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No Words Needed

Nov 30, 2008 - 0 comments









prayer warrior

I get my MRI tomorrow I just pray something shows up. I asked so many people to pray. But, Lord I know things will go as you want them to go. Give me peace to be able to lay there for 45 min. You know I have trouble on my back and then when I am on my back that long my hip starts hurting. I ask for your help getting through. Then I have to wait about an hour to get my shunt readjusted. I know you'll work it all out, I also know what an off set to the shunt can do for my headaches.

Forgive me for my unsettled heart. At the same time I have a sence of peace knowing I can come to you and tell you exactly how I'm feeling and you will not scold, tell not feel that way, you open your arms to me like a child who needs her daddy. no words needed.

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