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Jun 13, 2012 - 0 comments







ovarian cyst

Just had a cyst removed last Thursday , I was glad to know the pain would be gone but not expecting a whole new pain from the surgery.  They may be small cuts but the hurt. Not being able to pick my daughter up for 2 weeks is going to be a challege as well as not being able to work till the doctors say I can go back. When I went into sugery I thought it was just going to be a cyst removal and it was going to be all good news from there but I was told I have fibroids which they removed but said most likely they will come back. A bigger shock was finding out I have endometriosis which I tjought only old people got. :( I thought it was unusual that I have endometriosis because I already have a daughter and I thought one of the bad things about " endo" was that you would be infertile.  ?? I did have a miscarriage 5 mnths ago with twins I was 3 mnths along so maybe endometriosis could have been a cause?? I. Really don't know that much information about endometriosis or why in the heck an 18 year old would have to go threw so much and I'm not even in college yet. :(

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