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11dpo spotting...

Jun 02, 2012 - 3 comments






Im 11dpo today and this brownish/orange-ish color spotting is still here.. 3 days now?! plus my temp took a huge dive this morning (97.10 <-- thats the lowest its been) could it be implantation @ 11dpo? or maybe AF's on her way who knows lol.. AF's not due tile next wednesday so im praying my temps shoot back up indicating implantation.. but if not i guess its on to the next cycle in hopes for my BFP.. should i test or wait it out til i miss AF???? Hmm?!!!

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by Maybe-baby, Jun 02, 2012
it looks like you've gone down to your coverline/ovulation temp?? =-/ perhaps it is a fluke, i HATE waiting for answers lol! :) best of luck girl I'll be hoping it's good news

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by Vantom, Jun 02, 2012
thanks hun.. i def think im out this cycle which s u c k s lol but im ready for the next cycle, im not gonna stress myself over it anymore im just gonna move on and hope it happenes next cycle! *SSBD*

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by ballyb, Jul 02, 2012
same thing happened to me! im 12 DPO today spotting has stopped and temp has gone down beyond coverline....:(

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