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I have a New Blog Space

Feb 08, 2008 - 2 comments

Hi friends. I have been writing here for only one week. I started a new blog at The ebtire address is:     ( type it into your address bar after deleting what is in there at the time.)

I do not know if I should keep writing here as well- at least on the medical information- or take the whole blog-funny stories and all to blogspot. I have made some online friends here. I will still check in here every day or two to see if anyone needs anything. If anyone is reading this; how can I put a link from my medhelp blog to the blogspot posts?

I may be going to Nashville,TN to a pancreatic cancer specialist who works out of Vanderbilt. Has anyone ever heard of Dr. Mertz in the Nashville area? To my friends; I will answer your emails this weekend. love,kim

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by Helpless208, Feb 09, 2008
Hey Kim,
Thanks for your sweet words I will be checking your blog at blogspot but I hope you continue writing on here as well.
Hope your meeting with the specialist goes well

Best of luck

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by rollin500, Feb 22, 2008
mood, i have a question for you?

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