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having a heck of a time

Dec 22, 2008 - 0 comments

well on dec 5th i started taking .5- 3 x aday of klonopin, i was taking 2mgs aday for 6 yrs.   so about 2 weks after starting the new dose of .5- 3 x aday i started having wds. headaches pressure in my temples. and having the shakes off and on.  i went to the hospital , and they put me on clonidine.  i took it for 3 days and stopped taking it. my blood pressure started getting to low, but i have to admit it did help with the wds. im on day my 18th day of tapering. i feel good then i feel bad, pressure mostly in my head right now, and hard to concentrate,  and stay focused, feel weird at my stomache, i dont have any patients right now. i get angry with myself and start hollering at my loved ones not even meaning to.

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