script for antibiotics and nothing cold for a few days. Next thing I know, he's looking through my file!! He's taking an interest into my case!! I can barely believe it!! He even starts asking questions about how I've been looked after!! I tell him of the lousy appointment with Mr Endo a few weeks prior and how I had been saying I was having PCOS issues since I was 13. I'll be 22 this year!! He enquired how that treatment was progressing and I told him bluntly, I'm not being treated. No one listens to me.

So, he goes through EVERYTHING and actually gets me moving to ease up the darn awful symptoms I've been dealing with!! By this time I could have hugged the guy, but, that's probably not overly appropriate. So I refrain. But seriously, this doctor is nothing short of freaking amazing!!!

In one 30 minute consultation, I got further than I ever did in the last 9 years. WOOHOO for me...and many thanks to the amazing new doctor!!! :)

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1528307 tn?1336000554
by makani249, May 11, 2012
That's awesome Nat!!! I wish I could make an appointment to not see my GP and hit the jack pot. It's been so many years for you. That must feel amazing that you will start getting some answers.

1157646 tn?1343967128
by Nat_16, May 12, 2012
Thanks lovely.

Its a pretty amazing feeling, but, I also found out if doctors did something earlier like I was requesting, 2 of my 3 major blood clots could have been that wasnt nice to hear. But there's nothing that can be done about that now I guess.

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