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Bummed Out

Nov 04, 2008 - 2 comments

So really not in a bad mood, just a little sad.  POAS this morning and a BFN, I was kind of expecting it, since I have seen one everytime I POAS for the last 8 monthes.  I am almost aftraid to see a BFP, because I have come so accustomed to the BFN's.  I go to the doc's at 7pm, maybe she will have some new approach this time, and things will get better.  13DPO and waiting for AF.

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by bam1014, Nov 04, 2008
I know exactly how you feel.  In July when I POAS I thought it was all for naught.  I mean really what was the point.  I was in a department store bathroom and I swear I almost dropped the stick in the toilet when I saw the BFP!  I immediately started crying and rushed out to my car to call DH.  He didn't even believe me, he thought I was joking, so as soon as I met up with him I showed him the stick.  Then he was in complete denial about the impending m/c.  Why do we women torture ourselves?!  Hang in there, statistics has it that one of us is due for a BFP soon.  Good luck at the dr's tonight.  Were you going to try to get a 2nd opinion?


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by leah2365, Nov 04, 2008
I am going to make up my mind about the second opinion based on what she says tonight.  I have a list of questions I want to ask her and if I'm not satisfied with her answer, then I think I will go for a second opinion.  Plus I want to ask her how long she thinks I can stay under her care with no results before she possibly would recommend me to an RE.  With October comming to an end, it has now been exactly one year since me and DH have started TTC.  And I feel other than the time between the miscarraige and when they said not to try (because it wasn't medically recommended or whatever) we have gone at it pretty faithfully.  There was really only one month that I can think of that we didn't try, and we were so stressed out because of work issues, it would have been unhealthy to conceive then.  

So are you going to give in and POAS?  

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