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Epidural Lumbar Puncture

May 21, 2008 - 1 comments

lumbar puncture


Lumbar pain


severe headaches


nausea vomiting

This is the day my spinal chord was punctured during an epidural which temporarily paralyzed me, lowered my blood pressure dangerously and limited my ability to breath on my own. When all of that was finally rectified I had pain in my head and back that is undescribable. Spinal headache they called it and I had to lie flat as I would vomit profusely otherwise. This lasted until Sunday night, May 25th when a blood patch was performed. It minimized the symptoms significantly, but not completely.

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by charlotx, Jul 21, 2010
i had the same experience.almost a week,my legs are very painful,can't hardly walk.what can be done to get better?

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