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Peanut Oil

May 11, 2012 - 0 comments






All the sunflower seeds, pecans, almonds, and pumpkin seeds I bought to eat have peanut oil in them. That would explain the hemorrhoids because I've been pigging out on the pecans and almonds because they are soooo good.

I cleaned my Britta pitcher and changed the filter today. It was several months past due to be changed. I wiped it out with water and a paper towel. There was no soap here at work. I found some yellow substance on part of the inside which I removed completely.

Unfortunately, I had Chinese food last night which may be making my stomach upset, but it was upset before that too as it has been for a week.

I walked for 20 minutes this morning. I felt terrible afterward, of course. It may be because it causes things to move in my digestive system and that is not happy right now. Or it's because breathing harder causes me to inhale more allergens. The grass pollen is "Very High" today.

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