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Feb 25, 2008 - 8 comments

Went to the Dr for my first u/s this morning.  18 follicles ranging from 12-17mm.  Lining at 11.2mm.  All is good.  ER may be moved up to Thursday.  Have another u/s and estradiol check tomorrow.  

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by hopngfortwns08, Feb 26, 2008
wow!! 18 follies that great news!! lining is good also. mine was also 11 something as well. im so excited for you. wow rubbing belly right now and sending it or way. has sdteacher started hers yet. i have to email her and see how she is. so maybe thursday thats great. when is dh supposed to come out? will check in later to see how ur appointment went today..

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by SDScientist, Feb 26, 2008
Doctor counted 21 follicles this morning, but could only get a good measurement on 19.  The 12 mm follies from yesterday are now all around 15-16mm.  I have a couple a 19 and 20mm which will probably be too mature by ER, but there were enough 15-18mm ones he wanted to let them all get mature.  Dr said he is thinking I will have around 13-15 "usable" eggs.  Lining is at 11.5mm.  ER is Friday.  I have an estradiol check tomorrow morning and then I will trigger sometime tomorrow night.  DH is flying in Thursday night.
hopngfortwns08...SDteacher has started some of her meds.  I think her stims start next week.  You are going to be rubbing your belly for awhile. :)  

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by grammy64, Feb 26, 2008
Hey Sweetie Girl,

Sounds like your trip is getting exciting!  ER Thurs or Fri?  I wanna know!!!!!!!!!  LOL!

Keep us posted as we are pulling for ya -HARD!


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by ZevasMom, Feb 28, 2008
This is sooooooo exciting!  Is this the most you've ever had?

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by Helen72, Feb 28, 2008
18+ follies sounds like a great number!!  I hope you are nearing the end of the very long ttc road.
Good luck tomorrow!!!

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by hopngfortwns08, Feb 28, 2008

im so special, lol! im looking for a new journa entry not realizing that u were on this one. wow u should have a good amount of eggs and some to freeze. have u decided how many u are putting in yet? so tonight is the night. im so excited for you! are u doing 3 or 5 day? anyway im sure u are really bloated by now. i remember that. i couldnt even sit down without discomfort, but all so worth it. ill check in tomorrow. (((((((belly rubbing away!!))))))

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by SDScientist, Feb 28, 2008
I triggered last night at 10:30.  ER is tomorrow at 9:30am.  I should be home by around 11 and once I am conscious enough to type I'll let you all know how many "good eggs" we get.  Makes me thing of the original Willy Wonka movie and the Geese laying the Golden Eggs on the Egg-o-Meter.  
Yes I am so bloated.  It hurts to sit down.  I am hoping for a 5 day with 2-3 blasts.  We'll see how fertilization goes.
The last two times I have had 13 and 11 retrieved and 9 and 5 mature/good ones respectively.  So if we really get 13 good ones then this will be the best response I have had. baby must been getting really warm in there with all the belly rubbing. :)  But I know it is going to bring me luck!!
Thanks for following me through this ladies.  Sharing will you has actually been the one thing that has made this exciting because frankly I have been dreaded going through this again.  Talk to you all tomorrow.

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by hopngfortwns08, Feb 29, 2008

its 10;18 am my time in ny. sending u extra sticky vibes for a great outcome and ill be checking in every hour for your post. :)

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