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Jun 07, 2012 - 0 comments

I can't seem to he a break! I now have a UTI & no way to get to the doctor because I'm watching room mates kids (one of which has an ear infection & they still haven't taken the baby to the doctor). My boyfriend keeps pushing me away & It's breaking my heart. I cant seem to do anything right or take care of kids right or cook/clean right. I am just one big ball of disappointment to everyone (it seems like). I can't seem to find joy in anything anymore & I don't know how to be happy. Something is always going wrong or I'm screwing something up or I'm too "moody". I'm sick of myself! I just want to die so everything will stop going bad & everyone can go on without me. And before anyone says anything, no I'm not going to kill myself (I'm pregnant & would never do it just because of my baby) I just wish I was dead. It would probably fix everyone's problems.

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