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911 about My Daughter Please read and Pray

Feb 09, 2008 - 4 comments







my daughter






High Prolonged Fever


Elevated White Blood Cells


Kidney infection






urinary tract infections

(Wrote This February 6, 2008 - Wednesday)

Tabitha (My 13 year old) has been pretty sick past couple weeks..

started 2 weeks ago when ambulance had to take her from school to Meridian Park Hospital..

they said fever... Virus... they ran cultures (but no blood)

Ive done er trips and dr.'s

Thursdsay took her to Providence they sent her home even tho she had elevated  white blood cells but did give her some antibiotics..

I was suppose to go to Dr for follow up on monday but she was til wednesday...

Tonight she took a real bad turn for the worse
(SHE ALREADY HAS HAD DAILY SINCE 2 WEEKS AGO HIGH MINIMUM 102 103 minimum usually goes up to 105, and I have to give her 3 ibprofin and 2 tylenol to break fever, SHES BLACKED OUT and fell olast week, LOST VISION TWICE pROVIDENCE KNERW THIS, GOES PALE GREY ETC)

tonight um she started havin pains and started to gag (she hasnt been throwin up with this sickness) becuz of how she was gaggin we all ran to the bathroom with her (me, rugrats, and her friends) as she was getting sick blood started coming out of her nose, i went to call 911 on cell, it kept bouncin to clackamas county 911,

then she couldnt breathe, i ran down stairs and banged on doors, for someone to call 911

Its her kidneys... the infection has gone to them, and the og bacteria (from uti) fought it and was able to come up with stronger bacteria

its all confusing

They admitted her into the hospital (i had to come home tonight, cuz her best friend summer came with us and she wasnt aloud after visatin hours (you can in er but not when admitted) and thwey were right i couldnt send her home alone at 11:30 at night

Her white blood cell count is 3200 (orm is 1500) her pulse 145

I have lost a child once (Skylier to SIDS) I didnt think I could ever be more scared then that, tonight i discovered i was wrong

Please pray... Please care even though this isnt normal myspace/social things

Im terrified, my kids are scared...

Im goin to hospital in morn, i know shes there (if all goes well) at least a few days

and if have time please also pray for4 starengeth for my family

god bless


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by lisa0309, Feb 09, 2008
I will pray for you and I hope that she is doing well.  I have a 11 year old daughter and a 13 year old son and I know that it is scary and my heart goes out to you.  My thoughts are with you and I know that you are doing all that you can do and she loves you and hope everything is going to be all right.
Good Luck!!!

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by Jessi63, Feb 09, 2008
Prayers sent your way.  Hope everything gets better soon.  Jessi

369861 tn?1306275686
by blksapphire, Feb 09, 2008
Hoping all goes well for you, your daughter and your family.  Mainly your daughter....

May the good Lord be with her and prayers are being sent your way.

Take care and be blessed....Terri

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by ChitChatNine, Feb 11, 2008
PPPPPlease let us know how she is doing .................. my daughter had her gallbladder out and what was supposed to be a 2hr rehydration visit to the ER turned into an 8 day stay ................

I hope she is doing ok as of this writing ......


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