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Stent Removed

Nov 06, 2008 - 1 comments

Ugh, I had the stent removed today and out came some big stones right behind it!  I did not experience the relief of pain I expected.

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by kidneystonemom, Dec 16, 2010
I am a 25yr old mother of two who gave birth natural so I know what pain is a rarley take meds even tylonol. I was diagnosed two months ago with having kidney stones 3 3mm and a 7mm the dr said he was suprised I wasn't in more pain (the pain went away before I was seen). I got lythotripsy and it did nothing so then I went to get another and they couldn't find it. The stone pain was only severe on two occasions.....they found the stone lodged above my bladder....and I had to get a uretorscopy laser it and get a jj stent for six days I peed blood was achey with movement it was bareable with meds but I wish I had been warned..I had no help with my two small kids...then I had the stent removed this felt about like a pap smear but 30min later severe pain n my kiddney had me doubled over again I wish I had been warned they said I would be fine to take care of my kids....I wasn't the hyrocoden didn't help but finaly I read some stuff online and took two ibuprofen this helped a lot......I'll write again if I have more pain.

I think the pain is different for everyone but a little more warning from the dr would have been nice

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