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Good Days & Bad Days

Nov 24, 2008 - 0 comments

good day


bad day







I am not going to let "them" ruin my day... I have been feeling so great about everything and I am just not going to fall apart over one bad day. I had my appointment yesterday and I felt really fine about all of it until I get a phone call from my "nutritionist" saying that she wants us to sit down and talk about making some changes - so that means that my doctor called her and said things about the 3 pounds that I lost which really just makes me feel like garbage... and she asked me if I'm "doing things" to make sure that I don't gain any weight.... I explained everything to her and she KNOWS about the Raw Food lifestyle. I am just so frustrated right now!

My parents are being SOOOO supportive of all of my choices right now and helping me stay on this new healthy path. My mom is even the one who bought me my new Breville juicer! I do not want to waste my day crying over this stuff but I am really worried and mad and I am not looking forward to meeting with T the nutritionist and having her weigh me and tell me the same **** again! Well everyone knows how great I am feeling and doing now so I just wish things could be normal all around and everyone would stop staring and talking about this garbage!

Tomorrow will be better!

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