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me again

May 26, 2012 - 0 comments

its great to feel real again,woke up and made my soon to be husband coffee took the dog out and its a lovley sunny morning.Im so glad i can go out and sit in the un and enjoy it this year as last year at this time i was in such a messed up place.With lots of love and no one telling you that you are nuts you can do it.I now have the courage to sit outside with no feeling that everyone is looking at me and knows that i have bipolar.Infact i dont care now as i pointed out on the bus last week something that i couldnt go on might i add! a man came on the bus and he himself  was ill and everyone was making fun of him and making him worse....i sat and sat until i couldnt listen anymore,i stood up on a crowded bus and told everyone how pathetic they where i clearly stated that the man they where making fun of was me last year I said make fun of me instead of the man,im ill i have a mental illness even thou you cant see it didnt take them long to shut up,

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