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Dec 04, 2008 - 3 comments


all is well, i guess, i seen my team of doctors(TBI) and im fine now but in thirty years my butt is going to be not well. They said ill be in a nursing home if i dont stop using. too bad they dont study my choice of natural pain killers-420, u know what im saying...............................drifter0213 out

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by 10356, Dec 04, 2008
If there not making money on it, it can't be good.... In 30yrs. I did not know fortune telling was a part of med school :)) Glad all is well for now Drifter...

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by lonewolf07, Dec 04, 2008
Your butt won't be well but the rest of you will?  Drug companies want all the money and profits and discourage anything "natural".

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by drifter0213, Dec 04, 2008

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