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Nov 14, 2008 - 4 comments

wow, I slept for about 4 days but now it seems as if things are returning to somewhat normal.  Small heache is all.  I'm just hoping the fatigue will lessen.Im glad to be started and not wondering what was gonna happen..

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by Peach803, Nov 25, 2008
Hey Kell...I've yet to start my treatment, and like you, I've been imagining THE WORST!!  As a matter of fact, I had such a meltdown in the past week or so, that I had this PAIN in my stomach, and felt that I was gonna puke at any moment...went to a walk-in clinic on a Saturday, my blood pressure was 173/ stay the least...stressed!!!  This CAN'T be good for the "C monster"...I'm scheduled for an endoscopy Dec. 1st to check the stomach for possible ulcer.

I look back to my "history", and can't believe how stupid I was in my youth...way too much fun, too much rock 'n roll, too many rockers, too many high times in low places, blood transfusions before 1992...just way too much...of everything!

The current 'too much' has been, I need to lose weight to give the treatmet a chance to 'work'...I'm gonna try, and pray for the best results with ALL of it.  Take care of you, stay happy, and thank God we have the 'sisters' on this site to help us through.  Hugs and blessings

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by kell33, Nov 25, 2008

Yeah, today is my 3rd shot, and for me has taken away my appetite , the one good up...LOL...I have rashes at the injection sites and am very winded at one flight of stairs..they take you off in 12 weeks if your not responding.  I have read some really scary stuff.  So, I stopped reading and keep praying as well.  Don't worry after the first shot your b.p/ will go down or at least mine has. I don't know how people work and do it,,,they need our prayers too.  I have to move because I sleep about 12 hours a day, as of January I have to change my living situarion. I just can't think straight too much reading.. Blessings kell

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by Deb_c430, Nov 25, 2008
Sleep is good!  Your body adjusting!   Sometimes reading to much isn't a good thing.   Get scared.   Here is hoping you get UND,  don't be afraid to ask questions either!     Praying you get UND in 12 weeks!


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by kell33, Nov 26, 2008
thank you.  What is UND?

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