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Doctor confirmed no add'l test needed for a year from now.

Feb 15, 2008 - 1 comments

Well I called the doctors office back, regarding the message that both he and his nurse left regarding the results, about not having to test again for a year.

She said she checked with the doctor and he said since I had UND thru treatment and UND at 3 mos post, he sees no reason to test again in 6 months.

But I think I will req that my PCP do it again in May.. and go from there.    I am excited its over.   What a wonderful Birthday present.    My birthday is Sunday, but Mike had the most beautiful Pink roses delivered to me today at work. plus they got me a Birthday cake, and with the news from the Nurse it was a wonderful day.

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by Pearl06, Mar 04, 2008
I'm so thrill for your results.  I have relapsed unfortunately, any advice that you will give me I'm looking into tx again.

I was UND during all TX and 1 post month of TX and suddenly got it back...  My SX were really minor nothing that I couldn't handle and was able to keep my desk job.

But, I will be honest with you at the end 35 wks of TX my daughter had an accident and I really lost it there with a lot of anxiety and did miss some dosage at 36 weeks and picked up again.  I missed some pills in the morning I regreat it now but there is nothing I can do at this point just pay close attention to things I could have done better.

Based on your experience and sucess can you please share any advice.

Also, did you lose a lot of weight I have heard that many people go very slim in order for it to work.
Where you in a free stress envoirment that helped you.

I just want to prepare myself better this time.

Congrats to you!! God Bless you for sharing.


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