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5 Tricks to Look Younger and 6 minutes for a healthier body

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Hi there Super Body, Super Brain followers!

I am so excited that I got featured in Yahoo.com (Home page) in an incredible article by Liz Brodycalled

5 Simple Tricks to Looking Younger

Age can be so annoying. If birthdays were recyclable, we’d all be environmentalists. But is it worth going under the knife to fake away a few years? (The recent uptick in celebs on plastic-surgery benders is a little unnerving.) Don’t worry: These six switches will make you look younger without a lot of drama.

The Body
Instead of: Walking
Try: Walking backward
From Yahoo.com: Don’t get us wrong: Any exercise is good exercise. But moving nimbly is a subtle indicator of being young. “The key is motor plasticity,” says Michael Gonzalez-Wallace, creator of theSuper Body, Super Brain program to read more please click ”You need to continue to train the brain circuits responsible for movement.” That means, instead of just walking or jogging, which you do automatically, you should periodically throw in a balance or coordination challenge: Walk backward, play basketball, take a ballet class, stand on one foot with your eyes closed. “Try one new activity a week,” Gonzalez-Wallace suggests. “You just need a few minutes click here to keep reading

Yahoo features Michael Gonzalez-Wallace in “6-
Minute Bikini Blast” to get toned and healthier!

Yahoo features 6 minute Bikini Blast

Roll out of bed, wake up your brain, and work out your body in (good morning!) 6 minutes. It’s even better with your eyes closed.

We’re not saying that 6 minutes will turn you into Kim Kardashian. But this routine is more than genius. New York City trainer Michael Gonzalez-Wallace has been teaming up with a Columbia University neuroscientist for the last couple of years to design what can only be called the next generation of exercise. Keep reading here

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2136621 tn?1355121987
by jackie722, Jun 11, 2012

1741471 tn?1407159030
by Michael Gonzalez-WallaceBlank, Jun 11, 2012
Thanks so much for commenting Jackie I agree with you :)

134578 tn?1614729226
by AnnieBrooke, Jun 19, 2012
"We're not saying that 6 minutes will turn you into Kim Kardashian."  Why would anyone want to look like Kim Kardashian?

535822 tn?1443976780
by margypops, Jun 19, 2012
aww I think shes gorgeus looking gal ...hey how does one get a new face with out surgery , nowadys I would prefer the brain power ....lol

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