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Attention All Mouth Breathers: 5 Important Reasons to Breathe Through Your Nose

Dec 01, 2008 - 235 comments

stuffy nose


nitric oxide


Nasal congestion

If you are a chronic mouth breather because of a stuffy nose, you're not alone. Do you feel like you can never get enough oxygen into your lungs? Do you feel tired all day no matter how much sleep you get? Have you tried various home remedies, over-the-counter medications or even prescription medications with no help? If you answered yes to any of the above, what you will read below will show you how critical it is to breathe well through your nose. Chronic mouth breathing can not only affect your quality of life, but your life, period. As an ear, nose and throat specialist with years of experience helping people breathe better through their noses, I have seen hundreds of people have dramatically improved lives.

One of the most important reasons to breathe through your nose is because of a gas called nitric oxide that's made by your nose and sinus mucous membranes. This gas is produced in small amounts, but when inhaled into the lungs, significantly enhances your lung's capacity to absorb oxygen. Nitric oxide is lethal to bacteria and viruses and is also known to increase oxygen absorption in your lungs from 10-25 percent. This is why it's important to inhale through your nose, especially when you are exercising.

Your smell and taste buds are connected. If you can't breathe well through your nose, then your sense of smell will suffer, which means that your sense of taste will be altered as well. This can lead to appetite and weight issues.

Your nose has vital nervous system connections to your lungs and heart. Not breathing well through your nose can alter your heart rate and blood pressure, as well as to increasing your stress response.

Your nose makes about 2 pints of mucous every day. If your nose isn't working properly and mucous isn't cleared, the stagnant mucous can lead to infections such as sinusitis or ear infections.

Lastly, not breathing well through your nose can aggravate snoring or obstructive sleep apnea. Nasal congestion alone doesn't cause obstructive sleep apnea, but it can definitely aggravate it. If your palate and tongue structures are predisposed to falling back easily due to sleeping on your back and muscle relaxation in deep sleep, then having a stuffy nose can aggravate further collapse downstream. Untreated obstructive sleep apnea can lead to chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety, weight gain, high blood pressure, heart disease, heart attack and stroke.

Steven Y. Park, M.D., author of Sleep, Interrupted: A physician reveals the #1 reason why so many of us are sick and tired. Endorsed by New York Times best-selling authors Dr. Christiane Northrup, Dr. Dean Ornish, Dr. Mark Liponis, and Mary Shomon.


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by OneTiredPuppy, Dec 01, 2008
Thank you for this information, Dr. Park.

Now I understand why I have no sense of smell.  I also have sinus headaches and stuffy nose a lot.  I have always been a mouth breather, but this past 7 months I have been practicing breathing through my nose while wearing a full face mask for sleep apnea.

I have never heard about the nitric oxide gas before but it all makes sense.  I think I will copy and paste this into a post on the cpaptalk.com forum if that's alright to do.

Kind regards,


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by Steven Y Park, MDBlank, Dec 01, 2008
Please distribute my post as widely as you can. This is an important topic that needs much more attention, especially if you have a sleep-breathing disorder.

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by tahmed574, Dec 02, 2008
I breathe a lot with my mouth and now iam having a small amount of blood in my sputum daily.Is this problem
occuring to me is due to mouth breathing.I don't cough at all and i don't have any pain.Please help.

Avatar universal
by Steven Y Park, MDBlank, Dec 02, 2008
The most common reason for blood tinged mucous this time of the year is nosebleeds, especially due to the dry heat. Try using a humidifier at night at use lots of nasal saline during the day and before bedtime. If this doesn't help, see an ENT doctor.

635583 tn?1222779296
by rjb999, Dec 02, 2008
Thanks for the info but what can we, I, do about it?
I wake up multiple times a night with dry mouth.  Not only is my mouth and tong dry, the back of my throat is dry.  I must sip some water to get back to sleep only to wake up an hour or so afterwards with dry mouth again.
I've tried Breath Right, I've tried special mouth washes and I've tried nose sprays which worked but only caused an addiction.  Saline spray does nothing.
I'm fine, during the day, but when I lay down, I slam shut.
Right now I'm coughing because of this mouth breathing at night.  Must have been up 10 times the other day.
I'm 65 years old and feel this chronic problem will lead to bronchial problems and be my demise some day.

Avatar universal
by Steven Y Park, MDBlank, Dec 02, 2008

In fact, I'm writing an article on how you can breathe better through your nose. It should be up in the next day or two.

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by PlateletGal, Dec 02, 2008

Hi Dr. Park,

Can you add additional information for those of us who have chronic alleriges ? I do sinus rinses, which take care of the problem during the day... but night can sometimes be a different story.

620923 tn?1452915648
by selmaS, Dec 02, 2008
Hi Dr Park,....I am a mouth breather all my life....in 2nd grade had my tonsils and adnoids removed....it didn't help....I feel like I have to breathe thru my mouth. My PC asked me if I had plastic surgery, because my nose is little...well I did not!!....he also said this is probaly y I am a mouth breather....with my nasal passages so small, what can I do...I've tried, but it is like Iam being suffocated.

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by irrelevance, Dec 02, 2008
Hi! Thank you for the informative post. I will keep this in mind.. I have a question that I cannot seem to find a question for anywhere else! I know this isn't exactly the right place for it, but I was wondering if you could help me? My nose is ALWAYS dry and the mucous that SHOULD be in my nose always is in my throat where my nose and throat meet, it is extremely uncomfortable and sometimes painful. Does this have anything to do with breathing through the mouth? Allergies? Anything I can do to soothe the issue?

675316 tn?1234215095
by kmathis70, Dec 03, 2008
my nose isn't always stuffy but it seems like only one side works or is open so i breath through my mouth a lot . what can help? i tried breath rite strips and it helps but is aggrevating having something stuck on my nose

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by Steven Y Park, MDBlank, Dec 03, 2008

For most nasal congestion problems, using vigorous nasal saline is helpful. If you have known allergens, especially in your bedroom, there are simple steps that you can take, such as washing your sheets often in hot water, using a HEPA filter, getting rid of rugs, etc. Some people need allergy medications. I'm partial to the topical steroid spray, since daily use will prevent allergic reactions.


Two qestions: if you use Afrin or any nasal decongestant, can you breathe better, even temporarily? Have your tried using breathe-rite strips? Your answers to these two questions can guide further management. Also, have you seen an ENT about your problem?


Your symptoms can be from a number of different conditions. You'll have to make a list of the top 4-5 common conditions and go down the list by treating each condition, one by one. It could be allergies, non-allergic rhinitis, acid reflux, chronic sinusitis, etc., Sometimes your nose can feel dry due to inflammation and irritation. Sorry I can't better answer your question. It's hard to do virtual examinations.


What you're describing is called the nasal cycle. Your nasal turbinates are wing-like structures that act to filter, smoothe and warm the air that you breathe. Normally, it alternates side to side, every few hours. But if they are irritated by something, both swell, and you'll notice it more. Also, if your nose is more stuffy, a vacuum effect is created near your nostril, and if they're somewhat flimsy, will collapse inward. If you don't like breathe-rite strips, there are other devices that work from the inside. Some that come to mind are Nozovent, breathewitheez, and nasal cones. I would see an ENT to figure out if you have any other medical or structural problems.

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by nuclearpowerpants, Dec 05, 2008
Thanks Dr Park! I agree, this issue does deserve a lot more attention.

I have suffered from chronic and complete nasal congestion for my entire life. Not surprisingly, I also suffer from asthma, chronic fatigue, sleep apnea, anxiety and the whole bag of related conditions.

I experienced an amazing result recently after combining regular nasal irrigation with a course of inhaled corticosteriods. The swelling in my turbinates reduced temporarily, and I found I could temporarily breathe through my nose! I have been able to reproduce this a number of times since.
The most important discovery from this experience was that I FELT FANTASTIC!.Not just happy that I could breathe, but I felt a strong sensation of relaxation and pleasant energy throughout my body. My breathing became deeper and more relaxed, I experienced no asthma symptoms at all, my almost constant headaches disappeared and I felt awake and alert.
I have since put a lot of research into this phenomenon and learned some very interesting things about the nervous system receptors in the nasal mucosa and their effect on mood and general well being.

Since that time I have researched non-stop into ways to reduce the chronic swelling of my turbinates. I want to avoid turbinate surgery, since anecdotal reports show that all current surgical techniques risk destroying the parasympathetic nerve receptors, which are responsible for bringing balance to the nervous system (eg: balancing relaxation and alertness).
Currently I am focusing on treating my severe reflux, since I have read that this can lead to turbinate hypertrophy.
If this GERD surgery does not work, I don't know where to turn next.

Any advice that you can give in regards to turbinate reduction treatments would be greatly appreciated

Kind regards,
Bard Canning

Avatar universal
by Steven Y Park, MDBlank, Dec 05, 2008

There are a number of different procedures for turbinates, but before I talk about this, is your sleep apnea being treated properly? If not, this is a major source of stomach juices going into your nose, causing inflammation.

If you are being properly treated for sleep apnea, there are a number of minimally invasive turbinate procedures that spare the mucosa lining. One such method is the Coblator, which uses radiofrequency energy to vaporize tissues at low temperatures, essentially debulking the deep soft tissues and blood vessels underneath the mucous membrane. This can be done in the office or in combination with other procedures in the OR.

You also have to address any significant septal deviations and your nasal valves, if any.

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by nick2000_nick2000, Dec 06, 2008
Thank you for your information Dr Park, i have been diagnosed with sleep apnea and now by breathing through my nose , i wake up early and have more energy during day, but i still breath through my mouth during the night when im sleeping,

i have also noticed that whenever you bite your lower lip, or purse your lips together(pressing both lips together) it cuases stress and it stops you from breathing. Do you think the same, becuase i have been biting my lower lip and pressing my lips for more than normal, but ive noticed that i cannot breathe, it stops my breath, and ive noticed that people who bite their lower lip or press both lips together are stressed out

i also suffer from panic attacks and they have diagnosed me with schizophrenia.  Do you think that breathing through my nose more will allow me to sleep at night, becuase usually i don't sleep, and then i hallucianate, im currently taking seroquel, and everynight, i go to sleep, and have not had any panic attacks.

Do you think that breathing through my nose as it has helped me may make me able to get off my medicine?

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by tahmed574, Dec 07, 2008
Hello Sir

I am 23 years old.Most of the times whenever i spit phlegm i can find blood
in my phlegm attached to it.I don't find any blood in my saliva. I dont have cough nor fever nor throat pain
nor cold.I dont have any Chest pain or Throat irritation. I can find 25% to 50% or less blood
in phlegm not the whole phlegm is of blood.
I dont smoke nor drink nor chew tobacco. I am facing this problem since last 2 to 3months.I would like to add that I do not have sinus can you please clarify on that. I do not have any side effects like weakness or Fatigue
or anything like that .I am worried.Could you please help me on this.

Avatar universal
by tahmed574, Dec 07, 2008
Hello Sir,
Sorry for second post.
My age is 23(male).when i  deliberately cough  to split phlegm(sputum) a little amount
of blood comes with it attached daily since 2-3 months.There is not at all any signs of cough  to me and I don't feel any pain.Is it ok or is there any problem? Is it a symptom of any cancer.
Please help.

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by nick2000_nick2000, Dec 08, 2008
Dr. Park, as well as breathing through your nose, produces a gas called nitric oxide. What is your opinion on nitric oxide supplements, such as NO-explode, are they safe to use? i read that nitric oxide supplements are only L-arginine, so by breathing through the nose and using nitric oxide supplements, is it benefitial?

380309 tn?1246467740
by BANDIDA, Dec 11, 2008
How can you get a person (male) that falls asleep so quickly to not snore? It interrupts my sleep and it does not seem to matter what position he is sleeping in. I wish I could fall asleep so rapidly. There is no history of a sinus problem but he does drink beer everynight. Could that be what it is?

Avatar universal
by Steven Y Park, MDBlank, Dec 11, 2008

It's probably nothing too serious. This time of the year, especially if the heat is on, you can have small nosebleeds that drip down the back of your throat. If it doesn't get better, see and ear, nose and throat doctor.


Pure NO is toxic. Your nose makes just enough to get the benefits that I described. I don't have any experience with L-arginine supplements.


The first thing to do is to have him stop drinking before bedtime. Alcohol relaxes the throat muscles and if his anatomy is predisposed to snoring and breathing problems, it just makes it worse. Not only will you sleep better, he will as well. If he has other issues such as chronic fatigue, high blood pressure or depression/anxiety, he may need to be evaluated for obstructive sleep apnea (see my article on obstructive sleep apnea).

Avatar universal
by jasonp116, Jan 01, 2009
I Have had a deviated septum corrected and a slight sinus surgery at a young age, the only thing that did was stop the nose bleeds but left me with a messy curved septum. But I still have problems with breathing through my mouth all the time and always get sick with the cold ...How do i  stop this??,,,i Have been using nasal strips for years and they help alittle,. A Few years ago I was going to a allergy doctor for 6 months and did not have any change until the nurse told me about the water pick and nasal irrigating adapter.
Nasal Irrigating helped so much that I decided that I no longer needed to see the allergy doctor, in fact for the first time I had not gotten sick with a cold for 2years!!!! everytime i would feel alittle sick I would nasal irrigate and would feel better. But now 5 years after the effects of nasal irrigating do not work as good. I still do it and it helps but not as much and i still have all the problems I used to ,,This year I must have gotten sick with a cold flu at least 10 times!! Could you help me

Avatar universal
by Steven Y Park, MDBlank, Jan 01, 2009
The nasal saline irrigation option is a good one for many people who suffer from nasal congestion. Saline helps to mildly decongest the nose, as well as to flush out allergies, pollutants and irritants. It's hard to say without looking in your nose, but a few possibilities include a persistent deviated nasal septum, enlarge turbinates, or flimsy nostrils. If breathe-rites worked for you somewhat, Nozovent nasal dilators may help even more, since they work from the inside to lift up flimsy nostrils. In my experience, people with chronic nasal congestion or people with frequent "colds" ultimately may have a sleep-breathing problem, meaning that you'll have tongue or soft palate collapse. This can also aggravate nasal congestion due to various reasons (see my other article on sleep apnea). I'm assuming that you like to sleep on your side or stomach, right?

Avatar universal
by jasonp116, Jan 01, 2009
no I sleep mostly on my back

Avatar universal
by jasonp116, Jan 01, 2009
I will try Nozovent nasal dialators and also I saw the SomnoSupport Chin Strap at the same site designed to keep the mouth closed when sleeping what do you think about that.? and thank you for your quick response it really helps!

Avatar universal
by Steven Y Park, MDBlank, Jan 01, 2009
I've heard mixed things about the chin straps. It's true that when your mouth is open, your tongue does fall back somewhat, but this is not a consistent finding. At a certain point, you may want to see an ENT doctor to more definitively address your nasal congestion.

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by guy10, Jan 04, 2009
Dr. Park,

Is it true that breathing through your mouth affects the jaw?  For example, will facial and jaw muscles not be as prominent due to breathing through your nose all of the time?

Avatar universal
by Steven Y Park, MDBlank, Jan 04, 2009
Yes, it's true, in a broad sense, but it may even be reversed. Having a small jaw also narrows your hard palate and since your nasal cavity follows your upper jaw, you'll more likely have nasal congestion, which makes you breathe through your mouth. Also, chronic mouth breathers may also be more susceptible to TMJ or any of the myofascial pain/headaches syndromes, where excessive grinding or clenching of your teeth causes your jaw muscles to overdevelop. This can also lead to headaches. Unfortunately, suddenly breathing through your nose will not dramatically change the appearance of your face (unless you take some drastic measures).

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by Taylor04, Jan 04, 2009
Help I am 18 and have asthma.  It is a lot better now and I don't have very many attacks anymore.  I also have been stuffy for as long as I can remember.  I breath through my mouth all the time.  When I do go to the doctor and they take my temperture I can't even keep my mouth closed completely.  What do you suggest?

Avatar universal
by Taylor04, Jan 04, 2009
Sorry but I forgot to tell you that I am always tired and I don't have trouble sleeping. I do sleep with my mouth open ofcourse

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by Steven Y Park, MDBlank, Jan 04, 2009

Take a look at my other article on how to breathe better through your nose If the conservative options don't help, see an ENT doctor, who should be able to help. Take a look at my other articles on obstructive sleep apnea and upper airway resistance syndrome. This may explain your chronic fatigue, even though you may not have any trouble sleeping.

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by guy10, Jan 05, 2009

I find that the only time I breath through my mouth is when I'm sleeping, exercising, and relaxing (like watching tv).  Is this common or should I be encouraged to breathe through my nose 100% of the time?  Are there any side effects to breathing through my mouth during these activities over a short or long period of time (i.e. facial, health, etc.)?

Avatar universal
by Steven Y Park, MDBlank, Jan 05, 2009
If you feel well in general and sleep well, then there's no need to change anything you're doing. This also includes exercise. But if you are tired all the time, if you snore, or have any of the medical conditions that are related to sleep-breathing problems, you should probably get examined by an ENT doctor.

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by peef, Jan 05, 2009
I've had nasal congestion for years.  I thought it was allergy-related and did not pay much attention.  Recently, I went to see an orthodonticist for braces.  The dentist checked my mouth and asked if I have nasal congestions.  After I confirmed that, the dentist said after the braces (probably enlarging the upper jaw), the nasal congestion would get better.  I am curious what made the dentist think I have nasal congestion after examining my mouth and why the brace work would improve it.  Any suggestions?

Avatar universal
by Steven Y Park, MDBlank, Jan 05, 2009
Widening your jaw will also widen your nasal cavity, since the nasal side-walls follow your upper jaws. I'm assuming that your dentist will do functional orthopedics, with simultaneous jaw widening, rather than just straightening of your teeth. Also, if the space in your mouth enlarges, then your tongue will take up less space and won't collapse as much, leading to less nasal inflammation. For a more detailed description of how everything is related, take a look at my articles on upper airway resistance syndrome and obstructive sleep apnea.

738574 tn?1232210591
by LimeIio, Jan 16, 2009
Hello Dr. Park,
This was a great read,because I do have problems like this.
I have year round allergies,but it seems things like claritin and nasenex(spelling?) don't help much. Most days I breath fine all day,but it's at night,as I lay down that it seems I cannot breath.I struggle to breath deep through my nose. As if it has shrunk in size for passage of air. I will lay on my back to see if it helps,or breath through my mouth. But Im still short of breath. I sometimes, though as to not get addicted,use Afrin. Or i use Breath right Strips or even Vicks Vapor rub under my nose to help breath. Most work temporarily. But I want to know why this happens, its very uncomfortable,and I struggle to get a good nights sleep because of this. I try not to breath through my mouth much because it makes me uncomfortable and I've already suffered many sore and dry throats.

Could you please,give me a little advice? Thank you! I will probably go see now if I can find your new article.

Avatar universal
by paula123123, Jan 20, 2009
hi there - I have a question - for the last couple of days it feels as if my tongue is pressing up into my soft palate or roof of my mouth - it's like it's glued there.  when I try and sleep I wake up choking within a few seconds because there's no air getting through.  I went to emergency last night - they said doesn't look like allergic reaction or anything - why is my tongue doing this?  like I say it really feels like it's glued to the roof of my mouth - I can't control it - I try to keep my mouth open - as soon as I close it does it again.  have you ever heard of this before?  thanks very much.

Avatar universal
by maleek, Jan 20, 2009
hi i am 19 and i am unable to breath through nose .My nose is totally blocked in winter season but in summer there is less amount of air enter in my nose but i also not able to breath that time??doctor operate me (S.M.R) BUT i got nothing whole day whitish liquid is coming from both nostril i have never been any smell sense ,i don,t know what is smell? every time i am so anxious,uncomfortable and feeling pressure inside my nose.the internal ball like glands are so big .But when i run or do some hard work my nosi is opened or when i use xynosine drops.now plz doctor tell me what i do???

Avatar universal
by robbie911, Jan 21, 2009
What is the solution to chronic mouth breathing?  I have an 18-year-old son with this problem.  The worst effect is an open bite, which was corrected with braces, but has opened again to the point of interfering with normal use of the incisors.  He also has frequent colds and sore throat.  He also finds it hard to stay awake during the day, and until reading your article I had attributed this to being a growing teenager--but maybe there is an apnea issue.  I really want to know where to turn for further medical advice--an ENT?  Orthodontist?  I am still unclear what the root cause of mouth breathing is, or if it's possible that it is purely habitual.  Maybe it isn't always a medical problem?  

Thanks for any help you can give!

726784 tn?1301815302
by mel16747, Mar 02, 2009
Can Bad sinuses really cause anxiety ?

Last year I started having really bad swallowing problems and it lasted 2 weeks. I went to my doctor and she said it was to do with my sinuses. I got a nose spray which helped and then my swallowing had improved but only for a few days. Throughout all this I had been moody and not my self.

I had a blood test done and my doctor said she will call me the next day to tell me what it said. That is when my problem started she never ended up calling and I started wondering "what if I have cancer, what if this.. that ..etc"
From that day I got all the anxiety symptoms and would just be scared of dying CONSTANTLY.

It's been happening for 5 months now and I just do no want to settle with anxiety. I had 3 more blood tests and more visitis to that doctor and another one for a second opinion.   Seeing as all my tests came back they just tell me it's anxiety but why. I mean I was never like this it's just not me.

My mum has it but she got is as a result of living in the war and all. and my doctor said I can't get it from her. She also has depression. I've never given any thought to dying before like if I think of it once it jsut goes away after a minute but now it's like always in mind and I hate it. I know everyone is scared and gonna die one day but why can't I stop myself from thinking of it ??

My symptoms are:

yellow nails
chest pain (but near my ribs)
Eye budging
stuffy nose (had a tissues with me at ALL times fro as long as I can remember)
interested in things I like
frequent toilet trips
face pains expesh when leaning forwards

and moreee I can't think of right now....

I even had an liver X-Ray and went to an eye doctor and they said I'm all good.

My doctor is so confusing. First she said it anxiety then she says it ain't . =S

well my mum also has bad sinuses which she was meant to get operated but did not...

I just really want it to be something other then anxity I am only 17 and do not want this for the rewst of my life I had enough in 5 months and would not wish this on anyone.
It's so sad that so many people go through this and worse.

so what other things can this be ??
and did anyone ever get told its anxiety and then found out it is not and it was something else causing it ?

help would be greatly appreciated

thank youu

Avatar universal
by MikeAR, Apr 19, 2009
Im having severe phlegm that the color is clear and for alomost 1 and a half I have been see sawing meds. Can you please help?! I spit up mostly after eating, I do drink wine and cook daily. But mydrinking is not excessive. Often we babrbeque red meat, and prepare pasta with a bread for dinner.  I have seen an ID physician but I am discouarged, this treatment is not working. Is there a homeopath rememdy I should begin? I have begun toaking Ginger, and I am looking in to Licorice root teas with honey pastes to help subside theses symptoms. I am male and 68 yrs old, I do not suffer from Coughing, it is only phlegm ailing me! PLEASE HELP


Avatar universal
by Steven Y Park, MDBlank, Apr 19, 2009
It's hard to figure out what's going on from what you've just told and and without examining years of in person, but it sounds like you may have nonallergic rhinitis, where your nose responds inappropriately to food, weather changes, fumes, odors or scents. Another possibility is laryngopharyngeal reflux disease, where your stomach juices leak silently into your throat causing mucous to build up. Rather than just cover up your symptoms with natural or pharmaceutical remedies, you should try to treat the root of the problem, and talk to your doctor about these issues. If you already haven't done so, you may want to consider getting allergy tested. If you eat close to bedtime, try to eat at least 3-4 hours before going to bed. This also applies to any alcohol. If you have a sleep-breathing problem, that should be taken care of as well as this is a major reason for what you're describing.  Atrovent nasal spray can sometimes help with your condition if it's due to nonallergic or vasomotor rhinitis (although this is only a cover up).

535822 tn?1443976780
by margypops, Apr 20, 2009
Soi Thank you Dr Park, so I breathe through my nose all the time? sometimes. all the time? I have been breathing mostly through my mouth, so what is the amount of times in a waking Day I practise this?

Avatar universal
by Steven Y Park, MDBlank, Apr 20, 2009

I'm sorry, but can you please re-state your question? I'm a little confused by what you're asking.

535822 tn?1443976780
by margypops, Apr 21, 2009
I am sorry I wasnt very clear, I seem to breathe through my mouth most of the time, so how can I correct this.

535822 tn?1443976780
by margypops, Apr 21, 2009
Do I simply have to remember and deep breathe through my nose all the time , its hard to explain what I mean

Avatar universal
by Chicky811, Apr 22, 2009
Hi Dr. Park.
I know that I have apnea-I'm going to see an ENT 5/4. I've also just gotten over some kind of upper RESP infection-ears, nose, throat, chest. Took 2 weeks to become "well". I am severely overweight and at the breaking point was suffering daily from acid reflux (couldn't eat a meal, nor go to sleep without a Zantac and a Prilosec and sometimes even needed to chew a couple of extra-strength TUMS.) HOWEVER I just started NutriSystem and have lost 6 lbs since Monday. I smoke 1/2-1 pack per day-Ive been steadily cutting this back. I do not smoke during the workday.

Now that you have my recent background: I have suddenly developed an uncomfortable lump in my throat -right around the "Eve" Apple (I am am a femme), bad breath and simultaneous lump-feeling in my chest. Is there anything I can do between now and my appt with my ENT to alleviate these very uncomfortable symptoms? Can you suggest a possible diagnosis?

Avatar universal
by Steven Y Park, MDBlank, Apr 22, 2009

What you describe sounds acid reflux related, or more specifically, laryngopharyngeal reflux disease. Perhaps the NutriSystem is either more acidic or somehow promoting more of your stomach juices to come up into your throat. Talk to your ENT about this and mention the lump sensation as well. Hopefully, treating the sleep apnea can help. Good luck.

Avatar universal
by Becky2837, May 03, 2009
Hi Dr. Park,
I recently took my 12 year old son to an ENT for mouth breathing.  His orthodontist took a CT scan and from the results of the CT scan the ENT is recommending an endoscopic  ethmoidectomy, removal of the concha bullosa, the obstructing turbinates, and trimming back the somewhat abundant inferior turbinates.  Although he found my son to be mildly allergic to grass and cats (which we have)  he does not think his allergies are of big concern. After doing some research I am very leary of anything to do with his turbinates, because of the chance of ENS.  My son does not complain about his nose, and is seldom sick. I know mouth breathing is not good,and  I'm wondering if there is something less drastic I can do to help reduce his turbinates and the concha bullosa without this surgery.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,

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by MaXes, May 09, 2009
hi Dr. Park,
I've been having congested nose since childhood. it used to happen when i laid down, especially during winters. over time it has become more frequent. the doctor says its a common problem with people having a pointed nose. I had my nose operated but it only partially solved the problem. One nostril is partially open while the other is still blocked and the condition alternates between left and right nostril sometimes depending upon which nostril is towards ground when i lay. ive been using xynosine(xylometaxoline) nasal spray 2-3 times a day for years. it temporarily solves the problem but i wonder how can i get my nose be normal.

Avatar universal
by Steven Y Park, MDBlank, May 10, 2009
Maxes, you're addicted to nasal decongestant sprays. See your ENT about how to wean yourself off. Besides reasons for nasal congestion inside your nose, another important reason for persistent obstruction is nasal valve collapse, where flimsy nostrils cave in when you breathe in. If you press on your cheeks besides your nostrils with your fingers and pull your cheeks up and out, can you breathe in better? In this situation, nasal dilator strips such as Breathe-Rites may help. There are internal alternatives such as Nozovents or sinus cones.

889234 tn?1268481828
by Anu0506, Jun 03, 2009
Hi Dr.Park,

I know the importance of breathing thru the nose. After reading your article, it scares me more. This is because 3 weeks ago i underwent a surgery. I had a nodule removed somewhere near the carotid and jugular vein. Since then, breathing thru the nose during sleep is difficult. When i am in sitting up there is no problem at all , i breathe thru my nose. This is a big problem when i go to sleep. I dont know why. Got to breath thru the mouth. Apparently, my sleep is disturbed and my throat really gets dry. It scares me. Please help me.

Avatar universal
by Steven Y Park, MDBlank, Jun 03, 2009

Did your sleep position change after your surgery? Has your diet or eating times changed at all? It's hard to say exactly what's going on without examining you, but you can do some detective work by trying some nasal saline, or Breathe-rite strips. If it's not better, you should see your doctor.

Avatar universal
by ahmeds, Jun 15, 2009
How about using a device called 'powerlung' ? Is it safe to use?

195469 tn?1388322888
by Heather3418, Jun 15, 2009
Dr. Park,

This is totally off-topic and if I could write you privately, I would have, instead of on your thread.  I see that you are into Origami.  When I lived in Yokohama, Japan, I took many classes in Origami.  I absolutely loved it.  The paper was some of the prettiest I had ever seen.  Unfortunately, my speciality was making butterfly's.  I wish I had learned more.  Very relaxing past time.


Avatar universal
by Steven Y Park, MDBlank, Jun 15, 2009

From what I can see, Powerlung helps to train your muscles of respiration. I can't hurt, and the only way to know if it will help is to try it. As for improving nasal breathing, it's unlikely to make any significant difference.

Avatar universal
by Steven Y Park, MDBlank, Jun 15, 2009

Interestingly, origami is not completely off-topic. As a form of art, manual skills, hand-eye coordination and meditation, it's a very relaxing activity. If you're having a stressful day, try making your origami butterfly. I  guarantee not only will you feel better, but the people around you will give you more smiles as well.

I learned my basic folds when I was 5 years old from a neighbor just before I moved to the US. It's funny that I still remember the ones I learned earlier, but the ones I learned later, I keep forgetting. This is why practice is so important.

There are so many resources now to learn more origami folds, including a number of great origami books. There are even some good videos on YouTube. Good luck, and happy folding.

Avatar universal
by v1yeap, Aug 04, 2009
hi Dr Park,

Yer it seems your artical is almost spot on to my symtoms, i find it really hard to breath through my nose when im laying there i breath through my nose only when im standing up, and i  snore really loud, and when i said loud the whole house shakes, and also no matter how much rest i get im still very tired even afta 12-16hrs of rest. I really need a solution to this.

997217 tn?1249724079
by KedVito615, Aug 08, 2009
Hi Dr. Parks,

I'm 21 years of age. I noticed over the past 3 months that when I wake up and go to brush my teeth that sometimes I notice small amounts of blood coming out. I get worried, but for the most part I think nothing of it. I work a night job, (around 7pm til 330). This morning, I was laying on my bed playing with my phone for about 10 minutes. I get up to go to the rest room, and as I wash my hands, a large amount of blood accumulates in my mouth and I continue spitting it out for 3 minutes until it stopped. It felt as if it was coming from inbetween my front right tooth and my gum but I'm not sure. My tooth doesn't feel loose or anything. I am worried. I sleep under 2 fans in my room, and I use to have very frequent nosebleeds year-round. But now that this has happened, I'm very concerned. And I find it very funny that it very so much happened after I got done laying down. I need to have an idea of what this could be.

Avatar universal
by Steven Y Park, MDBlank, Aug 08, 2009

It sounds like it could be nosebleeds again. Have it checked out by an ear nose and throat doctor.


What you describe sounds like you could have obstructive sleep apnea. You can either see and ear nose and throat doctor to take care of your nasal congestion first or go straight to a sleep doctor. Either way, they can evaluate you for sleep apnea. Good luck.

Avatar universal
by sparkyboy, Aug 14, 2009
Hi Dr Park

I found your thread recently and it sums me up, I always feel tired all day , no matter how much sleep and have tried literally every single other option

I used to breath through my nose all the time and around 2 years ago noticed my nose is always blocked, not runny but blocked

since then i have had chronic fatigue symptoms, irregular heartbeats and the doctors have suggested depression

I can assure you I have no stress in my life, not anxious, but just extremely tired all the time

I cannot breath more than 30% through my nose ,, ever!

as a result my cardio, weights training is extrermly prone to overtraining, even when only doing light workouts

i used to be a fitness instructor and fit, but not for last few years

I have no idea where to go or what to do but it sounds as though i probably try and nreath through my nnose alot at night and notice i do when concentrating on something, its like its my default to breath through my nose, but i cannto get enough oxygen in

PLEASE PLEASE help point me in right direction, i will be so gateful

Look forward to hearing from you


Avatar universal
by Steven Y Park, MDBlank, Aug 14, 2009

Take a look at some of my other articles as well as my website: http://www.doctorstevenpark.com. Not to promote my book, but reading it will be a greta start.

Avatar universal
by sparkyboy, Aug 14, 2009
will it have info to help me??

do you think it can be fixed?

Avatar universal
by Steven Y Park, MDBlank, Aug 14, 2009
Medical information, no matter how good, is of no use unless you apply it properly the the context of your individual situation and physical findings. See your doctor about your stuffy nose and if not improved, see an ear, nose and throat doctor. Nasal congestion is something that can be fixed.

562511 tn?1285904160
by Karen99, Aug 14, 2009
Thank you, Dr. Park.  I am looking forward to your next article on how to be a better nose-breather.  A bit more nitric oxide could help my chronic fatigue.  (MS & fibromyalgia)  

Avatar universal
by bazman, Sep 07, 2009
Hi Dr Park,

I hope you can help.  

I am male, aged 36. For about 11 years now, I have been in that kind of "sleep" state. From the second I wake up to the second I go to sleep, I feel like I'm not fully awake, and that I have that tired glazed look all the time. It's only
recently that I think I know what it is that's causing it. These past 16 months have been the worst, and I thought that it was my heart that was causing me to nearly pass out, as I was getting extremely light headed, and my heart would start to beat 1 beat every 2 seconds. This could be brought on by light exersion, or even when I laugh, and sometimes when I'm talking a lot.

My other symtoms included breathlessness, poor memory, headaches, dry throat, and all the time a stuffy nose.  I have had loads of tests done, such as x-rays, blood tests for diabetes, B12 deficiency, thyroid, sugar levels, etc, and even tests for carbon monoxide poisoning. Have also been checked for asthma and even spent 4 days in hospital when it was thought that it could be my heart.  The doctors still could not figure out what was causing my symtoms. I then thought what if it's my nose that's causing the problems, as my nose gets nearly completely blocked when I lie down, and I therefore have to breathe through my mouth. I also know that I snore quite a bit. Well, I decided to try something to see if it would make a difference. What I did was, that just before bed I would spray Sinex up my nose, put on those breathe right nose strips, and put Vicks Vaporub on my neck and chest. The next morning when I woke I was amazed that my nose was still perfectly clear, and I awoke feeling relaxed and fresh. For the first time in 11 years I had a great sleep and the "sleep" state was gone. I felt fully awake. My eyes weren't glazed over, and everthing seemed clear and crisp. Colours seemed vibrant, and I was ready to start the day. The lightheadedness and breathlessness were nearly completely gone as well. Unfortunetely this only lasted for just over 4 days, as the Sinex stopped working and began making things worse. I had to stop using Sinex as overuse is bad for your nose. From the 5th day, my "sleep" state was back, along with the lightheadedness and breathlessness. My doctor has since prescribed 3 different steroid sprays (Flixonase, Nasacort, Betnisol-n and one I can't remember the name of), none of which have had any affect. I was referred the the ENT clinic where they checked my nose, and did allergy tests, but they found nothing wrong.  The ENT consultant said that it still could be an allergy, but just one they could not see.

So, where I'm at now is, the ENT consultant has said that I would need to try the steroid spray again, as it can take up to 3 months for some people before they notice it working. I have been using Nasacort now since the Aug 7th, and so far it hasn't made any difference.  I really hope you can help as it is making my life misserable.

Best regards,


562511 tn?1285904160
by Karen99, Sep 07, 2009
Hi Dr. Parks.  We are having a lot of smoke in the air from the Souther California fires and am recommending that we all breathe through our noses if we have to go outside.  I suppose the nose acts as a filter too?

I am curious too if you have any comments on why a person would develop a greatly heightened sense of smell following an attack of multiple sclerosis?  I now have the nose of a dog. (not in size!)  It's funny because I know which foods, fresheners, or other "smellables" are in a room or house that others don't notice.  Thank you.  

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by Steven Y Park, MDBlank, Sep 07, 2009

Thanks for sharing your experience with us. It sounds like you may have a combination of different issues with your nose. If your nose gets stuffy when you lay down, you may have an involuntary (autonomic) nervous system balance problem. The blood vessels are not able to constrict the blood vessels in your turbinates. You may also have nasal valve collapse, where your nostrils cave in when you inhale, especially if your nose is stuffy on the inside. Breathe-Rites helps sometimes, but only if your nose is clear on the inside. Another way of dealing with this is to use internal nasal dilators (such as Nozovent, sinus cones and breathewitheez). Your nasal congestion is treatable if you do the detective work to find out what works and what doesn't.

It may sound like your nasal congestion is what's causing your sleep symptoms, but it's what's happening downstream (your soft palate and your tongue) that's being aggravated by having a stuffy nose. Your tongue and/or soft palate is susceptible to collapse and breathing problems, but when your nose is stuffy even the slightest amount, this can cause all your symptoms. Studies have shown that treating nasal congestion definitively can effectively treat obstructive sleep apnea in only about 10% of patients what have sleep apnea. You may be in the lucky 10%. First take care of your nasal congestion, and then if your symptoms don't improve (or worsen later on), consider the possibility of an underlying sleep-breathing disorder. Good luck.

Avatar universal
by Steven Y Park, MDBlank, Sep 07, 2009

You make an  interesting observation. As you may know with MS, anything is possible with various plaques in any part of the brain, especially with the olfactory areas.

If you came across the survey I did with the MS forum here on Medhelp, you'll see that the vast majority also had various degrees of an underlying sleep-breathing problem. Poor quality sleep can heighten your senses in general, and your sense of smell is one of the most susceptible to being heightened.

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by bazman, Sep 08, 2009
Hi Dr Park,

Thank you for your advice.  I stopped using the breathe rite strips as they were not working and were costing me too much.  Would using the sinus cones take a while for me to notice a difference?  The reason I ask, is that when I lay down, I used 2 lollipop sticks up each nostril to widen them as far as I could to see if it would help, but it had no effect at all.  Also, when my nose starts to get blocked I cannot blow it, and the little I can blow it virtually nothing comes out.  Sometimes a tiny bit of clear mucus comes out but nothing more, and my nose stays blocked.  I have noticed that sometimes when I sneeze my nose unblocks slightly for about 30 seconds or so, and then blocks back up.  Nothing comes out of my nose when I sneeze though.  You mentioned nasal valve collapse, which I hadn't noticed before, but when I breathe in I do notice my nostrils start to close.  The quicker I breathe in the more my nostrils close.

I've been trying to think what happened 11 years ago that may have been a factor in my symptoms.  11 years ago I started taking Propranolol (20mg) 1 to 3 times a day for an irregular heart beat, and only came off them last year when my lightheadedness symptoms started.  Could this medication have caused my sysmtoms to occur over a long period of time? With regard to my soft palate, I have noticed it feels more loose than it used to be.  I read about Rhynil spray (www.britishsnoring.co.uk/shop/rhynil.php) and wondered if this might help.  Although, I'm not sure if I should use it when I'm currently using Nasacort.

I really appreciate your help and your time to answer my questions.



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by U2B, Sep 09, 2009
Hello Dr Park

Over the last few weeks my mother started sneezing when she eats her food, doing so for almost a week solid, then the sneezing became more the exception four or five times over the course of the next week then it became more frequent again though still not as bad as the first week, Mum has never shown any symptom of this kind before, i have rang our local surgery about this though no advice was given to date. recently mum began to have a little tipple of whisky at night and it does appear to be about the same timeframe that she started sneezing, mum also has Roasea ( i know its probably spelt wrong sorry ) which never caused problems or manifested when she did not have a tipple everynight, her eyelids can turn scarlet at times due to infection and she cannot always keep in mind not to use the same tissues twice often keeping them under her pillow because otherwise its such a waste seems to be the concern,  Mum is 87 and sometimes i am stuck because i dont know how to help her when my family think i can be so self rightous as an alcohol related depressive whose not touched it since 1996 and teach me i cant tell my mother what to do by getting her the whisky which i refuse to do.  I know im assuming the sneezing is alcohol related and admit i could be absolutely wrong and i apologise outright if so, could you shed any light on Mums sneezing problem please ?


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by sparkyboy, Nov 03, 2009
Hi dr park hope you are well, not seen a new entry for some time

, I have a sleep apnea test coming up to try to determine what is causing my symptoms , please see above entry from sparky boy

I keep pushing for my doctor to refer me to a ear throat and nose doctor but my doctor continuously says my not being able to breath through my nose does not cause any tiredness etc

will the apnea test reveal if I am breathing through my nose ( i can get id say 20% of air through and wonder if i am tryin to breath through my nose at night and get minimal air through and never have a deep sleep) or will it just show if i am stopping breathing etc

I feel very conjested all the time, have the glazed eye feeling , never feel refreshed from sleep  and think my nose may well be cause but my doctor does not think so

I am not depressed or anxious but am very fatigued an frustrated

cheers hope to hear from you , sparky boy

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by Steven Y Park, MDBlank, Nov 03, 2009

Your nasal congestion is connected to narrowing and obstruction downstream. Having a stuffy nose by itself doesn't cause sleep apnea, but if you have narrowing in your throat or tongue area, then having a stuffed up nose can definitely aggravate problems downstream. In my experience, being able to breathe well through the nose increases your chances that treatment options for sleep apnea will work. See what your sleep study shows. Good luck.

Avatar universal
by sparkyboy, Nov 05, 2009
cheers dr park, it seems it a sleep breath disorder or M.E

fingers crossed sleep apea as that is cureable

i will let you know results

cheers ,sparkyboy

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by jcg_121108, Nov 07, 2009
my boyfriend has been lifting weights for the past 5 months
and he has started to sleep with his mouth open. i would like to konw
is there any reason why he started to sleep with his mouth open

Avatar universal
by genmar, Nov 16, 2009
I always have trouble getting a full and satisfying breath through my nose. Therefore, I am constantly breathing through my mouth. The only time this is a problem is when I do cardio exercise. Overall I am physically fit, but I can not work out for long at all because of my problems breathing. I am almost certain it is not asthma either. Any ideas or suggestions? Thank you!

Avatar universal
by Steven Y Park, MDBlank, Nov 17, 2009

Either your boyfriend is lifting weights to compensate for increasing fatigue because he's not sleeping well at night due to a stuffy nose, or his neck muscles are pressing on his airway, preventing proper breathing, which can also lead to a stuffy nose. Either way, if he has other medical issues or is chronically tired, he should see his doctor about it.


Exercise shrinks your nasal turbinates, so that's why you can breathe better. Some people have deviated septums, which are aggravated by allergies or colds. Some people have flimsy nostrils, and respond to Breathe Right strips. It's important to breathe well through your nose. If it doesn't get better, see your doctor.

Avatar universal
by rjcorbin59, Nov 21, 2009
Hello Dr Park,

I am really confused as to what my issue is, and I was wondering if it could be caused by mouth breathing.

7 months ago I had strep throat/mono like symptoms,the sore throat died off after about a month but i keep having reoccuring illness with similar symtpoms that I had without the sore throat.... my symptoms are fatigue, pressure in my ears, a hot feeling in my nose with occasional sores in my nostrils, very heavy eyelids with extremely dark circles. This has been on and off for at least 6 months now... I  can usually breath out my nose during the day but at night I can only breath through my mouth.. My dentist said I can thank my mouth breathing for my gingivitis as well.

I feel I get enough sleep(9-10hrs) but these symptoms will not go away, in fact they are a lot worse AFTER I sleep. It feels like my Mononucleosis will never go away, but could these symptoms be attributed to mouth breathing alone? Or could my mouth breathing cause the virus to never full disappear?

Sorry I know thats a lot, my doctor hasnt been very helpful, she just gives me prescriptions to treat the symptoms instead of the cause and I have not got better at all.



Avatar universal
by mrtomy87, Nov 23, 2009
Dr. Park

     I have trouble breathing through my nose on a consistant basis. My wife always jokes with me for the way I breathe when I eat because it can sound a little barbaric having to eat and breathe from the same place. It seems that one side is usually easier to breathe through than the other, but they are both stuffed and I when I blow my nose I get little to nothing. I've tried saline solutions but they never get through to the other side. I did read somewhere that your nasal canal or something of the sort can get swollen and make it harder to breathe. The only thing that has worked is Zicam. I wish I could take this stuff everyday, but I do like to smell what I can and I've heard that Zicam can be destructive to your nose after prolonged use and you can lose your sense of smell. Do you have any recommendations? I would love to be able to breathe through my nose!


Avatar universal
by Steven Y Park, MDBlank, Nov 24, 2009

Your initial infection was the trigger, but now you're caught in a vicious cycle where you can't get deep efficient sleep. Ultimately, it's your anatomy. Due to narrowed jaws, your tongue is more susceptible to collapse when in deep sleep, especially with muscle relaxation. It becomes much worse with inflammation and swelling. You probably keep waking up subconsciously due to repeated obstruction and arousals. This is why you can't sleep on your back I explain everything in much more detail in my book, Sleep, Interrupted.


Definitely stop using Zycam. You should see an ENT doctor for your nasal congestion. There are ways of treating it, but first you have to find out what's causing your nasal congestion. It's usually due to a number of different issues.

Avatar universal
by raja77erin, Nov 24, 2009
Hi Dr. Park,

I don't know what is going on with me for whenever I do breathe through my nose, the upper back part of my throat gets REALLY dry! It's VERY frustruating... Whenever I breathe through my mouth, this does NOT happen. I get up at night to drink some water to rid of this feeling in the back upper part of my mouth/throat. No matter the day or night, it always happens. I can actually feel the air hitting the area and drying it when I inhale nasally. Have you heard of  this? What is it called? Oral breathing is the only relief...

Thank-You for any assistance/guidance that you may give!


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by talento, Dec 01, 2009
Hey doctor..for the past few months im only able to breathe fully thru my left side. When i purposly block the left side to make the right side inhale it feels extremly clogged but i have no mucus.I am a very active baseball player and i have recently gained some weight i dont know if it helps but i was told by another doctor that the gain in weight could have an effect.I would like an opinion from you, on how i can solve my problem,

Avatar universal
by pool200, Dec 01, 2009
Hi Dr., Park
I have been recently suffering since february of this year and it is on going.  I've been to 6 different ENT's.  My CT's show a concha bullosa on my right side. which is where i feel stuffed up.  I haven't been sleeping at all since Feb. about 3-5 hours a night.       My septum is deviated slightly with a small bone spur ... all opinions from the ENT's say that it's nothing too bad ¿?   My trubinate is enlarged due to the concha bullosa.  I have the symptoms that you stated above about not feeling like i'm getting oxygen to my lungs.  My blood oxygen dips around the mid 80s when i'm asleep.  Had a sleep study done and no apnea.  I'm in good shape and exercise when I have energy.  My question to you is ... I am getting conflicting opinions on whether or not to have surgery or not.  Each ENT has varying ideas on what should be done,  I have never had surgery so i'm gunshy .. don't want to do more harm than good.  I understand that you haven't seen my nose, but based on the information i've given .. is it enough cause to have surgery done ? I feel i'm at the end of my rope with these sleeping issues and it is affecting my life greatly.  would appreciate any advice.  would even send a copy of films if needed.  I live in MN.

Avatar universal
by Steven Y Park, MDBlank, Dec 01, 2009

You may be experiencing either turbulence that's drying the air, or some type of neurologic hypersensitivity. If the problem continues, you may want to see an ENT about it.


Weight gain can definitely aggravate nasal congestion. I describe this more fully in my book, Sleep, Interrupted.


You're right in that it's difficult to say exactly what's going on without examining you. Regarding the concha bullosa, you've had this all your life. What's changed is the inflammation of the mucous membranes surrounding the narrowed passageways around the concha. Something muse have triggered inflammation and swelling and now you're caught ina  vicious cycle. As part of this process, you may have a nervous system hypersensitivity issue, which can aggravate poor quality sleep, which feeds back to make you even more hypersensitive. If you can, read my book, which describes in much more detail what may be happening.

Avatar universal
by pool200, Dec 03, 2009
Sounds very accurate !  and you haven't seen me, I played pool professionally and the stress and the second hand cigarette smoke is what I feel is causing my symptoms.  So the question is..  what do I do about it ?  Have the concha cut and the turbinate reduced ?  along with repair of drainage to the maxiallary sinus.  That's where I'm at.  Also please let me know what your book is ?  thank you so much Dr. Park

Avatar universal
by Steven Y Park, MDBlank, Dec 03, 2009

In my book, I outline all the necessary steps from simple conservative options to all the various surgical options. The first thing to do is to get rid of the inflammation, and then consider surgery if necessary. My book is called Sleep, Interrupted: A physician reveals the #1 reason why so many of us are sick and tired, and you can find it on my website (http://www.doctorstevenpark.com) or on Amazon.

Avatar universal
by race8803green, Dec 03, 2009
I have always breath through my mouth, I can breathe through my nose but I still have anxiety and breath through my mouth because I feel I am getting more air in this way, do I have a deviated septum or just anxiety?  People from time to time have said go to ENT but I don't think it would make anything better but I have thought about now because my snoring has got so loud it keeps others awake at night.

Avatar universal
by JordanfromNZ, Dec 26, 2009
Good morning,

My name is Jordan, I'm from New Zealand.

Lately I've had a slightly sore chest, and for a few days, I thought I was getting asthma attacks. (I've had them before), and have had asthma all my life.

Anyway, when I breathe through my mouth, I feel like I'm not getting air in, or something. I'm now on nasal spray (Flixonase), and have been using Flixotide and Ventolin. Breathing through my nose seems strange, and again, it's only occasionally that when I breathe through my mouth, (yawning, burping, huge breaths) that I feel air coming in.

Am I just constantly looking for that yawning sensation ?

When I went to A&E, they said my oxygen levels were normal, I was getting air, calm down, etc etc.

Have you ever heard of such a problem ?

Summary-  It feels like I'm not getting air in when I breathe through my mouth, apart from the occasional large breath/yawn.


Avatar universal
by vnkt, Dec 28, 2009
Hello Sir

I am 25 years old.for the first time today i spit phlegm in morning while brushing my teeth  i can find blood
in my phlegm attached to it.I don't find any blood in my saliva. I dont have cough nor fever nor throat pain
nor cold.I dont have any Chest pain or Throat irritation.
not the whole phlegm is of blood.
I dont smoke nor drink nor chew tobacco.i am perfectly healthy.Today is the first time i am seeing this weird behavior would like to add that I do not have sinus can you please clarify on that. I do not have any side effects like weakness or Fatigue
or anything like that. I just want to know what may be the problem so that i can be more cautious.

Avatar universal
by pool200, Jan 03, 2010
Dr. Steven Park,

Was interested in knowing your opinion on Coblation turbinate reduction ?  How effective it is and the risks involved as my ENT would not go into detail or look me straight in the eye when I asked him.  Thank You :)

Avatar universal
by zhenkit, Jan 05, 2010
Dear Dr. Steven Park,

A little bit on my history, I am 23 years old and I wasn't sure how long I have been breathing through my mouth probably 5 years or even more.

Anyway, I consulted an ENT surgeon as I have bad headaches and from my consultation, he did a CT scan for me and it shows that my septum is deviated and further findings found out that my nasal polyps are pretty bad.

I have just had a surgery on turbinate trimming, fess and septoplasty and this is the first week I from the post operation. I am still not able to control my breathing through my nose as breathing through my mouth seems so natural while when I use my nose, I am like fully aware that I am using my nose. This is pretty difficult for me to change the habit of using nose. I am not sure whether I am breathing right through my nose as when I use my nose to breathe, I felt headache on top of my eyes and pain on the bridge of my nose. Thus, I'm getting not enough sleep at night and I cant even sleep because I am too scare to use my nose to breath at night while I sleep.

Is this normal? I am not sure how to switch mouth breathing to nose breathing as well. Really appreciate and look forward for your answers.

Thanks and Regards.

Avatar universal
by lgre050, Jan 10, 2010
Dear Dr park. I have a problem with mouth breathing during sleep and as a result find myself exhausted during the day no matter how much sleep I get. I suspect the mouth breathing problem is also contributing to other conditions I suffer from including anxiety. During the day I seem to breathe out of the nose at least most of the time but this could also be extended to right throughout the day. When I try to breathe through my nose at night and go to sleep that way, there is no problem with keeping my mouth closed, and breathing through my nose feels fine, but I cant seem to fall to sleep breathing through my nose like i would if i was breathing through my mouth. Last night i lay in bed for 4 hours breathing through my nose expecting to fall to sleep like normal, and everything felt fine, but i just didnt fall to sleep for some reason. As soon as I switched back to the mouth breathing, i was asleep within 5 minutes. for this reason taping up my mouth doesnt work, this essentially does the same thing as closing my mouth and trying to sleep that way, it just doesnt happen, as much as I would like it to. So I am writing to ask for your opinion on a product advertised on the internet called lip trainer. I don't know if you've heard of it  but the web site claims that if you use it 4 times a day to strengthen your lip muscles then after a while (2-3 weeks) your lips will automatically come together to close during the night and day to promote nose breathing during these times. The site claims that the main use of this product is to stop mouth breathing during sleep but then i couldnt find any other writing anywhere on the internet that supported the idea that strengthening the lip muscles in this way is an effective treatment for mouth breathing during sleep. could you please offer me your expertise on this product and the idea of strengthing my lip muscles before i buy the product? thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you!

Avatar universal
by TCON1965, Jan 10, 2010
Hi. 12 weeks ago had trouble breathing in deeply...was sent to specialist by my doctor. Got all clear last week after ct scan, pulmonary function tests - but still have trouble catching full breath. My doctor and specialist think anxiety is cause, Have found myself breathing full time through my mouth as have had bad cold. To catch a full breath I need to clear my lungs fully with exxtra effort... it feels like most times there is still air in there... its like filling a 6 gallon drum, turning it over and only 5 gallons come out...then you cannot put back the 6 gallons that you want.

Would breathing in through nose and out through mouth alleviate this condition?

Thanks a million from snowy Ireland

Avatar universal
by Steven Y Park, MDBlank, Jan 10, 2010

Nasal congestion and obstructive sleep apnea typicallly go hand in hand, especially if you snore that much. You should see an ENT doctor to take care of the nasal congestion and then get evaluated for obstructive sleep apnea.


It sounds like you're a classic mouth breather, and should get checked for medical and/or structural reasons for nasal congestion. Like I mentioned, not breathing through your nose lowers oxygen absorption in your lungs by up to 20%. If you also have a sleep-breathing problem (especially if you sleep on your side or stomach), then laryngopharyngeal reflux disease can aggravate nasal and pulmonary problems.


There are many different reasons for finding blood while you spit phlegm after brushing your teeth. It could be from your nose, your teeth or your throat. Less likely, from your lungs. If it continues, see your doctor.


Coblation turbinoplasty is a commonly performed turbinate procedure where radiofrequency energy is used to shrink and cauterize blood vessels underneath the mucous membranes. It's one of many options to reduce or trim the turbinates. Yes, there are variations to all the different techniques, but what's more important is who does the procedure and how well it's done. An experiened surgeon can get better results using older techniques or technology vs. an inexperienced surgeon using the latest techniques. I personally use Coblation most of the time, but resort to other options when necessary. What's also important is the status of the septum, any presence of sinus disease or polyps, and if you have flimsy nostrils.


You're only a week since your surgery, and it can take weeks to months before improved nasal breathing is achieved. Crusts and debris are common after nasal/sinus surgery and most people need a few cleaning sessions in the ENT's office after the procedure.


Just like everyone else who posted here, you have the classic facial anatomy that predisposes to mouth breathing. There are various devices and exercises to keep your mouth closed, and in some cases it may help, but in most cases, it won't. You should treat the cause of the problem, rather than cover it up. There's an anatomic reason why prefer to breathe through your mouth. I don't think there's any harm in trying the product you mention. if it works, great. But even if it does, most likely, your problem will come back.


There are many other reasons for your symptoms besides not being able to breathe, but if you've been cleared from a lung standpoint, then definitively addressing any nasal congestion is a good first step. Also, make sure that you're following all the precautions that I outline in my other articles, including not eating late or drinking alcohol within 3-4 hours of bedtime, not sleeping on your back, and trying nasal saline irrigation nightly. Good luck.

Avatar universal
by lgre050, Jan 10, 2010
Dear Dr Park. Thank you for clearing that up. Yes the site does mention that you have to keep using the device or the problem will come back, and quite frankly, i'm not keen on using a device 4 times a day for the rest of my life. Could you possibly suggest where I could look for, or who I could go to see, to find the cause of the problem, so I can take steps towards treating it? If weak lips is most likely not the cause of the problem, then what are some other possible anatomic reasons for mouth breathing that could be the cause? I am determined to beat this problem and end the days of chronic exhaustion and sincerely thank you for your time in answering my questions. Luke.

Avatar universal
by Steven Y Park, MDBlank, Jan 10, 2010

First, see an ENT to see what kind of nasal problems, if any, you have. Then after your nose is taken care of definitively, if you still have fatigue issues, you may have an underlying sleep-breathing disorder, which can also cause anxiety or depression. You can see a sleep medicine doctor about it. But before you do, educate yourself on this condition and learn about all the various treatment options (conservative to formal). You can read all the relevant articles that I've written on this site, and you can also take a look at my book, Sleep, Interrupted, which is a more comprehensive look at all your issues.

Avatar universal
by LiVExL0V3xMANDAA, Jan 11, 2010
Uhm hello doctor my names Amanda & I am 18 years old & obese, I weigh about 280 pounds and for all my young life as a child in elementry when I was "extremly skinny" I always breathed through my mouth, I couldn't understand it the other kids would pick on me and I couldn't sleep at nap time because I snored and it was terrible, I actually still do today and people actually say I sound like a man when I snore. And yes I am over weight but I'm extremly mobile & I'm about 5'5 and I always love to clean and work but I'm always tired even before I finish the job. There's days where I sleep extra and I'm STILL tired. I was also told that people who snore can die in there sleep, is this true *sighs. I'm really afraid doctor please shine some sort of light on me... /:    

Avatar universal
by Steven Y Park, MDBlank, Jan 11, 2010

The fact that you were skinny when young and could not breathe through your nose and snored is highly suggestive that you have a sleep-breathing condition such as obstructive sleep apnea. Poor sleep aggravates weight gain, and weight gain narrows your throat, aggravating more obstructions and poor sleep. You should see your medical doctor about referring you to a sleep lab to make the diagnosis and begin treatment right away. One you start treatment, you should begin to feel better and have more energy, AND it'll be easier for you to lose weight.

Avatar universal
by Kathryn_P, Jan 13, 2010
Hi Dr Park
My friend has severe nasal polyps which he has had treated for years in every way imaginable. Every now and again they seem to reduce in size and he breathes slightly better for a while but it never lasts long whether he uses medicines, nasal sprays or Chinese herbal remedies. He is now on the waiting list to have the polyps removed as they seem to have grown and he hasn't had a proper night's sleep in months due to everything mentioned by other people here.. mouth and tongue drying out, sticking together, permanently having to drink to keep his mouth moist and then constant toilet trips as a result of all the fluids. The polyps are completely blocking his nosrtils and so breathing through his mouth is not an option until the polyps are removed. I wondered whether in the meantime there is any way to prevent his mouth from drying out in order for him to get some quality sleep. The reason I am writing is he is also my business partner, but he is currently asleep on my sofa as he hardly slept last night. He is frustrated at not being able to work as well as not having the energy to live life properly. Any hints until he reaches the top of the surgery list would be greatly appreciated! Many thanks,
Kathryn P

Avatar universal
by Steven Y Park, MDBlank, Jan 13, 2010

ENTs sometimes prescribe a short course of oral steroids to temporarily shrink the polyps. Besides that the only thing to do is to wait for the surgery. Many people with polyps and nasal congestion also have obstructive sleep apnea due to smaller jaws and narrowed air passageways. If he has severe sleep problems, he may want to be seen by a sleep doctor and treat any sleep-breathing problems in the meantime.

Avatar universal
by thinsgreat, Jan 14, 2010

i have an ongoing problem with sore throats, exercise and fatigue. i exercised a lot and did fine for several years- suddenly, i started experiencing sore throats everytime i did any type of work out.  i would get a stuffy nose, post nasal drips... i had a sore throat for a  year. i knew there was a connection between exercise and my symptoms but no dr could confirm. i stopped exercsing for a year-- was miserable w/ weight gain but felt great every day. today i did an easy yoga  set. i did breathe through my mouth. i gota sore throat in the middle of the routine, and can hardly swallow now-- seems like i have no saliva. post nasal drip is beginning. this is what happened before... which turned into extreme fatigue. any thoughts?

Avatar universal
by ahmed09, Jan 20, 2010
Hello Dr

My husband is 35 yrs old, I noted that he only breath throug his mouth when sleep at night, got snoring, 87 kg, wide neck, sleep test showed moderate to severe obstructive apnea, He refused to use cPAP, My question is breating through the nose is thew cause of sleep apnea or is sign of it, please what is your advice and what is the best treatment?    

Avatar universal
by Steven Y Park, MDBlank, Jan 20, 2010

It sounds like you may have nonallergic or chronic rhinitis, where exercise, weather changes and even chemicals, smoke or odors can irritate your nose and cause post-nasal drip. Another possibility is Sjorgren's syndrome, where you don't make enough saliva. You should check with your doctor about both these conditions.


Nasal congestion is actually caused by sleep apnea, since buy definition, he'll have narrowed jaws and nasal passageways, along with additional inflammation that aggravates a stuffy nose. One thing to try is to see an ENT to help him breathe better definitively (either medically or surgically), and then try CPAP again. Having a stuffy nose can prevent proper CPAP use. Depending on the anatomy, he can use a dental device that pulls the lower jaw forward, thus pulling the tongue forward. Surgery is an option, but of last resort.

Avatar universal
by TTC3, Jan 21, 2010
Hello Dr.
I have had a problem for about the last ten years breathing through my nose,I have had turbinate reduction surgery which didnt help very much.Also had my septum straightened out as well.Went to a allergist for testing which didnt show anything.He also tested me for asthma but never said anything about it as being the problem.My question is that whenever my nose really gets plugged up its very hard to breath properly.This is especially true when im excercising or doing physical work.This in turn leads me to start breathing through my mouth,if i continue excersing or working were it requires me to keep breathing through my mouth it irritates my lungs to the point of my chest gets a tighrtness feeeling to it.Is this from not breathing through the nose properly.what can be causing the tightness i feel.I really never am able to breathe right through my nose.Some days it is a lot better than others but never seems normal.The more open my nasals are the better i feel and the tightness isnt there.Also get a lot of sinus pressure when the nose is plugged.Had a cat scan and it showed some blockage aroung my sinus openings where they drain.It doesnt seem to be a seasonal thing as it always seems to be plugged at some point during the day.I worry alot about it now and cant stop thinking about it.Can you explain what causes my chest tightness when i work or excercise hard and have to breathe through my mouth.I dont have any cough,dont have any sputom.Do you think this could be from my sinus openings being blocked and then in turn causing the inflamation in my turbinates.What do you recommend i do or what type of doctor do i go to next,its got me at whits end.I read about COPD and the only symptom i have is the tightness in the chest,which comes and goes.Worried and have anxiety over it now from thinking about it so much.50 yrs old,no known heart problems,not overweight,good blood pressure.ANy ideas as what t try next.

Avatar universal
by beaner1377, Jan 25, 2010
im 11 yrs old and im a mouth breather and i absolutly hate it i broke my nose when i was about 2 or3 and

i think the doctors left some tissue in my nose but i dont know

i am overweight too but my mom and dad think i should go back into surgery again so it can help my life but

i am scared but who knows what will happen

Avatar universal
by Steven Y Park, MDBlank, Jan 25, 2010

If you've had septal surgery and turbinate surgery, then the two possible reasons for continued nasal congestion is that you need more aggressive turbinate surgery, or that your nostrils cave in and collapse whenever you breathe in. You can try Breathe Rite Strips or Nozovent internal clips. It's difficult to say without examining you, but nasal congestion is something that can be addressed by most ENT surgeons.

Avatar universal
by danielle562, Jan 26, 2010
Hi Dr.

   I've been breathing through my mounth since i was a kid, now i'm 26. I've tryed many times breathing through my nose and it seems like I get a headache i don't how to explain it but it feels like i'm breathing too much cold air in through my nose then my head starts hurting. also many people ask me why do i breath so loud.



Avatar universal
by Renee080976, Jan 28, 2010
HI Dr Park,
I'm in my 30's, I have always mouth breathed. I had my adenoids removed when I was about 5yrs old and then again 18 months later as they had grown back to the same huge size. I had tubes in my ears a few times too but I have not had any breathing, sleeping or congestion issues since I was a young child.
However when I jog I go bright red - do you think this is related to mouth breathing? I've tried nose breathing but can only do it for a couple of breaths - it just doesn't come naturally to me and I really have to concentrate on the whole process.
Cheers, Renee

Avatar universal
by jiji09, Jan 30, 2010
explain what might happen to your throat when you sleep with your mouth open especially when you have a clogged nose?

Avatar universal
by Elspin29, Feb 01, 2010
For the past 2 years, my 4 year old daughter has had a hard time breathing through her nose. This is not due to a cold, though could have an allergie that would be hard to pinpoint. My biggest concern is while she's sleeping. What I've noticed while watching her sleep, is her body is telling her to breathe through the nose automatically as her mouth is closed. What happens is, She almost seems as though she stops breathing for a few seconds (Which seems longer) And then suddenly takes a huge breath through her mouth. She does snore every night. I have tried having her lay on her side, and have also tried a humidifier. Nothing is working.

Any advice would be greatful.
Thank you,
Worried Mother

Avatar universal
by jesp, Feb 09, 2010
Hi Dr.

I suffer from indoor allergies x 4 yrs and have been getting allergy shots for the past year.  Also, the heat has caused me to wake up very dry and congested in the morning.  Recently, I have been getting random nose bleeds 2+ weekly. This is rare for me.  The last nose bleed occured while I was napping.  I woke up to the taste of blood running down my throat.  There was no blood coming from my nose.  Is this from being dry or something more serious?

1212381 tn?1266200523
by heartgsheps, Feb 14, 2010
Hi Dr.

I had a problem start two weeks ago- it felt like I couldnt take a full breath, and had frequent yawning spells.  I kept trying, and the more I tried the more anxious I became.  Im 24, female, good shape, and a martial artist.  Ive been to the doctor, the chest xray was normal, blood work was normal, and blood oxygen levels were normal.  They gave me asthma meds.  They did not help at all.  Ive have had to re-train my breathing (breathing my though my nose), and that has helped very much.  Although the breathing has somewhat improved, my chest is tight and sore as well.  Do you think its because I have been over-breathing for two weeks?  Maybe my lungs are just over worked?  I have not exersized (martial arts) for the past two weeks, in fear of breathlessness.  Any suggestions/advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

Avatar universal
by tagjet, Mar 24, 2010
I never had this problem until I started getting acid reflux.  I now wake up breathing through my mouth.  I have acid so bad it comes up through my nasal and ears hurt. Could this have effected my nasal passages?

Avatar universal
by miki3d, Apr 05, 2010
Dr Park     Thank you for the encouragement to continue nose breathing that I just was told 2 months ago to do at the wellness center of my hospital system here in Lee County FL.   The training specialist noticed I was doing shallow breathing possibly related to my obese stomach area as a 60 year old male who has taken meds that contributed to a rapid weight gain over the last 4 years.  They put a little black plastic clothes pin like thing on my index finger with a digital set of numbers for my pulse and heart rate.  My oxygen level was in the 80 percent levels and I was told to take two large breaths into my nose as I watch the owygen level immediately rise to 98 percent.  I have moderately low blood pressure and was amazed that following exercise and a brief rest my blood pressure went even lower and they this is the normal great effect of exercise thet occurs every time we exercise.   I was so convinced at the end of the free trial week that I joined.  One of my new health oriented friends there is a snow bird from Canada and we use the steam room.  He said he has not had to use his inhailer for the past several years due to the steam room.  My fiancee has an inhailer that she has not used in years and is afraid of the steam room.  She seems to nose breath naturally in hear sleep and releases the cutes little puffs of air from her lips.  She is having sore lip problems that seem to be getting worse only in just the last couple months. Could it be the lip puffs all night?  Dr. Oz had a recent lip cracks show about lip infections and using the oil from outward sides of the nose to moisturize the lips.  Wow! That nose oil works great!  My father taught my sister and I to wash our hands thourghly and get warm water from the lavitory in the cup of a hand to be inhailed in to the nose to losen hardend mucus.  It has worked so fantastically for so many years, yet I have been so reluctant to tell people about such an oddly simple personal training!  What do you think about sharing this with the net community anonymously?

Avatar universal
by mariabeshlyana, Apr 12, 2010
Doctor i need your help...it's been a while i have my nose closed ..i sleep my mouth open..i wake up with a dry mouth ...and i used to eat good..but this week i started not to eat because i cannot feel the taste of the good alot...and every time i get better i feel like it's starting all over again and again ...i am sleeping my mouth open since 3 months

Avatar universal
by mariabeshlyana, Apr 12, 2010
and i got this things comming out from my mouth so discusting .....i need your helo doctor.thank you

Avatar universal
by sumanth, Apr 26, 2010
hello doctor, i am sumanth from India. i am suffering from nasal congestion from a year and the past month i got the septoplasty operation done, doctor removed the crust left behind from the surgery after a week and after that there was some improvements in my breathing ..... now again there is a lot of congestion and again i have to rely a lot on my mouth for brreathing....in morning i can breath well but as the day proceeds the problem gets worsened......

i want to know whether my surgery has done any use? but one thing is my nasal tracks have got perfect and there is enough space available for the air to go inside, but i still feel congested.... and also my upper jaw is slightly narrow..

pls.. reply me, as i am feeling very depressed in my life due to this problem... when the problem is at the peak, i cant to any work and just sit out and take deep breaths through my nose...

whether this problem can be solved???  pls pls pls help me?

Avatar universal
by sumanth, Apr 28, 2010
pls.. suggest me any remedy other than breath rite strips..... since i cant wear it everywhere i go.... i need to put some extra effort to breath through the nose,, and i also cant breath closing my lips together..... so pls.. tell how can i significantly increase my ability to breath through the nose.

Avatar universal
by pires07, Apr 29, 2010

I breathed through my mouth when i was so young i dont think i remember when.. since, it has been my 2nd nature to breathe through my mouth. What i mean here is, if i were to breathe through my nose, i would have to tell myself to do that or constantly remind myself to do that..if i start to concentrate on other things, my jaw will gradually drop and mouth-breathing starts again..is this normal? can i even say that i am born this way?

help me doc

a guy so clueless bout his breathing..

Avatar universal
by sumanth, Apr 29, 2010
hi pires07 my problem is exactly same as urs.. i feel very depressed about this..

Avatar universal
by pires07, Apr 29, 2010
ya sumanth.. we all know breathing by nose is even something we learn about out body when we were in nursery..nose=breathe, ear=listen etc... we also know our nose can filter the air we breathe..which is something the mouth is not designed to do... so Doc, where do we go from here..? treatments?

well sumanth, i havent reached the state of depression yet.. but it was and still bothering me that i cant breathe through my nose like almost everyone does.. and the sight of jaw-dropping is not very pleasant either..

Avatar universal
by sumanth, Apr 29, 2010
pires, dont u feel difficulty breathing through ur mouth? or is it just ok in ur case? sometimes my nose do gets cleared up and can breathe through nose,, but once it gets blocked it makes me to suffer like a hell !!! i do not suffer from cold or sinus, but still it gets blocked and the jaw drops and i should rely upon my mouth for breathing.....and the problem is there with me from the past 1 year, so how long have u suffered with these problem?

Avatar universal
by pires07, May 03, 2010
like i said, breathing thru my mouth is my second nature..i dun think i realize it.. wat i mean is that i mouth-breathe and i dun realize it BUT if u want me to nose-breathe then i have to 'force' myself to do it.. im not sure if this is some kind of a health problem.. coz im not suffering from any breathing difficulty.. my nose get blocked all the time,usually being either one..RARELY the 2 nostrils work... maybe it was like that since I was a child and slowly it has become a habit to use my mouth since, i dunno... i need clarifying ...

Avatar universal
by slipage, May 15, 2010
Hi Dr , I have had 2 nasal operatoins,  First last year, Septoplasy and turbinate reduction. Operatoin was successful however they discovered in my post op visit I had collapse nasal valve ( i've had this all my life not from op ). My ent doctor told me it was hard to fix and I wanted it fixed, so he sent me to another ENT doctor that does that type of procedure. He told me that its a hard operation but suggested I'd give it a go. I had Rhinoplasty involving cartilage graft ( to strengthen the walls of the nose & septoplasty, and turbinate resection of unilateral. However my nose is still collapasing a little and its about the same as what it was before the 2 operations, and my sense of smell has reduced since the last operation. I have small nostrils and I believe that is contributing to the collaspe. My ent doctor said to get a sleep study and I have  severe OSA. I'm now in the process of getting a cpap study done in a few weeks and also seeing my ENT doctor for another possible operation / advice for osa. What advice do you have for me DR, as i'm a little unsure what path to go down, as far as managing my OSA first, than revisiting another nose operation. I've looked online and what I think I should do is, try a nasal pillow with the cpap which should open the walls of my nose when sleeping, as I can breath out ok, not in, and with a chin strap maybe as im use to mouth breathing might stop me from old habits. It says with bad OSA that I should try and sleep through my nose , and also DR, if I end up getting my nose fixed as far as breathing through it without any aids, will I no longer need a cpap?
Any advice would be great.

Avatar universal
by taser_mick, May 15, 2010
Hi Doc, My dentists my entire life have indicated that I am a mouth breather, but I generally find that it doesn't interfere with my sleep. I can breathe through my nose but it just doesn't flow as well as through my mouth. I sometimes wonder if I could breathe a little better through my nose if exercise would be a little easier. I don't have any known allergies. My main concern is my dental health and just trying to maintain good breathing. I am not sure whether it is worth it to be checked out by doctor. What do you think?

Avatar universal
by Jessica469, Jul 04, 2010
My nose bone is skew its not in the middle but left it happened because someone's knee went into my nose. It was about 3years ago and i didn't felt anything but when i got older it got worse i couldn't breathe through my left nostril and i often have a cold. When i have a cold, well i already cant breathe trough my left nostril, but then i also cant breathe through my right one and then i have to breath through my mouth which is really annoying because my mouth gets dry. I live in London but before that (when my nose got skew) I lived in Holland (The Netherlands)I went to the doctor there and they told us we cant do anything about your nose we can only do an operation but we can only do that when you get 16 or 17 because your face has to develop. They gave me several nose sprays but they don't work. When i go to sleep and i do the nose spray it just works for like 2 hours and then i cant breathe through my nose. I told the doctor in Holland that i still cant breathe through my nose and they told us we could do a nose mucous membrane operation for your nose we wont be able to make your nose bone go back to the middle but you will be able to breathe better through your right nostril. So i did the operation in Holland when I was 12 years old (Im 13 now) and that also didn't help and what happens now is when it gets hot my nose starts to bleed or when its winter and the central heating is on my nose starts to bleed and i cant breathe through my nose. It is very hard, i hope you can give me some helpful tips please respond as quickly as possible .
Thank You, Jessica

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by Charankumar, Jul 09, 2010
Thanks a lot Dr. You have cleared all my doubts. Is there any treatment to clear the nose or any medications. My nose is always blocked. May be due to this My Pulse rate is low and Blood Pressure is high. Thanks.

Avatar universal
by Steven Y Park, MDBlank, Jul 09, 2010

Go ahead and use nasal pillows for your CPAP in the meantime - it'll bypass your flimsy nostrils. Obstructive sleep apnea is usually caused by multiple sites of obstruction, including your tongue and soft palate. Fixing the nose definitively won't cure your sleep apnea in general.


It's always a good thing to breathe through your nose. If you have a sleep-breathing problem, then it can aggravate dental problems. Smaller jaws can lead to dental crowding, and more reflux problems from breathing pauses. Reflux can aggravate various dental issues.

Avatar universal
by cozcorbin, Jul 13, 2010
Hello Dr Steven,

I have never had a nosebleed before several weeks ago, and I am 33. All of a sudden I started getting frequent nosebleeds 1-3 a day some of which do not stop for an hour or more (with pressure). I went to see an ENT, and they could not see any particular vessel and so cauterized the nose twice without stopping the bleeding. I have greatly reduced my physical activity (to prevent bleeding), and have been spending a lot of time in bed. I am concerned that the root of the problem may be a mold in my house or an object in my nose. Do you have any information on molds causing nosebleeds or any ideas to look into?

Avatar universal
by Luisr, Jul 15, 2010
Dear Doctor. I'm hoping you answer this question, it is very important. I am 30 years old. I was born with cleft lip and palate. Since I was born I've been breathing trought my mouth due to a several air way obstruction. Do you think after a sergury my body will automatically respond and I could start breathing trought my nouse? Is there a chance my way of talking chance? I do have a good way of pronouncing and talking.

Avatar universal
by Steven Y Park, MDBlank, Jul 15, 2010
Part of cleft palate surgery is to fix any nasal breathing problems. You should be able to breathe through your nose, but not in a completely normal way.

Avatar universal
by Jessica469, Jul 17, 2010
Hello Doctor,
My nose bone is skew its not in the middle but left it happened because someone's knee went into my nose. It was about 3years ago and i didn't felt anything but when i got older it got worse i couldn't breathe through my left nostril and i often have a cold. When i have a cold, well i already cant breathe trough my left nostril, but then i also cant breathe through my right one and then i have to breath through my mouth which is really annoying because my mouth gets dry. I live in London but before that (when my nose got skew) I lived in Holland (The Netherlands)I went to the doctor there and they told us we cant do anything about your nose we can only do an operation but we can only do that when you get 16 or 17 because your face has to develop. They gave me several nose sprays but they don't work. When i go to sleep and i do the nose spray it just works for like 2 hours and then i cant breathe through my nose. I told the doctor in Holland that i still cant breathe through my nose and they told us we could do a nose mucous membrane operation for your nose we wont be able to make your nose bone go back to the middle but you will be able to breathe better through your right nostril. So i did the operation in Holland when I was 12 years old (Im 13 now) and that also didn't help and what happens now is when it gets hot my nose starts to bleed or when its winter and the central heating is on my nose starts to bleed and i cant breathe through my nose. It is very hard, i hope you can give me some helpful tips please respond as quickly as possible .
Thank You, Jessica

Avatar universal
by lexibear, Jul 17, 2010
Hello Doctor,
Everyone always asks me if I have a cold, when I don't. I've had breathing problems since I was a kid, I've been a mouth breather for years, and i have to remind myself to breathe through my nose. When i sleep, i cant breathe through my nose, i sleep on my stomach, or my side. I've been told i snore, and i breathe through my mouth when i sleep. Somebody told me I might have a deviated septum. My physician told me i have allergies, and i get sinus infections often.

My sister has the same problems as me, but she takes zyrtec, and she got steroids injected in her nose, and she said that cleared her congestion for about 5 months. I was wondering what my problem may be?

If its just allergies, what can I do to learn how to breathe through my nose? I always feel better whenever im breathing through my nose, i smell things, and things taste better.

I'm just sick of people ALWAYS asking me if im sick! i just say "NO, i just sound like this all the time, leave me alone."  It makes me so self-conscious. HELP!

Thank you, Amanda

Avatar universal
by Steven Y Park, MDBlank, Jul 17, 2010

Your situation is complicated, and because of your age, surgeons will be somewhat reluctant to operate on your nose. Get some more opinions from different doctors. Someone may be able to help you.


You should see an ENT doctor to figure out what the exact problem is.

Avatar universal
by Luisr, Jul 19, 2010
Dr Doctor. Unfurtunetlly. I am uneable to breath trought my nouse. An scan of my air ways shows how bloked I am.  An Ent doctor wants to do a surgery but I don't know if after that sergury  I'm going to be able to breath automatically trought my nose. And if this type of serguries may change my way of talking. I am a Clep lip and palate men. I'm 30
  Once again thanks .

1388276 tn?1279839712
by peaceprincess, Jul 21, 2010
Okay so all of the information you stated obtains to my life. I am a 17 year old young lady who found out two years ago that I have Hypertension stage 2 and I have a small kidney. This scare was a shock to me and my family. I've been going to Seattle Children Hospital ever since I found out and they still have no idea why I have Hypertension & I've all always mentioned these symptoms. I've gotten allergy tests and they tested me for over 75 different allergens, I am not allergic to one thing. Now I know my mouth breathing probably has to do with Hypertension. I do not want to live as a mouth breather and a hypertension person. What could be done so that I could live a normal life?

Avatar universal
by MrsC2009, Jul 27, 2010
Dr. Park,

For the past four or five days I have been experiencing excessive yawning.   I believe I may be a shallow breather but even when I take deep breaths the yawning persists ( I do try to breath through my nose).   Do you know what could be causing this?  Is there anything I can do to stop this?  I am beginning to feel this will never stop.  The only time it does let up a bit is when I am busy ( cleaning the house, laundry, walking, etc. ).  thank you for your help.

Avatar universal
by Rhysmom1, Aug 22, 2010
Hello Dr.,
My son is 5 years old. Since he was born he has always breathed thru his mouth and always sounds like he stopped up. At the age of 2 he was put on nasonex due to frequent sinus infections. I ended up taking him to see an allergist at the beginning of the year and found out that he is not allergic to anything. I then took him to an ent dr and he recommended his tonsils and adenoids come out. He had the surgery in Feburary 2010. After a month after the surgery he got another sinus infection and still breaths thru his nose and he still snores. He is now on sigulair and still uses nasonex. I have taken him back to the ent dr and he said there is nothing we can do for him at this time. He said we have to wait and see and hope time is on our side. I just can't beleive that there is nothing they can do for him so my son can breath better and not get sick so frequently with even being on singulair and nasonex. The dr even had his immune system checked and he was checked for cystic fribrosis, both test came back normal. Do you have any suggestions? Anything would be helpful. Thank you, concerned mom

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by CJH1974, Sep 06, 2010
Dear Dr Park:

First and foremost, thank you for providing this forum!  I'm sure 100 people before me have mentioned similar issues but I want to give you my specifics and go from there if I could...

A few years ago, I saw an ENT b/c of a chronic feeling of blockage in my nose.  Never did it feel like my nasal passages were fully open or both were open at the same time.  Blowing my nose would produce some mucus but zero relief or change in my ability to breathe better.  I also wanted to learn from the ENT if my snoring was a result of this too.  (Snoring is something that's only started in the last 10+ years or so and I'm 36 now).  The ENT determined that I had a deviated septum as well as enlarged turbinates (if memory serves) and suggested surgery to correct this.  The surgery helped with my breathing as I could now breathe through both nostrils at once, smell better than I ever did before and reduced the snoring.  But that was all initially and here is where things stand now...
-My snoring these days is worse than in recent memory (my wife can't even sleep in the same room with me or at the same time).  Some mornings I wake up with a sore throat probably as a result of this but not all the time.
-When I get up from sleeping, typically my nose feels like its glued shut.  After a little bit of time standing up etc, it will start to open with the help of some blowing and a ongoing drip but doesn't clear completely for many hours, if at all.
-I feel I can smell better than pre-surgery and can feel some air traveling through both nostrils as the same time but it's still never completely clear on both sides.

I've tried Breathe-Right strips, saline rinses and Nasacort spray (short term) with zero to mediocre results across the board.  Something odd I wanted to add though is when I'm in the shower, after a period of time, I'm sometimes am able to dislodge additional build up from my nose (perhaps the steam helps the process?).  Bottom line is, I can personally "deal" with the inconvenience issues I have but I NEED to figure out something to stop/minimize this severe snoring issue.  I'm sure revisiting a ENT is important but I'm currently out of work now and do not have the added funds for such a visit.  Thanks in advance for your help!!!

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by Writtyn, Oct 20, 2010
I went to An ENT doctor and allergist and neurologist.I went to a neurologist because of my bell palsy. I have dry mouth and I am congested everyday and If I work out I get sick. The doctor said I have non-allegenic allergies and I just that was just something they just gave me because they could not find anything wrong with me. I also snore alot. They are going to do a sleep test on me. What advice can you give me?

Avatar universal
by Geeya, Nov 18, 2010
I have perforation  nasal septum on right side.  And diviated on right side. It is so difficult to breath at night.  My nose is blocked n  I have no circulation.I  have to breath by mouth and the mouth gets so dry. I can't sleep much at night. Is there any help for me?  Can you please give me some advice.  I have been to ENT doctors so many times.

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by mia44299, Nov 22, 2010
hi my name is maraih and i just started breathing through my nose just 2 3 years ago im 12 and ive went to drs emergency rooms and everything i just cant seem to stop and its keeping me from eating and sleeping cuz when i eat i breath through my mouth adn i suck the food down and choke and i cant sleep or relax its soo annoying and it maked=s me have panik atacks the dr said i can only stop it and its hard it was going well till it was winter and my nose got stuffy i coulfent breath through my nose it just came back help me what can i do.

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by Cindy850, Dec 02, 2010
Hello doctor,
    My name is Cindy and i'm a 53 year old women that has had problems off and on all my life breathing through my nose. I was always taking meds to help me breath. Most of the time i've been a mouth breather. My problem that i'm having now started in September of this year when a caught a cold at least that's what i thought and about a week later i started to feel better. But then a couple of weeks later i started having trouble breathing in the morning around 9 or 10 a.m. and will last till about 1p.m. and then could breath out of my nose again. But then come night time around 8 or 9 p.m. my nose will block up again and then sometime during the night it opens up again. When my nose stops up i'm totally blocked off to the point when i swallow my ears stop up. I  have had allergy test done and it showed nothing. I wake up every single night around 4 a.m. with a horrible headache. So now that this has been going on for 3 months i'm wondering what is going on. When i do try and force air through my nose it burns awful. It feels like my head is packed and congested but nothing comes out. I have been using nasal irrigation and it does nothing. Went to family doctor and he hadn't heard of anything like this. Please if you read my story i hope you can guide me in the right direction on what to do. I just want some relief.

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by Cindy850, Dec 02, 2010
Hello doctor i forgot to add to my story one more thing. For the last 3 days i haven't been able to breath out either side of my nose at all day and night. Thank you

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by natureboy42, Dec 09, 2010
Dr. Park,
I am prescribed adderall for ADHD and I have noticed since taking medication I now breathe a lot more through my nose. Before during physical activity I would only breathe orally as result became fatigued quickly. My performance with adderall makes me breathe so much easier. I'm thinking now after reading your article, adderall maybe helping   with my mouth-breathing syndrome.  I sleep much better, less anxiety, energy levels has increased and so on. My doctor is puzzled by the fact I sleep better given he prescribes sleeping medication to most of his patients who take adderall. I have noticed my brother and father breathe orally especially while sleeping and throughout daily activities. My brother says his energy level is low also.  I use to sit while watching TV with my mouth wide open and even while I slept. My parents always made comments about my mouth being open but honestly I couldn’t control it. So could there be a correlation to re-uptake of neurotransmitters and mouth –breathing or should this be a new symptom of ADHD?

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by rgse90, Dec 29, 2010
Dr. Park

   I have a bad problem breathing. I have had the problem since I was born. My nose is stuffed almost 24 hours a day with relief only a little during the day or night. It is so bad that I am tired all the time and I feel like I do not get enough oxygen in my lungs. I feel it makes me tired all the time. I get very little good sleep. I have gone for sleep studies and they found that I get only 20 minutes of REM 3 and 4(if that is the best sleep you can get, I forget now) whatever it is I only get 20 minutes of the best REM sleep you can get when you are sleeping. I have tried everything imaginable. I was on allergies shots for 17 years and I was getting 1 mil every week for the last 15 years. I got tired of taking the shots and was afraid they might be harmful because I was taking them so long. Yes they did give me relief although only a little relief but it was relief. I even talk nasal all my life so bad that it is a part of my posture. When it gets really severe  I take antibiotics and that helps but again I am afraid to take it all my life.

I am not sure if there is an answer or if it is something I have to live with for the rest of my life. I am a 45 year old male. I do not smoke. I do not drink. I drink loads and loads of water all day and night. I am lost and cannot take it anymore. It affects my breathing to a point where I am trying to inhale air more and more to catch my breathe. It is so affecting my way of life that sometimes It makes me depressed. when I sleep I wake up with a dry mouth. I sleep with my mouth open. I eat with my mouth open so I can breathe and eat at he same time. It is terrible the worse manageable thing I think most people can have. If you have any thing that I can try I would try it although I think it is a life long thing that I will never get rid of. I would even come and see you in your office if you think you might be able to help me. I live in Queens NY. Yes I have severe allergies but I cannot stay on allergies forever can I. I thought that after 15 years of getting a high dosage of the serum I would have been rid of them but it never happened.


1470552 tn?1300605907
by telynn, Dec 29, 2010
Hi, Thank you of all your info.
Can you tell me why I would have noisies like rice krispy's in my nose when I lay down?

Thank You Terri

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by alice2011, Jan 02, 2011
Oh my god. It all makes sense now: my TMJ, the change in my teeth from pretty to ugly, my dry mouth. I am breathing through my mouth.

What can I do? I am breathing through my mouth because of mixed rhinitis. I have terrible allergies, but they are caused by delayed hypersensitivity. The allergist I saw said that he cannot give me shots for that. I tried antihistamines, but they made my nose run more. I saw an ENT doctor who never recognized my mouth breathing and simply took a CT scan to make sure I didn't have fungal sinusitis. Didn't see polyps. So what can I do? My jaw is always slack. I cannot believe nobody realized this, nobody told me, and I didn't realize it myself.

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by logntime, Feb 01, 2011
Alice, I may not necessarily have shared such allergic symptoms, however I can agree that it is most frustrating having the right notion of wanting to breathe through your nose but not being able to simply because it is congested.  I've tried nose irrigation systems, but I've found that they're simply a big waste and cause more irritation and burning.

One night, after brushing my teeth, I simply thought that my teeth themselves, like baleen, can also filter air pollutants.

Therefore, I simply closed my mouth in the ideal position (just slightly clenched), and as I was laying in bed and I tried focusing the air to move through the teeth so as to filter it.

Through the night I noticed my sinuses disappear, and before I knew it I was breathing through my nose again no sweat.

So by simply calibrating the way you breath through your mouth, I believe you can spot your nose back into the right state.

Hope this helps.

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by shri11, Feb 01, 2011
I cannot breath through my left nose... Can you tell me a remedy... I breath only through my left nose so my right brain is dumb always...Please tell me a remedy...

1593827 tn?1297201706
by crimsonblue74, Feb 08, 2011
Right on sir!
I tell people they should breathe through their nose a lot of the time.
You just proved my point :)

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by Frustrated Kim, Feb 09, 2011
I have been a mouth breather forever, but I think mostly when sleeping.  However, after having pulminary embolish several years ago, I tend to take a lot of deep mouth breaths because I never feel like I'm getting enough air.  Then, of course, I guess I get panicky (so they tell me) and I breath heavier through my mouth.  I take xanax to calm down so to speak and it does seem to help, but I hate the thought of having this the rest of my life.  Any thoughts on this?  Is there help for me?
On another note, you discussed things not tasting right.  For the past months I have talked to both my doctor and my dentist about problems I have been having with this.  At times the taste buds on the side of my tongue get inflamed and I think when I clench my teeth at night (probably from lots of stress in my life) I bite on them which makes it worse.  Got a night guard, can't sleep with it, take it our halfway through the night.  Recently, I got a puke bug and now the symptoms are 100x worse.  Everything I eat or drink tastes horrible.  Extremely bitter.  Fruit is the only thing that kind of tastes right but I'm getting exasperated with being told it's sinuses with no aleve to the condition.  I've had post nasal drip alot but even when my sinuses seem good, everything still tastes horrible.  There must be a reason. In addition to my regular job,  I am a caterer and it's very hard to season when nothing tastes right.  It affects my job.  What can I do?  Is there another possible cause?  I take xanax as needed, effexor, thyroid med, blood pressure med, nexium, coumadin and vitamins.  Please help.

Avatar universal
by stauntj, Feb 09, 2011
for long term sufferers who have tried nasal rinses and all the rest, here is some simple advice that may make the world of difference. Wheat and dairy are two of the most common allergen foods of which a common side effect is a stuffy nose, post nasal drip or generally mucousy-these are both mucous forming foods for different reasons. So an elimination diet of these foods for 10 days plus an increase of fruit and veg to 7 or more portions a day could make a real difference, particularly increasing berry consumption and raw veg if you can. Easy ways of sneaking in some extra fruit and veg are through smoothies, dips and soups.

This message is from a long term sufferer of rhinitis and post nasal drip who has cleared his symptoms and also has a background in nutritional therapy.

1505865 tn?1299687800
by littleelmer, Feb 09, 2011
Hi, Dr, I had sinus surgery in november 2010 , I had a lot of polyps dug out and had a deviated septum fixed.  I went to the ENT b/c I started having tension like headaches where muscles felt like they were cramping up in parts of my head and a fuzzy feeling in my head all the time like a mind fog that always made me feel off and sick on a daily basis.  I found out I needed surgery, I was excited to have it done.  I could always breathe through my nose so I had no idea that i really needed an ENT till my dr sent me to have me looked at.  I thought after the surgery I would notice the foggy fuzzy feeling in my head would lift and maybe the headaches would also be not chronic anymore but every now and then.  I don't feel any different.  I feel exactly the same.  It has been almost 3 months since the surgery.  I keep reading that full recovery takes time and I need to give it 6 months or so to really feel the full improvements from sinus surgery b/c celia has to repair itself in my sinuses?   I irrigate with a neti pot twice daily since the surgery, i started neti potting before surgery too.  

Should I be worried or should I hang tight and keep putting up with the chronic symptoms till spring/summer and see if then I feel better?

Avatar universal
by MDHudson, Feb 10, 2011
Dr. Park, I am a 21 year old student in the Mississippi Delta (you can imagine the deluge my sinuses and allergies are put under) and since I was a kid I have always had sinus and nasal issues. My father has them as well. During the day (especially in winter) I find myself sniffling and blowing my way through the day. Even worse is at night. When I lay down on my back or stomach, there is absolutely NO air coming through my nasal passages (during the day it hovers between 25% and 5%). When I lay on my side...you know where this is going. I have tried anti-allergy regimens and they did no good.

I do not know what my next step is. Who do I see and what are the most important features of my malady to convey to whom ever they may be? Is it as simple as a vitamin I haven't heard of or do I need to start looking down the surgical road? Any help you could give would be amazing! It would be fabulous to have a night of sleep without straining for breath or sit through a class without disgusting the entire class.

Avatar universal
by Fitgirl1, Feb 10, 2011
What you've written is very true and I agree as my husband and son have chronic breathing problems and breathe through their mouths. What I don't see in your article is a solution to mouth breathing. How does one fix it?


1500041 tn?1289192393
by MikeBear, Feb 10, 2011
I have a, perhaps, unusual question.. I have NO problems breathing through my nose, but I DO have a problem with my nasal mucus.  I don't think I produce nearly enough mucus,its always VERY dry and doesn't flow normally like it should.  I suspect highly that this is a factor in my tinnitus since I got the tinnitus the morning after taking Benadryl to get to sleep.  I feel like perhaps the mucus in my inner or middle ear or eustachian tubes is so thick that its messing with the functioning of whatever component in my ear is causing the tinnitus.  I also have hyperacusis.   My PCP doesn't seem to be able to help me with this.  Any insight into this problem would be greatly appreciated.


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by cher078, Feb 12, 2011

I am not a mouth breather but i used to be but since i have started breathing the right way I have to pause every minute or so and take take a long breath through my mouth because i feel like suffocated and lately I have started snoring a lot what could I do to prevent this..


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by bryanc, Feb 16, 2011
I'm having problem sleeping too, whenever I wake up, I felt tired and feel like sleeping again, and a little headache no matter how long I sleep, so what you mean up there will help me?

967168 tn?1477584489
by Mom2four85, Feb 16, 2011
hi Dr. Park, I attended a web seminar last year of yours that really helped me understand about my sleep test, but I have a question.

Do you know of any reason why using a CPAP would make me go into VT episodes and faint? I have Polymorphic VT and major ANS issues and have fainted since age 9, my dr's are perplexed.

Relearning to breath has helped my OSA dramatically and I am sleeping alot better and if I wake up I make sure I do the deep breathing exercises you describe, which help.

Are there any alternatives for treatment in patients like my situation?

thank you =)

168348 tn?1379357075
by ChitChatNine, Feb 18, 2011
The new MedHelp Sleep On It App for iPhone syncs with MedHelp's Sleep Tracker - it's a great way to keep track of sleep and/or send to your doctor, or print it out.  When you see it charted, you can easily see patterns, etc.  Really great tool.




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by buddyie, Feb 20, 2011
i am 19 years old, and have been experiencing all these problems associated with not breathing through your nose, i have been breathing through my mouth since i was born, i have complained over the years growing up but was never taken seriously, i wish i new all this before because i cant sleep, i could never focus in high school, alway feel down, i think im depressed and now i know its because i couldn`t breathe through nose, wow.

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by Marijax, Feb 27, 2011
Hello, my husband and my son both are mouth breathers... It looks that reminders doesn't help them at all. They have tried "Patakara" Liptrainer for a while, it did help a bit, but once they stopped training, they back to same stage... What would you suggest? Is there any procedure to stop mouth breathing?

Thank you in advance.

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by suzyartist, Mar 04, 2011
Dear Doctor,
My son is 16.  He is a chronic mouth-breather.  He had braces on his teeth and now, unfortunately, tends to drool on occasion.  I'm not sure what to do or where to turn to be able to help him.  He has VERY mild cerebral palsy.  Previous to his braces, he had NO drooling.  Please advise.  Thank you.

Avatar universal
by Steven Y Park, MDBlank, Mar 04, 2011
Sorry for not being able to respond to all your great comments and questions. It's difficult to answer every question, when I have a busy medical/surgical practice and other various obligations. I do have more specific resources on my website, especially my free report called "Unstuff Your Stuffy Nose" at http://www.doctorstevenpark.com. Many of your associated problems besides nasal congestion are also answered in my book, Sleep, Interrupted. You can also sign up for and register for my monthly Ask Dr. Park teleseminars, where you'll have a higher chance of having your questions answered, especially in the live Q&A sessions.

Avatar universal
by suzyartist, Mar 04, 2011
Thank you, Dr. Park! :)

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by wapu, Mar 10, 2011
i always breath from my mouth in night and day too and in night i have to wake up alot to drink water because my mouth and trout dry and in morning i cough alot and i fel that my shest cold inside  when i tried to breath from my noise i feel that my heart going to stop so i came and breath from my mouth   im practising breathing true the noise now but when i lie down i can not at all by the way i have a really small noise mabe that hhhhhh    plzz whats the solution do i have to go to doctor    thanks.

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by Ryuugen, Mar 12, 2011
Thank you dr park for info ^..^ like i want to know my nose have been stuffy for about 4months now and when i wake up my throat feels dry i am a mouth breather what can i do to help this problem go away?

Avatar universal
by Ryuugen, Mar 12, 2011
also i have astma it had made it really hard for me to breathe i have been using the inhaler more offen ever since i breathe out of my mouth what should i do to fix this problem whata re ways i can do to start breathing from my nose? and how should i sleep?

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by codergrlny, Mar 24, 2011
My 20 year old son has sleep phase disorder. When he recently took the sleep apnea test he was unable to even tolerate the oxygen being put in his nose as he claims he cannot take in air through his nose at all. He has used decongestants, advil nasal swelling medication and other prescribed medication for years now. He is prone to ear infections BUT we were recently told he has excema in his ear. Are there tests that he can take to determine what is wrong? This has been a vicious cycle since he was younger but as he gets older it is disrupting his life tremendously - thanks for any help

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by SS011, Mar 25, 2011
Dear Dr Park:

I am 47 years old and live in India. In 2008, when I was flying between two cities in India, I suddenly felt a vacuum in my throat - felt that there was no passage of air through the throat. I panicked, raised an alarm and asked for the oxygen cylinder etc.  The airline  medical team referred me to a major hospital in New Delhi. I was made to do an ECG apart from other routine check ups.  The doctor said that the reports are very fine. Everybody suggested that I must be anxious about flying.  I am a regular flyer since 1993 and have never felt any anxiety at all.  

Back home since I still was feeling uncomfortable, I consulted my family doctor and two E and T specialists.  All of them said that my ear, nose and throat are perfectly fine.  A senior doctor said that dryness of the throat seems to be the problem and suggested that I could chew Vvitamin C tablets while in flight as they are sour in taste and help me my mouth from going dry.  I have been doing that eversince, but I do get the feeling of "no breath'' and a lump-in-the throat sensation often. I tried to get relief by beathing deep through nose and mouth,  

In my last trip that I undertook yesterday (about an hour and a half), I felt choked (throat empitiness and dryness) very badly and I was terrified.  I managed somehow.  Even after the flighgt I am still feeling the same sensation.

My HDL when tested last (several months back) was  was 50.9 mg and LDL 140.64mg.

Could you please help me get over this?  I definitely do not want to get into a situation when I start dreading air travel.  I am an academic and I have to travel often.  Already I declined an important invitation to Brazil as I am not sure whether I can take the trip.


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by chadbrochill17, Mar 29, 2011
My friend brought up something today that interested me but we don't know why this is. She currently has a cold and a stuffed up nose, which causes her not to be able to taste things. But when she sneezes she can taste for a little less than a few seconds. Why is that?

Avatar universal
by BornSick, Apr 05, 2011
I've tried about everything I, my doctor, ND's and other have told me about.  Even laying on my back, tilting head, filling with solution........  Have to use nose spray at times to act like Drano, as both sides are packed solid frequently.

Salt irrigation daily, among other things.

Any ideas will be apprectiated!


Avatar universal
by PKR751, Apr 10, 2011
Dr. Park,
I'm finding much of this quite interesting as I'm seeing some similarities to my own condition. I'm a mouth-breather and have been for a much of my 62 years. During most of that time I've had hypertension (currently controlled with an ARB and a beta-blocker). A couple of years ago I started seeing a cardiologist, and he ran a series of tests and determined that I have a Left Bundle Branch Blockage with a Low Ejection Fraction. While the test figures paint a worrisome picture I'm actually quite healthy; my weight is fine, I walk 25-30 miles/week, and I'm rarely sick. Aside from the test figures and cold sensitivity (hands and feet) my cardiologist says I am asymptomatic. I'd love to be able to stop the meds. And I'm abit limited in that I run out of breath when I try to jog for anything approaching a quarter-mile. What I reading here and elsewhere suggests that mouth-breathing might be a root cause to these problems, and I'm interested to learn more about how to change my night-time breathing. I do try to sleep on my back because other positions almost always results in nasal congestion; after rising the congestion disappears within just a few minutes. Your perspective would be most welcome ...

1683583 tn?1305147791
by moonlady85, May 12, 2011
I am a nose breather always have been but I have lost sense of smell and of course taste.

Avatar universal
by dab1988, May 19, 2011
Dr. Park,
I have mild hemifacial microsomia and have obstructive sleep apnea.  I usually breathe through my mouth.  I am very worried about having brain damage from sleep apnea.  I have a septoplasty with turbinate reduction next week.  And possibly getting a maxillomandibular advancement after.  After I fix the sleep apnea,  will my brain heal itself?  And is there any medication I can take to improve my memory or use oxygen therapy??

Avatar universal
by chimma04, May 31, 2011
Hi Dr. Park,

I really need help and can't seem to find the right answers anywhere I go.  I am 25 years old and all of my life I have suffered from allergies to dust, dustmites, mold, cats, etc.  My eyes are bloodshot 24/7 and I have tried many different things and nothing seems to work.  I have always breathed through my mouth because I just feel like I can't get enough air through my nostrils which are plugged half the time.  I feel drowsy all day even if I sleep for 9 hours so I am wondering if I might be suffering from sleep apnea.  Any advice would be much appreciated as I am trying to make my life healthier and don't want it to end short because of this.


Avatar universal
by KR_Sonnier, Jun 12, 2011
Dr. Park, I seem to only have nasal congestion late at night and early in the morning.  I'm also in the Navy and often have issues with nasal congestion while out to sea living onboard the ship.  I've never had an allergy issue but it seems the older I get the worse the congestion is.  Is there anything I can do to alleviate the situation before I become addicted to Afrin?  Thank you.  Kristen

Avatar universal
by ghapr2, Jun 20, 2011
Dr.Park...when you say breath through our nose...are you saying to inhale and exhale through our noses only? I notice in the morning one or both of my nostril are blocked by dried mucus. I had deviated septum surgery 2-3 years ago and it helped a little but I think when I sleep on my belly, stuff comes up into my noses. I thought I just had a bad case of post nasal drip until I read this page...amazing. Thanks for this site Dr. Park.

Avatar universal
by rahul957, Aug 18, 2011
mine case is tht of allergy,so im not able to breath well frm my nose everytime can it be cured?

Avatar universal
by 405chapp, Oct 11, 2011
Dr. Park,
From being a constant mouth breather can you develop a condition where you forget to breath. This seems to ahppen to me when  I am pre-occupiedand then I  feel a little off balance and then remember  hey stupid  breathe.

Avatar universal
by brahim123, Nov 03, 2011
hi dr park my problem is my nose is always dry and also is my mouth i have been like this for almost 5 years now and have bad breath and i feel whatever smell is in my mouth comes out of my nose i have been to doctors they dont no my nose stays really dry please hell me

Avatar universal
by brahim123, Nov 03, 2011
and plus this happened when i had a surgery on my nose i felt fine but my mom insisted id get it so after the surgery everything was ok but i took exctacy and while on exctacy i was deeply inhaling for me thru my nose that i felt it opened and go stroaight thru my brain i dont no what to do ive been suffering for 5 years please help me

Avatar universal
by brahim123, Nov 03, 2011
the surgery was for a  nasal deviaated septum and i have been to doctors though it might have been croocked again but they said it seems to be fine ive tried nasal wash drys up even more

Avatar universal
by mummywhocares, Nov 10, 2011
Hi Dr, I was told by the dentist today that breathing through your mouth can affect your jaw. I have what they call an overjet and would hate for my son to grow up with the same. I would greatly appreciate any of your thoughts on what can be done to prevent this happening to my son. He is 19 months old and already is starting to breathe through his mouth. He also had ongoing ear infectuons. Please help, kind regards, Jade

Avatar universal
by Occupant, Nov 10, 2011
Hello Dr. Park,
I know, I breathe mostly through my mouth when I sleep, although, that can be somewhat ameliorated by taking an antihistamine which, however, has it's own side effects. But what me concerns me more is that I can not exercise without breathing through my mouth and at the same time my nose starts running profusely. Is there anything that I can do?

Avatar universal
by VeryVita, Nov 11, 2011
Hello Dr Park,

I need some advice please. I produce excessively thick clear phlegm that collects at the back of my throat. As result I feel the need to expel it more often than I can count in any one day. Sometimes it is almost impossible to remove due its viscosity.  I have noticed this problem to varying degrees thought out my life (I am a 43 year old female) but over the last year it has become a constant source of aggravation to me. In my late twenties I consulted a ENT specialist who suggested surgery, but he wasn't very informative and as a result, I didn't trust the process that he suggested.

In June this year, I visited some friends in Germany and one of them is a GP and he confirmed that I have a deviated septum and said that this was most likely the cause of my post nasal drip. I reacted to histamine with a breathing test but do not have known allergies. He prescribed Nasonex and I have been using it since then with only slight relief. I use it twice a day, administering two squirts each time. Naturally enough I mostly breath through my mouth, especially during the night, as one nostril is always blocked and the other one is only partially blocked.

I have tried nasal irrigation and still practice it several time per week, but sadly,  this hasn't seemed to help much.

I am a super healthy eater. I don't eat white bread despite the fact I live in France (okay I love cake about once a week). I consume loads of vegetables, fruit, nuts, beans, quinoa, fish and a little red meat about once a week. I do eat milk products but mainly in the form of whole yogurt but about three times a week.

I have started researching orthodontics to see if that might help. I have straight top teach and a balanced face but I was hoping that broadening the arch/palate might help to open my nasal cavity and provides some relief???

This mucous problem is driving me to totally distraction and any help would be very much appreciated

Thank you in advance,
Vita :)

Avatar universal
by atohs, Nov 29, 2011
Thank you Dr. Park. I found the answers here and did not have to look else where.
I visited New York 4 times and am glad that I did.  I love New York. If I were younger, I would be living there.
And you Dr. Park, would be my specialist that would be treating my conditions.
Thank you for your time answering all our questions and great work here.

Avatar universal
by Pooa, Nov 30, 2011
Hi Dr Park,

I used to breathe normally by nose till oct,2011. But then i had wheezing problem or u can say acute bronchitis. Now i have much recovered from that after having medicine as mentioned by doc.

But now i am still not able to breathe normally. Time to time i have to open mouth and take strong breath by opening my mouth else feel restless.

I have started yoga from today only.  But even while doing breathing exercise i was feeling like to take a deep breath with open mouth. Once i take long deep breath with open mouth i feel comfortable for some time. Can you please help me knowing what is the issue? If u need to know any more syptom pls let me knoe..Thanks a lot in advance.. rajni

Avatar universal
by cam7488, Dec 01, 2011
Hi i have a 7 year old son and he's been complaining with it hard to breathe for the last 3 days he's breathe's trough his nose all the time he's a very high temp aslo! i am gonna bring him to the doctor's this morning have you any idea what it could be ! he's starting to panic as he's not gettin enough air into his lungs ..... please help stressed mom

1524304 tn?1326396974
by lacrymosa, Dec 29, 2011
Wow I never thought this is that serious.
For the past few years my nose has gotten stuffier and this summer I tried something for allergy because my nose was itching and I sneezed very often. During meds taking I found it easier breathe through my nose.
But now it gets stuffy during nights and I woke up in the morning with nose full of mucus and it takes time until I can breathe through it. And sometimes I get the feeling that the mucus has foul smell but not really sure. Also at times there's blood coming from one nostril but not for long.

Now I have serious reason to believe it's all from mouth breathing. Usually I don't breathe through my nose much because air makes it sneezy and itchy and breathing is somewhat more challenging that though mouth.

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by Josiealisha123, Dec 30, 2011
When I sleep i have trouble breathing threw my nose because I have a terrible cold. So , I have to breathe threw my mouth which causes the mucus to build up in my mouth and my tongue to dry up and get cracks in it. When I wake up I usualy throw-up the mucus and sometimes my tongue will start bleeding. Please help me. This has been going on for about 5 days strait now. And I don't know if this has anything to do with it but last week I had a terrible allergic reaction to what i have no idea , but i broke out in hives and had a high temperature. I don't know if this cold is getting rid of whatever happened last week. I just hope it goes away as soon as possible! I have tooken Ibuprofen , Thermaflu , Nasanex , Benadryll , and I have tooken Allergy Relief pills.  But not all at the same time.

     Please respond back ,

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by Wardy17, Jan 11, 2012
I always have one nostrels blocked then when I go sleep at night I mouth breath becouse both nostrels block this in turn makes me snore and this keep me and my partner awake every night. We both work and are feeling tired every night can you help please

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by andersonrenn, Jan 11, 2012
I have been sneezing for 5 weeks non stop. I can no longer hear out of my left ear due to this. My left eye is always watery and my nose goes from super dry to runny as well. I have tried Benydryl, Clariton, Nyquil and Dayquil for my sneezing. I have used ERO (ear wax removal System which has CARBAMIDE PEROXIDE in it and that is not working for my hearing either. This is the 3rd or 4th time this year this has happend. I NEED HELP!!! What is the problem and how can I fix it. It is hard to do anything when I am non stop sneezing...(20-30 sneezes at a time 60-70 times a day). I am now starting to get light headed from sneezing so many times at once and so much. I am starting to get "sores" on the inside of my nose from it getting so dry (from medications) then getting so runny and sneezing so much and it's now sore to the touch because of this.. Please help, nothing I have tried is working. I normally have "seasonal allergies" as does most of my family but never has it lasted this long nor has it ever been this SEVERE!!!

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by Emsky1973, Jan 26, 2012
Hi Dr. Park,

I've just recovered from colds a month ago but I noticed that every time I sneeze hard there is a blood the comes out from my mouth along with the phlegm.  I consulted a doctor and asked him if this is due to lungs problem but he said is not.  I was wondering then if this is due to my tonsil irritation as I used to have a swollen tonsil before.  Kindly advise.

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by hellowyellow, Mar 09, 2012
Damn I have had a stuffed nose my whole life. Probably since the age of 8. Im 18 now and im a male. I have had constant sore throats and sinus infections. Im getting my tonsils removed this summer so im hoping that it will help me with all that. I used to work out started with light cardio at 14 it helped. I went into wieght lifting at 16 and i felt good. Now im fat again. Im going to get back into exersizing but I dont feel as healthy as I had before. I think that it also has to do with being kinda depressed. Im going to start taking walks and then jog and then perhaps weight lift again. That should help. This website is pretty cool lol just found it today.

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by TJTommy, Mar 15, 2012
I have always had a problem with producing lots of mucous and catarrh, and not being able to clear it very effectively. Sometimes it even gets trapped in my throat and I lose my voice completely for a short while. Although this is normally put down to my asthma by doctors, I also struggle breathing out of my right nostril because the bridge of my nose is quite raised and bent to the left. Could these two things be linked? Also, what could be done about easing the breathing out of my right nostril and/or straightening the bridge of my nose?

Thanks for your time,


2092542 tn?1332908800
by 3mpty, Mar 28, 2012
Thank for the information Dr. Park it is very helpful info for me and I will share it with people that are in need since I'm pursuing a career in nursing. But I have a serious problem with my nose, will you be able to help me with some information? Here is what i posted but no one commented on (sometimes people don't come to you then you have to go to them?) :

Is there a cure or a way to get my sense of smell back?
I recently had the flu, and was recovering from the worst parts, but still coughs and have stuffy nose. Well nothing seem wrong with catching the common cold once a year because of weather changes. But here's the serious issue that scared me. I have endless boogers (mucus) building up in the back of my nose. I blow it out and it creates again, but then this time i messed up. I didn't blow hard or anything I just kept blowing slowly and slowly (only one side of my nostril; my right side). I feel like it's all coming out even the ones i wasn't able to get before. After all the thick boogers came out that side of my nostril seem open and cleared out. Then I sudden felt something different, it was my sense of smell. I quickly squirt some soap into my hands and tried to smell. I totally lost my sense of smell, i smelled nothing. My heart started to pound and I fear that it might be permanent. So, anyone knows if i will ever smell again or did i blow out something that gives me the ability to smell and will never be able to smell ever again.  =(

Thank You for your time Dr. Park!!!

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by anya79, Apr 03, 2012
Hi Dr. Park, I have been having severe sleep problems since putting my braces on. Not from pain or pressure, but because the metals do not allow my bite to fully close, causing the stomach to think I'm hungry and keeping me up. My question is: What do I do to keep the mouth shut during the night so that I may get some sleep. I feel like I'm about to collapse during the day from sleep-deprivation and it all started after I put the braces on and the teeth wouldn't "touch"; bite wouldn't fully close.  Hope to get a response from you. Thank you,


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by suz321, Jun 29, 2012
Hi Dr. Park,

I have sinus polyps that completely ruin my quality of breathing. I have had three functional endoscopy sinus surgeries to fix them. I wish I just lived with a slightly plugged nose but now after surgery the condition came back much much worse.

I can not see myself having these surgeries for life as I need to get a CT before and be totally put under each time for the surgery. It only lasts me maybe over a year before I need to have it again. Seeing as I have such a narrow nose, I thought this time if I widen it, then maybe it will not matter if I have polyps grow again, which they most certainly will, my sinuses will not be completely blocked.

I need a longer term, more permanent solution. So far this is all I can think of: cauterizing the sinus to widen and perhaps prevent polyp growth?  I live with a stuffed nose all the time and sleep terrrrrrible. I think my mind is going from all the slow lack of oxigen. Please advise your thoughs. All the doctors want to do is keep giving me the same difficult surgery, I don't want it anymore, I need something that works long term!! I need to breath. Steriod sprays and nose widening strips do nothing for me. Decongestants work right now a bit but they make my heart race and I need them all the time. I have developed bacteria in my lungs, constant chest infections, probably from years of nose breathing.  Another reason I don't want to take the steriod spray. Please help by giving me some suggestions. I can not wait for FESS all the time and can not continue having this surgery every year or two. I have had so many CT's on my sinus and lungs already - it has got to stop. My immune system feels destroyed. Kindly give me your thoughts. I need to try something different.

Avatar universal
by suz321, Jun 29, 2012
Sorry, re above, I meant years of mouth breathing, not nose breathing...in the third paragraph, 6th line down. By the way, I have developed asthma too - in the last ten years, quite bad, all related I am sure. Have taken too many puffers and antibiotics for the constant chest infections.

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by Pcm2, Jul 09, 2012
If you have allergies and they cause your nose to be congested so you can't breath thru them and you start to breath from your mouth can that cause infections in the throat and swollen throat glands. In the past year I have been in antibiotics for swollen glands in my throat 4 times and am about to go on them again. I was wondering if thus swollen gland/ sore throat problem is linked to having to breath thru my mouth when I have allergies?

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by iulianaiuliana, Jul 24, 2012

I am aware of my breathing causing distress in my life.
I noticed that when I read loud or talk for too long I am getting very tired and my nose gets blocked and my throat stuffy. It feels like I cant breath. My voice pitch stays at the same level as a strategy to conserve energy to finish my reading etc (at times I think it is hard to be understood).  
Can you please help me to understand what is going on.
Or what type of exercise should I do to improve my speech.

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by DEE0009, Sep 26, 2012
Hi Dr Park

  First off I want to thank you for having this site it helps me feel a bit better about my situation. My mom has Lupus and I have had allergies since I was a child and had my adnoids take out when i was a teen and my tonsils last year ( I am 33 now). When I run blocks or a mile outside (for a couple of days or max 4 days) I always have my mouth open and always get either a sore throat or cold (if I run in the gym where its colder i get a cold faster and stronger). Like I used the treadmill on the hill at about 3.8 speed and my throat was dry and real cold and I did that for two days and the third day I ran outside and the 4th day i had a sore throat and then was sick and not have a throat infection and taking amoxicillin becuase i have had this for two weeks already, what should or could i do. I have to drive 1 to 2 hours and I am always falling asleep while driving even if i slept 7-8 hours. I also after the tonsil surgery have gained 20 pounds in 1 year and its made me feel terrible. thanks hope you can help.

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by praisegirl4u, Dec 12, 2012
I have trouble sleeping at night,some nights I jump up because I can't breathe. I do have a history of asthma but it only bothers me when I have infections or a cold. I don't struggle with breathing every night but some nights are bad and it scares me. I talked to my doctor she said it sounded like my asthma flaring up and put me on a steroid inhlaler.

Avatar universal
by praisegirl4u, Dec 12, 2012
I do have allergies and sinus problems also. What should I do, I sleep good during the day ....I think that's strange.

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by Alich1988, Feb 23, 2013
I had a skin problem which was not diagnosed for five years in my country and later treated and diagnosed as dissecting cellulitis of scalp.After two to three years I statred to feel breathless and strech in nose.I went to ENT who prescribed antibiotics.After having no effect he advised an exray which showed anterior group of paranasal sinus is clear and swollen turbinates.Again got treated with anti biotics,anti inflammatory and others.After having no effect doctor performed a turbinate reduction surgery to correct turbinates.There was no improvement after surgery.The xray after surgey showed anterior group of paranasal sinus is clear.Again got treat changed doctors after 6 to 7 months again an xray was performed which showed Anterior group of paranasal sinus is clear and swollen turbinates.My Ct Scan and Mri reports say that swollen turbinate and paranasal sinus is clear.Allergy test show +3 for house dust mites.I feel stretch in nose which changes into pain.I feel breathless but actualy there is no problem phsyically.I am unable to drive as I feel breathless,uneasy,restless and tensed.I have no social life.ENT say thay your paranasal sinus are clear and turbinates are swollen due to allergy but not that much to block your air passage.24/7 when I am awake I think of breathing.Ent have advised me to a psychiatrist because they say that everything is find there should be no strech or pain and even breathlessnes.The psychiatrist has advised my Zoloft.Has anyone ever had this kind of situation?

Avatar universal
by beachesyu, May 01, 2013
I have allergies and my nose is stuffed up. I can't breathe throught my nose. I have a hard time breathing. So i have to breathe through my nose. I suffer a lot.8-(BTW i'm only 12!

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by Skyfall33, Aug 14, 2013
Dear Dr Park.

I am a runner and exercise 3-4 times a week. I have no health issues.

On rare occasions, about once every two months on average, I go to sleep at night and wake up suddenly from deep sleep gasping for air.It is like I have no oxygen in my lungs and my mind it all of a sudden alerting me to this. It is a violent episode.

This has been quite scary on most occasions when this occurs, as I literally cannot breathe and have to sit up in bed gasping loudly for breath to the point my lungs hurt.

It has been like this for the best part of 10-years and the doctors I have seen cannot pinpoint anything abnormal.

I typically sleep on stomach or on my left side but think I am lying on my back when I have this breathing issue.

What is your opinion?

Best regards,


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by NsN095, Feb 03, 2014
I guess Dr.Park stopped replying to comments...what a shame i wanted to ask him some suggestions about my breathing problem. Oh well

Avatar universal
by SMITHfms, Mar 15, 2014
Just curious.
I taught myself to nose breathe all night, which carried through all day.  Breathing is easy..Daytime: 7 secs for in and 7 seconds for out.  I have NO respiratory problems.  Nose breathing cleared my sinus, stuffy nose, etc by actually draining the sinus' internally while back-sleeping.  HOWEVER, curiously, after having an x-ray taken of my lungs during a medical checkup, it was found that my lungs have expanded in size so that it was quite obvious to my doctor.  I researched this and there are dire consequences suggested, but I have NO symptoms of lung problems.  Have you, as a doctor, heard of lungs becoming larger due to closed-mouth sleeping?  Just curious.

Avatar universal
by Lorlorraine, Apr 13, 2014
I'm only 15 and I have this problem but I'm pretty sure my parents don't think it's serious and won't take it seriously. I've asked them to set up ENT appointments but I'm apparently too young for it to be important and I must be too young to be taken seriously as well. Is there anything I can do to persuade my parents to help me or is it not serious enough.

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by Kal81, May 02, 2014
Hello Dr Park

i am 32, male and have always been a mouth breather. I broke my nose twice as a kid and it got to a stage that my nose was always blocked. In 2012 i had septoplasmy, the deiveited septum fixed and turbinate reduction and after the operation i could breath through my nose and would sleep so much better.

I have struggled with fatigue and have never felt rested after sleeping. constant headaches and memory problems brain fog. After the operation i had two months of great sleep then i started smoking again, slowly all symptoms came back, ive had 3 sleep tests which the doctors say i sleep fine, but on the test i had 97 arousels and no stage 4 sleep.
the doctor said that was normal.

is that normal to not have any stage 4 sleep?
when i wake up i feel hungover..no energy and cant think clearly ive started to mouth breath again in my sleep. as when i nose breath i feel worse...

can mouth breathing effect how deep we sleep?
can anxeity or depression effect how deep we sleep?

ive tried a cpap machine helped for a few months..but tried all different pressures no help..the insurance company will not pay for a bipap and after my new sleep tests they believe i dont need the machine anymore.

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by ashisi, May 02, 2014
HelloZ there doctor.
I am a 26 year old female. Lost alot of weight and I have been suffering from bad nose block for 4-5 months now.
It even landed me in hospital thinking im going to die
I cant breath or smell anything anymore.
Have been breathing from my mouth alot. And it's like I can exhale more than I inhale... I dont know what that is. I have bas chest pains and very bad phlegm.
Doctors did all the blood tests and x-rays but everything came out clear. Doctors than said i have anxiety and stress.
I don't know what to do.
Some days I feel like im chocking and some days I feek like I am going to choke and die
or just drop dead. What can I do?

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by Autumnamber, May 15, 2014
You have probably answered this somewhere but....there are times when I just can't seem to get enough air through my nose...I will be breathing perfectly fine and then all of a sudden I need more than my nose permits...never due to phlegm...then after a minute or two my nose is adequate again...what causes this as it is very annoying and sometimes scary

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by fieldinski, May 21, 2014
I am a 90 year old male and since getting a pacemaker six months ago i am panting like a dog.  i have no health complaints and don't come down with colds.  i've been told you lose a lot of water if you breathe through your mouth, so i keep sipping water.  i notice many other old men on the street with their mouths open.  is this just a normal old age thing?

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by Lena1234, Jul 09, 2014
Hello Dr. Park,
My 12 year old son is a mouth breather especially around allergy season. At night his mouth is wide opened although not snoring much.
We have tried homeopathy, Buteyko breathing, breathe rite strips, nasonex. It was marginally better. Someone recommended an orofacial
Myologist to help with breathing excersizes.
At the visit she strongly recommended to remove tonsils which were somewhat enlarged. +3.
When we visited an ENT he said that my sons adenoids are 80% blocking his airway and we should do an adenoidectomy and that we can leave the tonsils or shave them.
What is your thoughts?
He is wearing a palate expander and still has 8 baby teeth to lose.
Thank you

9906907 tn?1406601305
by shushil, Jul 29, 2014
Hello Dr.park      iam  shushil shah from nepal ima suffering from 20 days but i dont know what actully was cause me i have checked by ear nose doctor,,eye doctor,neuro speclist,but they all say nothing and i eaten so many pills of many doctor bat not cured my deaseases,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,  i am very scared so i thought i would try and see if anyone knows whats wrong with me.I am a constant stresser but i have always dealt with my stress until now.2 weeks ago i started to feel sick my head feels blockd,ears feel like i need to pop,and i feel weird when i swallow.My eyes are also really sore and it hurts to concentrate,My head is constantly hurting.I dont know really if anyone will know what i am talking about but i dont feel like all here ..like i am in a dream all the time and im so sad all the time and cant be happy .i have gone to the doctor ent but all they said is no problem inside your ear but i dont really think it would help me...I thought it might be depression but i have had that before and this is a much deeper feeling..i dont feel normal anymore its very weird.i dont know whats wrong with me????if any one know pls help me that what i am suffering from and how to cure it pls ..                                                                                                                                                            

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by keltan, Aug 22, 2014
hay i have had all of this but the problem is I'm usually a nose breather and lately my nose has been blocked my throght is clogged i have trouble breathing and the coghf is horrible the mucus wihips my throght when i cofe makeing it bleed my head feels realy hevy to and about an hour ago my stomach had a hart beat like i had 2! I'm really worried iv had ibeprofen nasle clearer a puffer and have been blowing my nose freequently do you have any ideas

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by WishIcouldsleep, Oct 04, 2014
I have been diagnosed with obstructed sleep apnea. Unfortunately there is a 6 month waiting period to get a CPAP machine through the Australian public system. I am experiencing:-
chest pain
snoring (which wakes me as soon as I start)
lack of sleep
tired and irritable
dry nose
plenty of mucus
difficulty swallowing
having to frequently blow my nose

I have suffered chronic sinusitis my whole life. And I have seen an ENM specialist. He has ruled out surgery as a last resort.
I am currently using polaramine, aerius to help with the flow of mucus
I regularly use a saline solution nasal spray and Rhinocourt
I also take vicks vapo drops which helps get to sleep sometimes.
I also take seroquel to put me to sleep in low doses.

Are there any more medications which could help?
Am I taking too many things and aggravating the problem?

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by cailleach, Dec 11, 2014
I used to have sleep apnea. And snoring!  When I'd go camping with friends they all pitched their tents as far from mine as they could.  My partner used to say I'd wake the whole neighborhood.  A few years ago Dr. Park had a guy on his program, Patrick McKeown, talking about Buteyko breathing and the importance of keeping one's mouth closed. From one of McKeown's books I learned a wonderful thing:  how to get out of the habit of mouth breathing at night.

Got some of the 'paper' (microporous,  about 2.5 cm wide) adhesive tape, made for bandaging, etc.  One night I tried it. Put a short piece, maybe 2 ", across  the middle of my closed mouth vertically (nose to chin).  There was plenty of room on either side to breathe through the mouth if I made a big grin, but with mouth relaxed I had to breathe with the nose.  The next morning I was  astounded to discover how much more well rested I felt. So I did the same every night.  (Sometimes I could re-use the same piece- probably it depends on how oily one's skin is.)  Anyway after 2-3 weeks I could leave the tape off, as I'd gotten the habit of keeping my mouth closed.

No more waking the neighborhood, except occasionally my partner mentions that I had snored a little. Then he gets chewed out for not waking me immediately so I can go back to the tape for a few days.  And I may still have some OSA but it must surely be much less.  For the cost of a roll of tape from your nearest pharmacy,  I suggest you give it a try.  Oh, and if you fold over the tape ends just a bit to make wee tabs before taping your mouth, they're much easier to pull off.

Greetings from not-so-sunny (these days) Scotland!

The Cailleach  (old lady)

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by katie2602, May 05, 2015
Hello doctor Park, I am 26yr old girl and have had this problem all my life...whenever I sleep,my mouth opens automatically,I tried to make conscious effort not to breathe through mouth and I succeeded in it for the daytime...but while exercising...I have to gasp.for air with mouth and while sleeping I just can't control. I had turbinate reduction and DNS correction surgery in January 2014..coz it caused me frequent colds and still I feel dry mouthed like choking and I catch cold everytime  iwake up from sleep...how do I control breathing through mouth...I also have cigarette smoke allergy...I never smoked but passive smoking of 2mins gives me week long or more cough cold congestion and fever. please please help me. I feel very tired all day. Got diagnosed with autoimmune hypothyroidism last year and also non functional pituitary macroadenoma 2weeks back :(

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by cfinsel, May 18, 2015
I am 48 years old, female;  and it has been my experience for years that when my nose starts to show blood in the morning after a nights sleep it's as simple as "it's time to change the air filters in my air conditioning/heater unit. Depending on the kind of filter that you use (monthly vs. quarterly), you must keep them changed on time or possible sinus problems can occur. My husband and daughter both have severe allergies so this is a big concern for our whole family. It is simple and cost effective to keep your family healthy by changing air filters properly and on time, they will love you for it! It could save an un-necessary visit to the doctor as well.

Avatar universal
by islelandchick, May 19, 2015
I've been sweaping dust earlier and my sinus raised, now it night and I'm coughing my lungs out I cannot breath with my mouth close I have to open it and chest feels heavy like I'm suffocating ... Hellpp!!!

13941311 tn?1432158953
by GregRoss, May 20, 2015
Great post!
I've been training myself to breath through my nose for years (Ever since I started running and cycling) and sometimes it's still an issue. I've even developed a cough because of how little air gets in through my nose, if you can believe that. Every once in a while I have to take a deep breath through my mouth to keep it from coming.

I just have a small nose or something. I don't feel congested. I don't have sinus problems. It seriously just seems like an issue with the volume of air that gets through.

Avatar universal
by debbiehoffman, Jun 03, 2015
I have a strange sleeping disorder that I started to have. I have looked through different forums and have not found quite the same disorder. At different times during the night I use my nose for breathing and try to blow the air out my mouth through closed lips. I’m not sure if it is during all the night, but during this phase I have no problem breathing in but a big problem breathing out.

My granddaughter says I keep my mouth shut. It is not just that I she hear this but on occasions have seen it too. My mouth fills with the air and I am trying to blow out but I do not open my mouth, so that my mouth completely fills and my cheeks bulge. Maybe a little air escapes through my lips before I  take another breath in. It makes a blowing noise through closed lips.

Maybe it takes 2 or even 3 breaths in before the pressure is such that my mouth opens and the air comes flooding out. For a short moment, before the air comes flooding out I would say that my breathing actually stops.

I have woke up and caught myself making the blowing noise. sometimes it is when I am just about to fall asleep and then again around 3-4 am. I wake up tired every morning.

Have you heard of such a problem?

Avatar universal
by Kata74, Jun 09, 2015
I'm 40 and 30 weeks  pregnant. For the first time in my life I have been wheezing for the past few weeks and also have trouble breathing. The doctor advised me to get an asthma pump which does work for a few hours then the wheezing returns. If I sit upright I grt s bit of wheezing, if I lay down on my left my wheezing is at its worst and if I lay in my left it totally disappears. Do you think it could be another respiratory disorder? Like enlarged thyroid? I can't work out why all wheezing symptoms disappear if I lay on my right. The other problem is that it's revommended to sleep on your left when pregnant so I am worried all this is affecting my baby. I am going to book in to see a pulmonary specialist today however I know it will be at least a 6 week wait to see him. My medical history includes being overweight, I am a mouth breather with nasal congestion frequently, I had my tonsils out last year and I snore but according to a sleep study I attebded I don't have sleep apnea.

Avatar universal
by bob12345789, Jul 26, 2015
Dr Park, is there any chance that breathing through your mouth can cause dental problems ?

Avatar universal
by Packersmom87, Aug 24, 2015
I haven't been able to breathe well through my nose for years. I thought it was my allergies, BUT my allergist claims that my allergies are seasonal and shouldn't cause me year round problems. He confirmed that my nasal passages are very inflamed (also said my ear drums are retracted) and sent me for a ct scan (before referring me to an ENT), but says the scan came back normal. I still plan to see the ENT as I'm sick of not being able to breathe right and having it affect my sleep. I guess I'm just confused about causes while having a normal ct.

Avatar universal
by Packersmom87, Aug 24, 2015
I haven't been able to breathe well through my nose for years. I thought it was my allergies, BUT my allergist claims that my allergies are seasonal and shouldn't cause me year round problems. He confirmed that my nasal passages are very inflamed (also said my ear drums are retracted) and sent me for a ct scan (before referring me to an ENT), but says the scan came back normal. I still plan to see the ENT as I'm sick of not being able to breathe right and having it affect my sleep. I guess I'm just confused about causes while having a normal ct.

Avatar universal
by jon_mac, Sep 09, 2015
Dr Park,
I have most of the same symptoms as everyone else. I am a mouth breather, my nose always feels half plugged. I wake up occasionally feeling like i was choking or i had stopped breathing. I feel tired and irritable in the morning no matter how much sleep i get, actually i usually feel hungover when i sleep for long periods(8-10 Hours) but that doesn't happen very often. Sometimes i wake up from my arms or legs twitching but my biggest concern is lately I have been waking up from my mouth slamming shut incredibly hard (usually bite my tongue) it hurts and scares the heck out of me.

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by robrieg, Oct 30, 2015
Hi Dr. Park,
I am 54 year old man and for the longest time I have had a problem with clearing my throat and sometimes coughing up flem and spitting it out.  My nose always feels raw and it gets stuffed up when I try sleep. I am sleeping with my mouth open and I wake up several times during the night with a very dry mouth. I have to keep a glass of water on my night stand. I always have a bit gas and nausea that goes along with this. I always feel tired, and sluggish with zero energy. I never feel normal and this has a huge grip on my life. What do you think?


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by Lord_Cee, Dec 10, 2015
Hey @Packersmom87

I've had the exact same problem for as long as I can remember. Have you gone to seen the ENT specialist? What did he/she say please?

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by Mahiroy, Nov 23, 2016
Hello Dr. Park, This was a great read,because I do have problems like this. I am 17 years old.I have year round allergie. Most days in winter I breath fine all day,but it's at night,as I lay down that it seems I cannot breath.I struggle to breath deep through my nose. My nose get swelled As if it has wider in size for passage of air. I will lay on my back to see if it helps,or breath through my mouth. But Im still short of breath and breathing rate so fast with soaring even Vicks Vapor rub under my nose to help breath.and when I get in morning everything  get normally.but most the time I suffer from sneezing.  I want to know why this happens, its very uncomfortable,and I struggle to get a good nights sleep in winter because of this. I try not to breath through my mouth much because it makes me uncomfortable and I've already suffered many sore and dry throats. Could you please,give me a little advice? Thank you!

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by Jannette2006, Jan 09, 2017
Why my husband has extra saliva in his mouth?  Sometimes when he speaks or yawn he mouth sprays fluids Why?

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by Hey_There786, Jun 15, 2018
I understand that breathing through nose is important but it is noisy and I have nasal polyp how to breathe through nose now? What do I take as medicines? I also have asthma and snoring.

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by lana345, Feb 18, 2021

This is great info - can you add the little twitter icon so it can be clicked and twittered off to twitter-land?

Glad you wrote it, thank you.


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