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The Day To REALLY Change

Jun 13, 2012 - 0 comments










Today I have decided to change my way of life. To be healthier to live stronger to overcome obstacles .. I've always had that no don't eat this,Or that's tooo many carbs. I use to work out one or twice every OTHER week!! But i am a dancer, I do modern, improv. , and some ballet techniques. I thought that would help me much, but it surely hasn't :( .

I've also stuggled with many things. I have a lactose intolerence. That I have been taking pills for , ( When needed ). But I have recently found out that I might've stumbled upon a problem. A problem not to serious but can become srious through many off its symptoms. I may have,  Mononucleosis , Mono , A shortened term. Also called the "kissing disease". That's how I may've gotten it. From my 6 month relationship with my boyfriend. It's not like neither of us have known. We both found out a day ago. He happened to bump into one of his ... "friends" from the past. Who accumulated it from her best friend.

I may have a chance I do not have this EBV but i surely am not a person who doesn't take percaution to things .. Defenitely not like this. I am a teenager, I share. Sharing is caring!! Now i am afraid to share fraid of me. Or what will come of me. I may have to miss classes , assignments , reviews , and that's just not me. I am an honors student who cries when the least of my fears come true...

-Sore throat/ Strep throat, that hasn't cleared up, I've had it since April.
-Loss of Appetite, My loss of appetite has actually helped me gain weight because i don't eat many meals and i tend to eat less than 1,000 calories a day. I do to much and have to much to stress over to eat sometimes... , I guess. ???
-Night sweats, Let's just leave it at night sweats.

Mono can also cause me to NOT reach my goal..
I should stay away from strenuous activities and or contact sports. But I've recently ran about 4 miles and i try to get into marathons for charities that I am in and would like to be in. I am a dancer, I can NEVER give that up. I practice everyday and everynight. But I guess my extracurricular activities will have to come to a hault !!

                                            Unconquerable Faith.

My Weight Angel
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