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Menopause and the symptoms that go with it!

Nov 11, 2008 - 1 comments

vaginal burning


Stress and anxiety

I have post menopausal for 8 yrs and I hate it. I have been told to grow gracefully but how is that possible when I have such dry skin and horrible vaginal burning and extreme pain many days in a row!!  I wonder and wish it would get better ! I want to enjoy my life and stop the pain!!

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by ladydi611, Nov 12, 2008
Wow, do i know what your saying! I need to learn not to let these symptoms take over my mind and body! Time to relax and realize it is just part of life!  I have found it gets worse when i let my mind tell me it is unbearable and then it just becomes one giant vicious cycle only making the symptoms worse! Time to have a mental health weekend and do deep breathing and destressing workouts! Positive thinking is hard to have when the world is going to heck in a hand basket and menopause *****!!!!

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