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Feeling a little better

Nov 20, 2008 - 0 comments

Well, now I can't wait for my increase. I started doing a nasal irrigation for my sinuses. The congestion is leaving me. Mind you I smoke so don't feel so bad I am still hypo with the anxiety, depressed want to cry for no reason, etc etc I just want to be stable, and be able to relax. I don't know:) I know I am not sick, just blah. I was trying to train someone today, and it really is hard becasue I am so foggy I go blank and don't know what to say lol. Oh well, I have been relaxing. Tomorrow, I have to clean house, no if ands or buts, its dirty, no motivation or not its getting cleaned!:) I think the snow is getting to me. Blah Blah, snow,

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