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Dec 06, 2008 - 3 comments

Today I Will Wear A White Rose

Dearest Mother,Today I will wear a white rose. Remember when we used to pick them together?

Those were the times, we were together and you taught me this symbol of colors,your Mother is gone, you wear the white rose,your Mother is here you wear the red rose.

So,as I pick this rose,white in color,guide my hand,Mother,to pick it,Mother,as I really want the red, guide my heart to understand,why I must choose this color,since youv'e been gone my red rose bush flowers no more. But, when I do see one I will go quickly and pluck it from it's hold,then wear it,for in my mind,soul and heart you will always be here.

Sleep well, Mother dear,I know you are no longer in pain. We will always love you,we will see you in the rainbows.

Happy Mother's Day to the most wonderful Mother who ever lived.We love you.

Your Loving Family

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by LetaB, Jun 03, 2009
I never saw this before. It naturally makes me wonder what I will write when my mother passes (she's 85) somedaynperhaps not far away. It helps to remember she's still here and I should pay attention to her now - before she's gone. Thank you.

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by chrystal64, Jun 04, 2009
Thank you for your comment on my writing of my mother. I have many more. I wish I had written about her while she was alive and shown her my writings of one of the sweetest people I have ever known.
Yes, please,whatever you do talk her ears off if you have too! Spend so much time with her, tell her how much you do love her. when she is gone, she will know, but you will not have the satisfaction of looking into her beautiful eyes and telling her just exactly how you feel about her and what it means to you that she was and is your mother!
I wish with all my life,I had gone to see her more, you cannot be around them enough, for one day they will pass away. We too ,never know about us, but we as humans do tend to take this for granted.
I cried for three straight weeks whn my mother-in-law died, but when my momma died, i was not knowing what to do, she had promised me as a young girl she would never leave me, she was always there, she and I were very close. I think at first I had no words to speak,no tears to cry, only that I had wished I could pick up the phone every night and call her just like we did before her death. She in my eyes was "a" forever.But, I saw that noone is "a" forever!
So, while she is alive and you see her each day, visit her often, kiss her cheeks and tell her how much you love her and what she means to you, what she has always meant to you as your momma.
Thank you for your comment. Take care and remember our moms are angels here on earth.

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by mommy52, Mar 02, 2011
Reading this tonight or I should say this morning...The Lord guided me to your ppoem. It was just what I needed to read at just the time I was to read it. Mom passed on Christmas night 1996. Thank you so much for sharing with all who may read,what all need to read. Blessings.  Madlyn

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