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Looking for the light at the end of the tunnel.

Oct 28, 2007 - 7 comments

I just want to be a normal person.  

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by mikeysgurl, Oct 28, 2007
there is no such thing as a normal person. everyone is differnt in there own way.. everyone has problems.. so be happy the way god made u

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by bluphoenixangel, Oct 28, 2007
Consider what your definition of normal is before you start being critical of yourself. Do not assume because things are going a certain way for another, or simply willing it to happen that it will. Relax and try to enjoy and make the best of the life you are living, not some image others try to impose on you. Take Care and God Bless.

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by dark69meat, Oct 28, 2007
C -

You just just want to be normal and happy like the rest of us; nothing wrong with that.  Did you partake in the wine or no?  I'm drinking tea right now.  -- Hope you ok!


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by dark69meat, Oct 29, 2007

I'm visiting psycho therapy Wednesday and I'll let you know what they tell me.  I'll probably be headed for outpatient
meeting or something.  I need new friends that don't drink, I suppose.

- Douglas

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by dark69meat, Oct 29, 2007

Nope, not an artist, but was.  I work for a large corporation as mechanical engineer, and have for many years.  The job pays well fortunately.  I went to college and all that ****.

I have no idea how this therapist thing will go, just trying to keep an open mind.  I used to laugh at the profession.  I read a lot of 'psychology' stuff and member of many forums that talk about all kinds of phobias and personal problems etc. I will tell you I'm 'obsessive compulsive' about everything too, which doesn't help.  Mental health problems run in my family along with alcoholism on both sides, but people live long.  But are they happy and fulfilled?  I will keep you informed, if you would like...

Be good Charlie,

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by Rachel1973, Oct 31, 2007
HI due to your anxiety and depression did you suffer any from post natal depression? I have 1 son and didnt have a problem eccept that my anxiety came back but you hear all these stories about women wanting to harm their kids etc. Im only asking as i would love more children.

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by triedeverymed, May 02, 2008
Honey, who the heck is normal??? Not me but I love my life, goofiness and all. I was on pills after I had my son so I know what your going though. Mine didn't go away as my son aged but my pill popping got worse and NO ONE knew. I'm 3 1/2 years sober now so it can be done. I just needed the right meds. I hope you find what you need.
Your Friend,
ps-if you need to talk, I'm here-anytime

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