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Busy Weekend

Dec 19, 2008 - 3 comments




At noon we have a homeschool field trip to  The Wildlife Survival Sanctuary. It is an hour away and I am driving. They have tigers, cougars and other big cats and we will get to see them closer than at a zoo. It had to be rescheduled from last week so that is only the beginning of our adventures.As soon as we get back and DH gets home from work, we leave for Tampa. DH got a hotel room for the night and we were given free tickets to Busch Gardens that expire at the end of the year. So we will be doing Busch Gardens tomorrow. This is the first time I have tried an amusement park since my MSK got so bad. I hope I can handle it.  Without the antibiotics I would not even attempt driving to the Wildlife Survival Sanctuary, let alone Busch Gardens the next day. I hope I am not biting off more than I can chew. I would hate to ruin everyone else's trip.

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592774 tn?1325393742
by ngio64, Dec 19, 2008
The field trip was so great! I borrowed a wheelchair for Busch Gardens, so we should be all set!

707438 tn?1240959640
by frustrated431, Dec 20, 2008
Im glad you had fun on the field trip Ive also been to bush gardens many times as a child i always had so much fun good luck and i hope that you are pain free for your travels.

592774 tn?1325393742
by ngio64, Dec 20, 2008
Well, the wheelchair made a huge difference, DH "forced' me to ride in it from the very beginning.. I was able to stay from opening at 9am to closing at 7pm. Without the chair, I would have been in agony before noon and would have had to leave or try to lay in the car just to give them a couple more hours. An added benefit was that we never had to wait in a line. We were sent to the wheelchair access entrances which have no lines.I think it is the first time any of us saw any benefit to the chronic kidney pain!
The last two times my family did a big all day event, I stayed home, so I would not ruin it for them. I feel like I can try to go places with them again, as long as I have my pain meds and a wheelchair.

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