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Does he like me?

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I'm sorta helpless, and lately now I've been looking up ways to see if a guy likes you. I've seen so much.

I don't know, most of these are me just probably overthinking.

So I read/heard that if a guy likes you, he'd just try to touch you in any way. Yeah, yeah you do that a lot. Almost every time we're together you end up laying your head on my lap and ask me to scratch your back; you also tickle me [or something along those lines]. You look at me a lot, and I read that after a guy tells a joke or something and everyone laughs, he looks at you to see if you laughed too. Plus I just see random glimpses in my direction, and when I look back you turn around. You try to make me laugh a lot, but that's just probably just you being you haha. You kept getting in-between Jordan and I, more often than you've ever cockblocked anyone. Actually, we were the only ones you ever really did cockblock. Apparently when you aren't a lazy texter, we text for hours until you're either forced to sleep or you get lazy again; and that's longer than you text like, your best friend. You stayed up for a while talking to me, we weren't even talking about anything in general and you offered to stay up with me until I was almost on the verge of passing out, even though you were already exhausted [you passed out right after you hung up]. This could possibly just be you being you, but I read that if he 'accidentally' bumps into you at school or whatever in the hallway, and you do that. "He leans in close: A guy who invades your personal space is into you." You never give me any personal space haha. Or maybe I don't give you any, either way, neither of us care. A lot of them said things about teasing, that's like one of your top things to do to me... ******, haha.
Whenever we're at the secret spot that my friend and I found, you usually talk and do things with me while she just sits there and is quiet. But when she can't come, you don't wanna go because you say that it'd be awkward with just the two of us, even though we've been alone at some park. When you tell a joke, sometimes you'd look at me for a reaction. Well I don't really know about this one, mirroring people. I don't know how long you've been screaming and such, but all I know is that after a while of knowing you, I didn't know you liked [to try to] scream. I didn't know until I found out myself that I can scream, but I scream all the time at school [without even knowing]. "I think the most obvious signs a guy likes you is when he says the dumbest things just to keep talking. Or he may play stupid to get your attention in general." Then again you ARE an idiot x). You're usually smiling when I look at you, and you know I'm looking at you. I don't really know when I don't see you with a smile on your face, even if we aren't talking [besides the days when you're upset about something or you're focused on something]. Sometimes I feel like you wanna tell me something, but you're holding it back. Even though today, you could've still gone straight to our friend's house, you still came over to my house [even though I still live pretty far]. I remember when I tried to cut my bangs on my own, you were the first one able to tell [in the morning] without me telling you.
Today, when you came by, you asked if I was alone. When our friend popped out of nowhere, it got awkward for some reason. Also, you spent all that extra time biking from that person's house to mine when you could've just biked home [like you said you were going to, thank God I called you]. I noticed lately that when you lay your head on my lap, you usually play with my jeans and focus more on them than whatever we're doing [watching a movie, show, talking, etc.]. You try to hang out with me, and sometimes you get in trouble for staying at my house or hanging with us for too long. You and I sing duets together, almost whenever we're together. Whenever we're alone, you give me prolonged hugs, as to when others are there, they last for like two seconds [besides that one time when Joe was there]. They say the most obvious way to tell if a guy likes you is if he finds ways to touch you [not sexually or anything], and that's what you do the most. They also say that the guy is more closer when you guys talk and such, and yeah, you are. Sometimes you'd go up to my face and just talk to me, or scream in my ear [but you do that to like everyone haha]. You're so nice, yesterday you offered to buy me something from Starbucks. Haha. When we were going to take a group picture, you were apparently going to sit on my lap [or close by] then Joe dragged you away and put you in the middle [aha].

People said that you'd just know if he likes you, and if you feel it in your heart then you're probably right.
The last time I thought someone liked me back when I liked them, when I was almost 100% sure they liked me back, they ended up only liking me back as a friend. My friends said that they thought that he liked me back too, but he ended up not. And I'm afraid that the same thing would happen between us two.

I'm not afraid of rejection, I'm afraid of [negative] change.

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