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bad doctors and the women who hate them!

Feb 11, 2008 - 3 comments

Well its a simple story really, i went to my doctor who had deliverd my son kain thinking, well he delivered one why not another?
well apparently in 5 years he got older, fatter and turned into the worlds biggest ******!
He went as far as to tell me he didnt want to tell me my due date because he was certain i was gonna have a miscarriage because im taking the lowest does of klonopin.
He hadnt even looked at me yet!
ive done the research on klonopin and its risks and im more at risk of harming the baby if i stop because of my aggoraphobia and panic attacks and the stress and withdrawel that would result from me stopping than any effects on the fetus.
i didnt freak out on him, because i needed the script for the prenatel vitamins but after the **** he put me through,
i was livid! My friend who was with me, was so pissed she couldnt even look at the doctor, he told me id misscarry and i was a druggee and a bad mom ect ect.
i immedietly got home and called the town 30 minutes away and found a new doctor!
i will drive 30 minutes for someoen who will respect me and my pregnancy and be happy for me and understand my condition!
rarrr!! Dr. childress in moberly missouri is an evil horrible man!

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by Leanna26, Feb 11, 2008
Oh my what a horrible doctor! Definately get to a new doc asap and I would even discuss what your other doc said and get an ultrasound to put your mind at ease. Good luck hon!

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by maineamy, Feb 11, 2008
Good for you!  I went through 3 Doctors before I found the right fit.  I hate to say it, but male OB's, well I have never had a good experience to say the least.  Good luck and take care of yourself

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by Praying4MiniMe, Feb 23, 2008
This is kinda off topic, but I do want to know how everything goes, because I too, take klonopin, .25 mg a day or everything day, depending on how I feel, and most doctors that I have seen think that I will never be able to carry to term. I hope everything goes well for you, the little one and the new doctor! Good luck! And please please, let me know....also, were you on klonopin with your 5 year old?

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