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Nov 21, 2008 - 15 comments

I think that since all of us with cancer are getting those way cool Happy Feet shoes that we should each take a picture of our feet in them, my little sister can work her magic and make it look like a group shot of our feet and send it to the ovations for the cure people.  What do you all think?  Look how many of us have them and everyone who has cancer would surely want them.  I don't know if they send them to Australia and the UK, but they do send them to Canada and there are a lot of our friends on here who live there.  We could have a pretty cool picture.  Or instead of one group shot, Lisa could do one of her cool graphics.  (For those of you for whom I have an email address I am going to send Lisa's graphic  "WHY" so you can see it the way it was meant to be instead of a static picture.)  So, what do you think?  You wouldn't have to show your face and no one would be able to know who you are by your feet, so you wouldn't have to worry about being known if you haven't shown your face before. Maybe the ovations people could use it for their fundraising efforts.  I know not everyone on here with cancer has gotten theirs or even ordered them but it is a very short form to fill out and you will have them in about 3-4 weeks.  I think we should shoot for maybe January or February to give everyone a chance to get them.  I think it would be a wonderful "Thank You" to the ovations people and to Stuart Weitzman for doing this extraordinary thing for us.

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340734 tn?1256586262
by Angie_Lou, Nov 21, 2008
Hi Jan,

I think this is a wonderful idea.  I know that the manager at ovations which I had correspondence with, will really appreciate this gesture.  I'm going to take a pic of my "happy" feet.  Maybe you or Lisa can let us know where we post our pictures so that it's easy for Lisa to do her magic.  Take care.  Angie

282804 tn?1236833591
by Jan214, Nov 21, 2008
I am just bumping this up so more of my friends can see this. Come on guys, I need to know what you think.  That is the crappy things about journals, once it rolls off of the sidebar nobody knows it is there.

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by cirella, Nov 21, 2008
Well, I think it's a great thing for you guys.  I hope you all order them.

Happy Feet to YOU!

356929 tn?1246389756
by Sandymac, Nov 21, 2008
They are just as cute as a button !! Jan, I think that's a good idea.. And  Yes.... you should all order them and have pics. That would be great !!!


483733 tn?1326798446
by TrudieC, Nov 21, 2008
It is a great idea!  So cute!

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by cirella, Nov 23, 2008
I'd love to see the picture of you all in your cute little Happy Feet!

643704 tn?1304684432
by Flicka0459, Nov 24, 2008
okey dokey.  Let me know what I can do.


678455 tn?1260563589
by bcppc, Nov 24, 2008
I like this idea! I filled out my form last week and I can't wait to get mine too!

354706 tn?1279470795
by PinkTissue, Nov 25, 2008
I am glad all of your are enjoying your HAPPY FEET!

408448 tn?1286883821
by marie3B, Nov 25, 2008
I love my Happy Feet.  I was so surprised how fast they came to me.  I am still struggling with my eye problem, but as soon as I am able I will post a picture of my feet in their fancy new slippers.  I haven't sent them the caregiver info, but plan to do that.  I want to let them know how great I think their generous program is.  Marie

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by cirella, Nov 25, 2008
Yea Marie! I'm glad your feet are feeling better, even if your eye isn't.  LOL

282804 tn?1236833591
by Jan214, Nov 25, 2008
Oh Lisa, I am so sorry. I volunteered your services without asking you first.  Actually I was really hoping you could teach me how to do stuff like that.  The why is way cool.

349465 tn?1289081764
by Teresa222, Nov 25, 2008
It's a great idea Jan!  I will order mine tomorrow. Did someone say they contact our ONC's?  It's smart of them to make sure the requests come from real OVCA patients.  I just hope my ONC's office responds.  They have a huge practice and things fall through the cracks. (like my sisters BRCA test)

356929 tn?1246389756
by Sandymac, Nov 25, 2008
Yes, Marie.. How IS they eye ?? ..And I think the pictures of all of you in slippers would be wonderful !! Great idea !!

643704 tn?1304684432
by Flicka0459, Nov 26, 2008

Goober.  You know I can do this for you.  Especially now that I know I don't have to do this for a couple of months. As soon as you told me my brain started designing.  This is going to be so cool!  As I progress I'll put it on my photo page.  It would be awesome if we could get people from outside of the states as well.  Don't we have someone from Australia?


The best way for me to get the pictures is to either e-mail me, or put them on each person's Photo page.  Try to take the picture from your ankles down.  Also, tell me what city, and state you are from if you e-mail me.  Jan can e-mail you my e-mail address. I'm already working on a couple of ideas I have for this project.  Once we have it done we can put it out there in cyberspace and in doctors offices and wherever we can get it.  Wouldn't it be cool to have a billboard?  Anyone know someone who want's to volunteer their billboard for free and pay to have it made?

Your designing dude-ettt  - Lisa

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