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An Attempt to Explain the Menstrual Cycle in Plain Language

Nov 26, 2008 - 64 comments

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menstrual cycles


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ovulation prediction


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Womens hormones







Period Facts:

Menstruation occurs only in humans and other closely related species (like chimps).  
Other mammals have estrous cycles in which the uterine lining is completely reabsorbed by the animal. (sounds nice!)
The average age of onset of menstruation is age 12.
When counting the cycle, the first day of blood flow is counted as Cycle day 1.  
The average duration of a cycle is 28 days but any cycle length between 21 and 34 days is considered normal.  
The average duration of flow is 4 days but anything from 2 to 7 days is considered normal.
On a typical 28 day cycle, ovulation occurs on day 14.  
The menstrual period is always exactly 14 days after ovulation.  The time from period end to ovulation is variable.
A woman is most likely to get pregnant on the three days preceding or the day of ovulation.

There are four major players involved in regulating a woman's menstrual cycle:

The HYPOTHALAMUS: an area of the brain just above the pituitary gland.
The PITUITARY GLAND: a little gland that hangs from a stalk just behind the eyes.
The OVARIES: a pair of glands, each about the size of a walnut that most typically sit
     behind the uterus in close proximity to the fallopian tubes.
The UTERUS:  a muscular cavity typically the size of a pear that inhabits the space between
     the bladder and the rectum in the female pelvis.

There are five major hormones involved in creating a cycle:
(Hormones are messengers that carry messages/instructions from one tissue to another)


What Is Happening During a Cycle?

***In the first half of the menstrual cycle--also known as the Follicular Phase:

The HYPOTHALAMUS is signaling the PITUITARY GLAND to produce FSH and LH--it does this by secreting pulses
of GnRH every hour. It also secretes a continuous small amount of GnRH, but the pulses are very  important.
The PITUITARY GLAND is producing LH which instructs the ovaries (theca cells) to produce estrogen.
The PITUITARY also produces FSH which tells the follicles (tiny cysts containing eggs) to start to grow.
Approximately 30 follicles will begin to grow.  By cycle day seven, the dominant follicle is established
and continues to grow while the other follicles degenerate. The dominant follicle will ultimately be the
only egg ovulated in this cycle. (Ocassionally there is more than one).
The OVARIES (in addition to making the follicle) are busy producing estrogen which tells the uterine lining (endometrium) to thicken and grow.
The UTERINE LINING after menstruation is very thin, only about 1-2mm thick, and will look like
a single, thin white line on ultrasound.

***At mid-cycle:

The dominant follicle is producing approximately 500 mcg of estrogen daily, it is also producing a
small amount of progesterone.  The follicle is now about 2.0 cm in diameter, and easily seen on ultrasound.
It has the appearance of a small dark fluid-filled cyst.

When estrogen levels have been this high for two or more days the LH surge is elicited--the pituitary gland
secretes a large bolus of LH. This LH surge is detectable in the urine and is the basis for ovulation predictor kits.  

There is also an FSH surge.  Rapid peaking of these two hormones signals the ovary to initiate rupture of the
follicle and ovulation of the egg.  Ovulation occurs within 24-48 hours after the LH surge.

If sperm are available at this point, now is their chance. If a sperm penetrates the zona pellucida ( a special membrane which surrounds the egg and permits only passage of Human sperm ) then fertilization occurs; if no one gets lucky, the second half of the cycle occurs.

The egg then goes on its merry way down the fallopian tube, while the follicle
from which it was expelled becomes the corpus luteum cyst. This cyst too, like the follicle is visible
on ultrasound, but has a very different appearance.

***In the second half of the cycle--also known as the Luteal Phase:

The HYPOTHALAMUS is sending out pulses more slowly--it is producing a pulse of GnRH about every
2-3 hours. Again, this is signaling to the pituitary gland to produce LH.
The PITUITARY GLAND  continues to produce higher levels of LH in the second half of the cycle than
it did in the first half.  High levels of LH signal to the corpus luteum cyst (the cyst the was produced
when the follicle burst) to produce progesterone.
The OVARY continues to produce progesterone in increasing quantities for about 7 days after ovulation.
It is also producing estrogen in high quantities. If pregnancy has not occurred, these high levels
of progesterone and estrogen signal the pituitary gland to turn off production of FSH and LH.
It is believed that the high levels of progesterone in the ovary which produced the
follicle prevent maturation of new follicles in the same ovary--in other words, if right ovary ovulated this month then left ovary will ovulate next month.
The UTERINE LINING, under the influence of high progesterone levels, has stopped thickening and
started maturing in preparation to receive the embryo (if any). One thing the uterus lining tissue
does is start to store glycogen (sugar) within the lining cells. This sugar will be released into the uterine
cavity to nourish an embryo (if any) until it can implant in the uterine wall. At this stage the uterine lining has a trilaminar (three lines) appearance on ultrasound and is about 12mm thick.


If no conception has occurred, exactly 14 days after ovulation the menstrual period will begin.
During menstruation, the uterine lining is sloughed and comes out as the menstrual flow.  
The uterus in effect, cleans itself down to the "roots" and the whole process begins again.
If pregnancy occurs, menstruation does not, but that is another story!

So, to simplify even further and summarize:

The cycle starts with menstruation. In the first half of the cycle, the ovaries are producing
estrogen which tells the uterine lining to grow.  The follicle is developing.  
At mid cycle ovulation occurs.
In the second half of the cycle the egg is sent down the fallopian tube while the cyst cavity left behind
begins to produce progesterone.  Progesterone tells the uterine lining to stop growing and start
storing up sugar for the embryo. If no conception occurs hormone production decreases and
the uterine lining is shed in the form of the next period.
Next month the follicle develops within the oposite ovary and the whole process starts over.  

Of note the whole process falls apart if no ovulation occurs, but that is another story too!

Lots more information is available at:


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172023 tn?1334672284
by peekawho, Nov 26, 2008
THANK YOU SO MUCH for this.  

Avatar universal
by zazza, Nov 28, 2008
"Other mammals have estrous cycles in which the uterine lining is completely reabsorbed by the animal. (sounds nice!)"

I was expecting twins and had a miscarriage of one of the twins. I had much pain but almost no bleeding. On ultrasound afterwards one could see an empty sac where one of the twins should have been. I was told this can happen when you are expecting twins: one baby is miscarried but the other is perfectly healthy so your body does all it can in its power to release as little blood and such as possible, so as not to jeopordize the healthy baby. It reabsorbs the blood instead. I found this astonishing.

Avatar universal
by JoyRenee, Nov 29, 2008
Bravo! On the pregnancy forums many women keep saying, "You'll ovulate 14 days after your period" which is NOT always true! THANK YOU!!!

Avatar universal
by JoyRenee, Nov 29, 2008
Doctor, would it be possible (if you haven't already) to post this in the HEALTH PAGES in the pregnancy communities?! Or if you could give me permission to copy and paste it for you (all credit will go to you, of course). Send me a private message if you'd like for me to copy and paste it and I'll get it up. I think this is important information to have, especially from a doctor who is active on MedHelp. Thanks!

365714 tn?1292199108
by MJIthewriter, Nov 29, 2008
zazza, that is really interesting what the body can do.

582963 tn?1483452520
by LIL_LADY24, Nov 30, 2008
This is the best explanation ever of PMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

322529 tn?1224945949
by kiaragirl, Nov 30, 2008
Zazza, that is what happened to me 20yrs ago when I was carrying my son....I was originally carrying twins but around week six had what I thought to be a miscarraige (well it was but only of one baby) I had contractions and small amount of bleeding on and off for 2wks...preg tests kept coming up negative but eventually had a dr test and got a bfp. When Daniel was born tho, I also "gave birth" to an empty sac which had grown to the same size as if there were still a baby in it!!!

Thank you so much for that fabulous detail of what is going on in the body during a cycle. I`m going to copy and paste it. Any chance of what happens if the egg DOES get fertilised???

Avatar universal
by zazza, Nov 30, 2008
Nice to know I have a "sister" in Ireland then! My daughter's name is Sandra and she is now in a relationship with an identical twin!

Avatar universal
by Texas_Bell, Dec 01, 2008
Thanks Dr. B.  I wish you were here in Texas.

Avatar universal
by mg30, Dec 01, 2008
I had a question, I'm 29 years old and my husband and I have been trying to get pregnant but I have a very irregular period.  I get a period every 4 to 5 months if I'm lucky, but every month I get this discharge that starts off very light and ends up a little heavy where I need to use a panty liner. It's clear and at times it's egg white.   Can I still get pregnant even if I'm just discharging and what does this mean. We have a daughter so I know I can get pregnant pleast help me!!!

Avatar universal
by se_hunnygurl_xy, Dec 05, 2008
Well what happens when a woman is irregular? I personally don't get my period for 5 months and then once I do I have it for a week or two. However recently I have had my period for over a month. Is there something wrong? Should I be worried?

Avatar universal
by TammyPo, Dec 21, 2008
Outstanding! As you have always been.. And I agree I wish you were here in Texas Too!!!!  Tammy P

Avatar universal
by whathell, Mar 14, 2009
Hey. I would ask my question n one of your forums but I'm broke and I've already paid twenty bucks to have my doctor give me a useless answer. I got the deprovera (not sure about the spelling) about three and a half months ago and I was normal for a bit but now I've been on my period for seven weeks and two days now.

I talked to my doctor and talked to a nurse a nurse at the clinic near my college, and both of them said that "irregular bleeding is normal with deprovera." First of all I think it has surpassed "irregular" bleeding. Second, even if it is a normal symptom, that doesn't make it any less terrible.

I'm anemic and I'm sleeping like all the fricking time. I can't remember anything. I caught the stove on fire this morning and I don't even have the energy to go to the gym anymore. I have Anthem insurance. How can I get them to pay for a hysterectomy? Or if you have some advice on how to stop this that would be awesome as well. Thanks

Avatar universal
by aupinosenior, Mar 27, 2009
hey there doc. well im 18 yrs old and i was wondering if its normal when a person like me has her Menstrual Cycle but when i do it comes out in clots and i was woundering what i could be doing wrong because i know its not normal ..... it happened to my mom about a couple of weeks ago but she got tested and they said she had a miscarrage but i dont think that happened too me cause i proud to say im safe and i was woudering if it werent that what could it be...

Avatar universal
by freakshow83, Jun 10, 2009
Hello I am 25 years old and started Ortho Tri Pills in Feb. I do have unprotected sex with my boyfriend who I live with and I have no insurance and no job so can not afford to go to the doctor unless it is an emergency. I have been having this dark brown clumpy discharge in the past week and have tried all the drug store remedies to balance out my PH and it is not working. I am not do for my period for another two weeks. Is there some cause for this discharge and how can I make it stop.

Avatar universal
by ann925, Jun 30, 2009
hello everyone. my case would be familiar for all of you doctors. but i still have question that to be answerd. to beghin with, im only 27 yrs. old. i was only 19 when i give birth for my first child. a year after giving birth my menstration was abnormal, i could have no menstration in 4,6 to 8 months and 1 year. i am merried with a swiss and we was traying to get a baby. i was in doctros for almost 4yrs and still we dont have a baby. we even go trough injectable baby. we did all things that possible to get a baby. but my husband also have a problem hi sperm is weak. please help answer my quetion i am realy concern about my health. my 1st question is: why my mentration is soo abnormal, even now still the same. 2nd: what is wrong with me?? is it something wrong when i give birt form my son? 3rd: what should i do to make my mentraion back into normal. 4th: what should do to make it back into normal?. 5th: could i get still pregnant in normal way? without any help from doctors/medicine?
please any one help me with my problem. looking forward for some answer.
thank you!

Avatar universal
by grrrnesss, Jul 02, 2009
So what would cause you to break through the depot shot and start bleeding after an orgasm?

Avatar universal
by james_brown, Aug 05, 2009
what's the percentage chance of getting pregnant during cycle day 7 without ejaculating inside the vagina??

Avatar universal
by frel82, Aug 09, 2009

Hi Elaine
I am 24 years old and I  was disgnosed with pcos early 2008 and was placed on contraceptive pills and my period beacame regular,after 3months I stoped taking the pills and my period has been regular through out this year up until this month.
I missed my period and went for a test which was negative, I also went for an ultrasound which i do not understand,here is what the results look like.

(The bladder,uterus are normal)now check this out.

OVARIES:Both Ovaried are at the Upper Limits of normal size and have dense stroma,The left ovary contains degenerating remnants of a large Follicle,The right ovary contains tiny peripherally arranged Follicles.

I'm really freaking out now and I need to have an idea before my next visit to the gyna.

Thank u.

997668 tn?1253558071
by Nieka, Aug 14, 2009
Hi Elaine,

I have an irregular period. I didn't get it in may and june. But in July I started bleeding on the 16th and it started off light pink. It just ended August 10th and it was heavier. Do you think this was my period and it went so long because I didn't get it in may and june? Or is there something else wrong with me?

Avatar universal
by Sandra137, Aug 30, 2009
Hi Nieka i would recommend that u should go and check it out......Right now i have same situation and advised to do to my doctor.
Also check this out....womenshealth.gov/menstrual cycle

Avatar universal
by pms118, Oct 05, 2009
It's okay neika! It is probably something to do with your birth control & or diet. You really should go talk to a doctor ASAP!

Menstrual Cramp Remedies

1077845 tn?1255903755
by confusedaboutme, Oct 19, 2009

For some reason I've always been a women's health enigma (albeit unexplained abdominal pain where I’m told I’ve just got cysts & everybody has them; multiple false-positive pregnancy tests; faux PCOS; etc.)…but, THIS truly takes the cake...

Normally, my cycles have ALWAYS been irregular (so its hard to know when what's happening to me is irregular)...that being said, normally (for me) there's quite a bit of time between cycles....often as many as 45-60 days between and they last approx 4-5 days.  Last period was 9/17-25.  Current cycle started 10/3...today is 10/18 and its still going strong, with no signs of tapering off like normal.  Most cycles there is clotting at the beginning, then no clots from midway until the end.  Clots have been present since day 1.  What do I do?  

I don’t trust my doctor-she never listens to me, otherwise I'd call her.  In April she ran a ton of blood tests, and she said I’m perfectly fine on all my levels (then why am I experiencing all these randomly weird female things?!)  Years ago, endometriosis was found during a laparoscopy.  The doc at that time cauterized what he found, and then diagnosed me with PCOS.  I figured it made sense, and he was the Dr.  But then this gal I see now took that diagnosis away in April after the blood tests & that’s fine, its not like I want PCOS, but now I’ve got no explanation behind my female health history.

I'm really not a problem patient, and like I said I'm used to things not being the norm or ideal (its been this way since I was 13 and I'm now 30!), I've just learned to listen to my gut feeling & my gut's telling me that something's very strange about all this.  Please lend some expertise my way, I feel like an alien & I’m losing my mind in the process!  
Thanks in advance.

Also, forgot to mention that the readings for H. Pylori were elevated in a blood test done by my allergist 10/2, so I started an antibiotic & Prilosec regiment 10/5.  I wondered if this could aggravate whatever's going on with me, but I started that 2 days after the cycle started & I've been done with that regiment for 3 days now.  
I’m also curious if a recent change in my diet could be causing this.  9/26 SEVERAL new allergies were detected including the following food allergies: wheat, rice, potatoes, corn, soy, yeast, garlic, oranges, tomatoes, clams, shrimp, peas, mustard, peanuts, & walnuts.  It was a challenge to say the least as most of those things are my favorite things to eat!  But I’ve done well since then.  In addition I have an aunt & uncle who are both celiac patients, so as a precaution the doc recommended I adopt a gluten-free lifestyle (no problem with the wheat allergy, but I’m doing even better than that cause I’m allergic to all the gluten alternatives as well!  Side-Note: my stomach feels better than it ever has, and I’ve not got the constipation that’s been a constant since I was a toddler).  I’m wondering if this change in my diet has left me deficient of some important nutrient I’ve overlooked.  I’m taking a super B complex supplement…but could I be low on iron?  Can that cause what I’m going through?  Needless to say I'm still boggled.  Thanks again.

Avatar universal
by meseenu, Oct 20, 2009
hi doc,
Presently we(couple) are also facing same problem. we had miscarrage 2 consigutive times that to at 20th week of pregnancy.

can you help us how to over come this.reason for first - cervix opened up giving labour pain.

reason for second - after first mishappen doctor gave "progestron" tablets and also operated (put a stich) so that cervix should hold. but even after that it came down, this time there was no pain.

please, i request you to mail what best can be done to over come this. I really need some advice so that we over come this.

we will be very much great full to you. also what all tests to be done and precauion to be taken for next time.

Avatar universal
by meerajasmine, Nov 04, 2009
very detailed n knowledgable...thanks doc

Avatar universal
by nessa_m, Nov 19, 2009
thanks i didnt know this much about menstural cycle

1115868 tn?1290015624
by Lissa86, Nov 22, 2009
I'm going to start this post off with a little history then ask my question. I'm 23 and have had 4 pregnancies (that I'm aware of). All of my pregnancies were viable and things were normal resulting in my 4 children. My cycles have been pretty normal until after this last pregnancy which is why I've been keeping track of my cycles and this is what they look like:
Mar 18 to Mar 21; Apr 16 to Apr 19; May 14 to May 18; Jun 22 to Jun 26; Jul 28 to Jul 30; August *NO period*; Sep 1 to Sep 3; Oct 10 to Oct 13.
On Nov. 17th, it had been 37 days since my LMP so I took a home test... the result was positive. I had already been experincing the pregnancy symptoms like I had with my previous pregnancies. On Nov. 19th, I started spotting w/ some back and stomuch cramps. Nov. 20th I had a test done at a clinic... the result was negative and I continued to bleed heavier and with more severe pain. Today, Nov. 22nd, the bleeding is back to spotting and the pain is faint. I took another home test and the result was positive. I've never had this situation occur. Normally I take a test, go to the docter and get the same result.
I'm lost by what is going on. At first after the negative result I thought I may have been miscarrying but now with the second positive result I'm beyond words. Any ideas on what is going on with me? Any suggestions on test to get ran? I need some advice because this is becoming very frustrating for my boyfriend and I. Thanks!

Avatar universal
by Pearl2009, Dec 10, 2009
Hello there,

I have a problem with regard to my menstrual cycle. My periods are getting delayed everymonth by 3-7 days. About 6 months back it was normal, I had a 28 days cycle, but since six months it has become irregular, even though I get it every month, as said, it comes out late. What may be the reason?? Btw, I am eating chocolates for sometime, which I used to not do some months back, could that be a reason?? Thanks for your generous help. :)

1151943 tn?1262126475
by mizzcantbsingle, Dec 29, 2009
hey, my questions is is it hard for women to conceive that has irregular periods than women wit regular periods?

Avatar universal
by Cupcake052491, Jan 18, 2010
I am 18 i have been spottin for 7 days and i am kinda curious if that could be a sign of pregnancy or will it be a bad thing and i have to go see a doctor..

1305271 tn?1320984748
by bananabrain454, May 11, 2010
Hello Doctor Brown,
I was just wondering if you can tell me anything about this resent issue I have encountered.

             For a years now, I have alway kept track of my periods and it has always come exactly 25 days (more or less) apart. Usually my period last about week, from start to finish (to completely clear). I am 20 years old now and it has been this consistent for years!
             About 3 weeks ago, my boy friend for 4yrs and i finally had sex.  Now, exactly 25 days from my last period, I got my period again but this time it is weird. My blood was brown along with the discharge (sorry if to much info>_<). It was kind of a heavy flow the first day and i had terrible cramps day 1  too. I've never had a weird period and this concerns me. Could this be a sign that I am pregnant or does this happen to be a just a weird period or...(god forbid) worse.  

I took 2 preg test just to be sure and both where neg so now im just waiting for my next period to come to see if it is any different or the same.

Any advise?

From Bananabrain454 =) thanks in advance.  

1324493 tn?1274739304
by martinandemma, May 24, 2010
Thank you Dr. Brown, the Hypothalamus is equivilent to a ceo or managing director, it sends an order to next in command (piturity gland) to produce stimulating hormones and luteinzing hormones. The next in command (piturity gland) tells the luteinzig hormone to tell the ovaries to produce estrogen, and the next in command (piturity gland) tells the stimulating hormones to tell the eggs to start growing. The Hypothalamus has the easy job but the book stops with it, what happens to The Hypothalamus when the pregnancy fails!? we can't blame it on the workforce?? Dr. Brown, thank you for your excellent simplistic describing of the menstrual cycle, you have educated me beyond any book etc thank you. 31yr old Male

Avatar universal
by Geets1, Jun 15, 2010
Hello Doctor,  

Thank you for the simplified explanation of the menstrual cycle. I am 37 yrs old and have been trying to conceive for a year now. I have always had very regular and predictive periods for last 25 years. My period lasts for 2.5 days.

In Apr 2010, i underwent a laproscopic surgery. As part of the surgery, the doc took care of mild case of endometriosis, removed 2/3 fibroids and a cyst close to the fallopian tube.

In May 2010,  I got my periods on 13th. Took clomid 50 mg from cd 3- 7. I had a sonogram on cd 12 and cd 15. I was told that my follicles were too small and not growing. I also had discussions with the nurse and she indicated that I may not ovulate this cycle and may have to take provera to get periods.

Surprisingly, I saw a positive surge on OPK ( clear blue with smileys) on cd 17 (just two days after i was told that my follicles were small). So, I went through and IUI on cd 18.

on cd 33, I went for pregnancy test and it was negative. I am now on cd 35, yet no menstruation has occurred.

I am concerned as this is the first time my cycle has been thrown out. Also, i suspect that i may have seen a false surge on OPK. Can you please advise something for my case.

Avatar universal
by blueeyeswide, Aug 04, 2010
ok so i know this has nothing to do with you post but i need to ask someone. i have (pcos) and a arcuate uterus and its a pain. i have had my period for a month now and i just started to get blood clots that are the size of a tampon. they hurt and im in so much pain. what do i do

Avatar universal
by juicy452, Sep 08, 2010
ok i misscarried june 23 and heavnt had a period since my pregnacy test have been negative then september 4 i get my period and it was normal for 2 days the last three days it was brown and nasty what does any one think

Avatar universal
by Genmom, Sep 09, 2010
I know basic Health Class version of the Menstrual Cycle. I have never had that kind. I have gone on all kinds of birth control to control it and it just makes things worse then they were. I am looking into Allergy to Estrogen, because most of the females in my family have the same problems and end up getting hystractomy in late 30s and early 40s. I don't want that and my ticket is very close in my mid 20s. Is there a way to test for Allergy to Estrogen and Progestrone? I get extremely ill from both of those. The doctors are giving up what wrong and I know it is a new found studies in March 2006. I am not giving in to them cutting me open to remove my parts.

Avatar universal
by Tori28, Sep 16, 2010
I have a period every two and half to three months and I was wondering when is the estimated time that I am ovulating? The last day of my last period was August 12th.

Avatar universal
by Tori28, Sep 16, 2010
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that between periods I only get bad mentrual cramps, but no period. Why?

1453746 tn?1285174610
by Meka1992, Sep 22, 2010
I haven't had a period in 6 months. I had urine test plenty of times and went to the doctor all said negative. I really don't have any symptoms of pregnancy, but weight gain. Sometimes i get pains in my stomach when I'm really upset. My boobs are not sore no sickness, no other symptoms. I wonder what should I do.?

Avatar universal
by Tori28, Sep 28, 2010

If you are overweight you may have to lose some weight for your periods to start regulating again. If you're underweight then you will probably have to gain weight to regulate your periods. It could be that simple. But, if you're under constant stress or if you get colds or flu's then that could also be the problem too.

1505931 tn?1289687589
by blanca22, Nov 13, 2010
i had my period back in the middle of sep. and then oct. no period. today nov. 13 started spotting having the iud what does that mean? and took 3 pts and negative and im wondering. if im pregnant or not?

1583546 tn?1296671467
by ase2635, Feb 02, 2011
I was on the pill for 13 years and went off the pill 8 months ago & still haven't started my period.  I went to the gyno & he said this is common, he took blood & tested for thyroid issues & came back normal.  He perscribed Provera for me to take by everyone says that made their acne horrible and just made them start but didn't help them to cycle regularly.  I have hated all the side effects of being off the pill.  Dropped weight (I am 120 as is) so losing wasn't what I needed, by boobs got smaller, I am breaking out and even on my back which I never did before.  I have heard that some people get really bad acne after a year of being off the pill, has this happened to anyone?  Please share any input or your thoughts, I am just curious what other peoples experiences are.  

Avatar universal
by LilRed513, Mar 06, 2011
Thank you so much that has made me understand alot. I always thought your menastral cycle were the days you were bleeding

Avatar universal
by josieluvsu1, May 10, 2011
Is there any way i can contact you without paying a fee? I am 15, and do not have that kind of money...

Avatar universal
by leros, Jun 15, 2011
Any woman who did not know most of this already is in sad shape!

LEARN about your body! Teach your children!

Avatar universal
by haiiro, Jun 15, 2011
Not helpful, leros. You can't judge people for whether or not they have been taught this kind of thing.

That being said, thank you to Dr. Elaine Brown for providing this information for everyone.

Avatar universal
by CUTIE1984, Aug 23, 2011

Avatar universal
by koniangele, Sep 07, 2011
it has been 15 days since the first day of my last period, 4 days ago i started spotting really light, it turned brown and has been that way since... i am not on birth control, i have had kids, but i have never  had this before. there was slight cramping but it comes and goes, i kind of want to prep myself for the worst when i see my obgyn

Avatar universal
by yogini3, Sep 10, 2011
Awesome explanation, thanks! Though I wish there was a way to let my body know that I don't want children and to stop my cycle. It's not needed!

Avatar universal
by Qurious007, Sep 14, 2011
It is easy to know the first day when Menstruation starts, as this is the day you start bleeding right?  But when does it end?  When the blood flow stop or when the brown discharge stop? I would like to start recording my cycle in order to be able to estimate date of ovulation.  Just to confirm also, ovulation is 14days counting backwards in your cylce period for example if you're cycle is 30days then you should ovulate by the 16th?

Avatar universal
by ne44, Sep 21, 2011
Good day Ladies,

I am using Yaz contraceptives, 24 active tablets and four inactive placebo tablets.
My husband and I had sex (using a condom too but broke / tore) on the 16th, the day I  drank the last active tablet of the pack.
The following day I was supposed to be drinking the first of the four inactive ones.
My pharmacist recommended that I should drink active tablets for the following three days and then move back to the inactive tablets, which I did on Tuesday.
Just anxious whether I may be pregnant or not?

I will appreciate your opinions and experiences.

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by maralj, Sep 26, 2011
I'm a 22 year old who has recently moved from my hometown to Austria, and I'm having problems getting my period, It's never happened to me before to get my period more than 5 days late, now it's been almost 2 weeks while the pregnancy test is negative, I'm having slight pain in my breast area and arms also and my vaginal area is a little bit itchy, but hygienic condition is being taken good care of. Can you please help me with the problem? I am really nervous and I don't know what should I do. Can it be because of the change in climate or my food regime?

I appreciate your opinion in advance.

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by sherlin1234, Dec 01, 2011
hi, i recently made my med account and ive been reading writers post who have similar problems and i found you to be of great help if it isnt a inconvient can you please help me out

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by sari1014, Jan 07, 2012
I'm 37 yo. I had my first cycle of Clomid 50 last month. I was delayed for 3 days thought I was pregnant but got my period just hours ago. My question is , why did my MD put me on Clomid wherein I ovulate every month (use OPK) and regular 28 d cycle? There were no test done post Clomid. Should I ask for an Ultrasound to check if i really had a super ovulation? I was told my hormones are normal, HSG was ok. Husband went for semen analyis whcik was ok too.

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by chyna27, Apr 16, 2012
I have a question then what can be the reasons for irregular cycle then and also if seeing that i been irregular always and use to take contraceptives and don't anymore what can i do to get cycle back without taking pills and be able to get pregnant when time is right.

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by MRSSLADE1, Aug 16, 2012
This was very well explained. Thank you so much for really breaking it down :)

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by Lkelly, Aug 17, 2012
Hello I have beeb usein clear blue ovulation sticks told me I ovulateing then I cam on my mounthly 2 days later onley 3 days thou and not hevey im tryin for baby

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by star27654, Jan 28, 2013
I was wondering um i had my tubes cut and i think their tied but im not sure any way back in august i was told i was pregnant i wasmt upset or anything but o was wondering if it was possible and another thing is that ever since i got the serhary done  get my period sometimes up to twice a month is that normall

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by star27654, Jan 28, 2013
When i was told i was pregnant shortly after i believe two weeks later i hadan appointment and i was told i lost the baby could it happen again what should i do amd i havea history of ovarian cysts i have only one ovary and thays where my three children came from but i would really like and need to get my questions answerd please and thank you

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by star27654, Jan 28, 2013
When i was told i was pregnant shortly after i believe two weeks later i hadan appointment and i was told i lost the baby could it happen again what should i do amd i havea history of ovarian cysts i have only one ovary and thays where my three children came from but i would really like and need to get my questions answerd please and thank you

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by Trinaa1234, May 26, 2013
I have a question , I'm 16 I have a regular 28 day cycle & have had it to the point where I know the exact day I start & end my period as well as when I'm ovulating but for the past two months I've been having bleeding in the middle of my cycle both occurred right after ovulation  the first time it was slight bright red/ clearish stretchy blood & it lasted a day or two it was only noticeable when I wiped . that was the first time anything out of the ordinary happened, so I kind of worried but I still got my period on time .  the next month two days after ovulation I started bleeding dark brown blood for 5 days it wasn't heavy like a normal period but it was to the point where I had to wear panty liners & change every bathroom trip. I was worried it wasn't gonna stop when it finally did I was having pains in my lower right side & right after the bleeding stopped it seemed like I was ovulating again , it went exactly like my normal ovulation would & now it would be two days after I was suppose to start my period but i still have not gotten it . Could someone tell me if they know why any or all of this is happening ?

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by caxsey, Jun 12, 2013
i have a question my last menstruation is may19,2013 in that day my menstruation is spotting in the second day of my menstration is light but in the afternoon is heavy my menstrustion.. i worried because last may18,2013 in the morning at time 1:00am i have sex of my boyfriend we just not expect that have a sex that day because we drunk..
im worried because he dont know if he put his sperm to my vagina.. and that may19,2013 i have a menstrustion my firts day of my menstruation is spotting and that second day is my flow is light but in the afternoon is heavy and the 3rd day is heavy  .. im so worried that!!
because i think my stomach is also beating i dont know.. sometimes is i have disminorrhea . now im waiting to come my menstruation on june17,2013.. please advice me ..
if what will i do.

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by HGW22, Sep 09, 2013
Thank You that was very helpful. May I ask you a question?? Please how successful is reversing a tubal ligation that you have seen??

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by jirenbing, Feb 20, 2014
Hey! I just have like two questions about my cycle. Okay so I got my first period last october. I’ve had very normal periods that started and ended on the same day until two months ago. Two months ago I was like 6 days late and last month I didnt have it at all! Im not sexually active so I know I’m not pregnant. The only thing I can think of is I started a diet last month and I’ve been under a lot of stress lately. use the menstrual cycle calculator-www.menstrualcyclecalculator.net.Do either of these things change your cycle? Also before my period I gain like 8 pounds of water weight. Is that normal?
Thank you!

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