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Nov 17, 2008 - 8 comments

Nearest I can tell about the sidebar is: All journal entries will appear on any forum that we are members of. So, if we post on the Healthy Eating , it will also appear on the Ovca or ovcy forum if we are members of those as well. Then, even if one of my friends posts on a forum and I answer it, it will appear on the ovca or ovcy forum .(. I think..). MH explained it once and I still can't keep it straight. I really wish that it could be different but I understand that it's set up that way.  I truly don't understand why it can't be set up so there isn't that much of a "cross over".. Anyway, I've given up trying to figure it out...

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by Jan214, Nov 18, 2008
The person who made those numerous responses to photos nor the person who put up the photos is a member of the OC forum so that's what I didn't understand.  I think they need to fix that.  I guess in the meantime we just have to roll that nonsense away so that the people that do belong to our forum will be able to put their things up.  What's the point though?  I don't come on here much anymore and neither do a lot of other people.  We just don't feel safe on MH anymore.

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by Cindy809, Nov 18, 2008
Hello ... MH explained it to me whan I asked about a "wild one" that was appearing yesterday at the side board.  It was from the "Relationships" forum and I believe it was a person with the screen name Sobermommy(I think).  Sobermommy was being abused by another member.  When I went to see what it was all about and read her profile at one point she posted here.  She is a member of several forums.  So when she changes her profile it appears here.  This "wild one's" screename Catiemarshall117(I think) has been a real problem for medhelp.  They contacted me and she has been around all the forums with 14 different names and abusing the members.  Medhelp asked me to keep an eye out for her and let them know immediately.

Jan, we have corresponded in the past and I was wondering why you do not feel safe on MH anymore.  Months back before I was active here I thought the people here were like a family.  So much support and information!  What has happened? it what I have explained in the above paragraph?  Cindy

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by Teresa222, Nov 18, 2008
I guess ya'll saw my "Good Grief" mood immediately following all that gal's photo comments. GOOD GRIEF is all I could think.  Some nuts have been appearing on that sidebar lately with their intimate posts.  How could anyone air their dirty laundry on a public message board is beyond me!

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by vegas2cr, Nov 18, 2008
As the stomach churns the newest soap opera for young people...

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by TrudieC, Nov 18, 2008
I posted a suggestion (and it is probably not the first time they've had it) asking them to only have items by members of that forum show up on that forum.  We'll see.

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by ireneo, Nov 18, 2008
Teresa - take a look at women's health forum. Talk about dirty laundry! I used to visit there and then stopped. It was too much information for me. Not that I'm old or anything :-)

I tend to ignore the sidebar. Too many unrelated things going on there.


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by gah_70, Nov 18, 2008
Thing about it is many of us members of more than one forum.  When you post info that shows up on the sidebar, how is MH going to know which forum it pertains to without physically looking at every post in every sidebar in every forum?  There are people who are members of the OvCa forum, and the cyst forum, too who don't even know they are.  If you post a question in a forum once, there is a box that is pre-clicked asking if you want to become a member of the forum.  Many people don't pay attention and automatically become a member whether they meant to or not.  When registering on MH, you are asked your interests.  Many will click OvCa and OvCy even if they've never heard of it, but boom...they are members...and every journal, or journal comment they make will show up in the sidebar.  Trudie, I think your suggestion would help cut down on some of it, but there will still be a lot of "traffic" over there.  

I have to play devil's advocate here just a little, though.  Although I am not interested in the dirty laundry, the family problems, nor the sex lives of people who, for lack of a better term, "ain't got no dog in this hunt" (bet you have no idea I'm from the South!  ha!...and, btw, 'our hunt' refers to ovarian issues)  it is a public forum, and there's always going to be stuff out there we don't like, or with which we may not agree.  It's the same stuff with posts.  We cannot tell someone not to post on our forum.  We can gently ask them to post somewhere else where they will get better answers, but we have no claim on it that tells the rest of the world they can't use it.  I agree with the rest of you.  It annoys me, too, but we'll just have to do a really good job in rolling those, and making comments on those that have significance to us to keep them current.  


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by Angie_Lou, Nov 18, 2008
Back in October, I suggested to MedHelp to organize the sidebar by having only categories listed, such as journals, photos, moods, etc.  Then, if a member is interested in one of those categories, one has the option of clicking onto that category and will see the last 5 or 10 hits.  This doesn't change the fact that comments made by members which belong to multiple forums won't go away, but at least, it will keep it less confusing.  They said they would take it into consideration, but seems, nothing has developed, yet.  Angie

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