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Making Plans

Dec 03, 2008 - 0 comments







no friends

I am feeling the BEST I have ever felt in my life! I want to buy clothes and my mom took me shopping and it was actually fun because I don't care how the salespeople look at me when I try things on. We went out to lunch!!! This is crazy - my mom and I have never been out to lunch before and it was a little stressful but in the end it was nice... and we're going to do it again.

I am making plans - I have already lost 2 years and my degree it on hold... The thing is I don't really have any real friends that I could travel with. So, that actually is pretty sad.I have friends but not close ones and not the type of friends that I would want to share a hotel room with etc..  so I doubt I am going to be able to travel. My only options are to get a job, continue to volunteer... or try to get back into school. Every time I think about going back it makes my head spin but I need to do SOMETHING!

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