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Helpful Brainfarts 1

Nov 24, 2008 - 0 comments

ice pack


Neck lump

As I am trying to deal with this lump thing behind my incision, I re-read some of the tips from the wonderful members here.
1. ice packs 2. sherbert 3. try to keep head elevated a bit when lying down.

That brings me to my 'brainfart" (am I allowed to say that? I hope so cause I get a lot of them)...........
I can't be laying around all day with ice packs on my neck, so I got my gel-pack out and rolled it around a bit to soften it up; then wrapped it diagonally (sp?) in a light weight kitchen towel and tied it loosely around my neck. I have also used my husbands big red handkerchief (clean of course) and that worked great too.

So now I can go about my business and reduce swelling at same time.
Hopefully I helped some one out here...cause that's what I like to do.
hugs and health to all

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