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Nov 26, 2008 - 4 comments


today i go see the team of doctors to examine my head, i hope they help me-drifter

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by scaredmom330, Nov 26, 2008
good luck with your doctor's appointment today. If you are anything like me, you get frustrated before you get an answer. But it seems like they all ask the same questions and if they would read your files you had sent to them. Or they want to know what medication you have tried or not tried. who can remember that far back? sorry drifter didnt mean to vent in your journal about my past experiences. Take care, I wish you good luck and a Happy Thanksgiving. sorry didnt mean to come across as being bitter, I usually get this way right before my birthday every year.


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by 10356, Nov 26, 2008
Hey Drfter
Wanting to wish you well with the Dr. app. I also hope they come up with something to help you... I also hope you have a good Thanksgiving and that you will not be alone.. I will check on you tomorrow and see how it went.. The test may take a few day's before you have a answer so I will be keeping you in my thoughts.. warmly lesa

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by 10356, Nov 26, 2008
Me again :)
How did it go at the Drs. anything good.. Boy I hope so been thinking about you.... lesa

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by drifter0213, Nov 27, 2008
no not yet   tues i go back

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